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crypto assault

Crypto Assault is turn-based, military strategy game that uses ERC-721 tokens as collectible vehicles and troops. It is currently transitioning to a new version with a cryptocurrency called Assault (ASLT).

This article will explain the features and gameplay elements of Crypto Assault. We'll go over the basic objective of the game, unit destruction, capturing territory, salvage, equipment, experience levels, and more.

We will also report on our own experience playtesting the game for the first time.

There is an enormous amount of information available about Crypto Assault. And this can make it difficult for a new player to determine which pieces of info are important and which are not.

So in this article, we will focus on the essential information a new player needs to know. 

Consider this a basic primer on Crypto Assault. For more detailed information, consult the first and second whitepapers, both of which can be found on the game's official website. Or try out the game yourself, and play around with its features until you feel comfortable with it.

Crypto Assault Gameplay (Old Version)

Crypto Assault is currently transitioning from an old set of rules to a new one. However, many of the features of the old system are still in place. 

This section will explain the original version of the game. In the following section, we will explain the changes that are occurring in the new version. 

By explaining both versions of the game, we hope that players will be better prepared for whatever features they find in the game over the next few months, regardless of which version these features are from.

Basic objectives of Crypto Assault (old version)

The basic objective in Crypto Assault is to capture territory. 

In the old version, each player earns a small amount of ETH based on the territories he or she occupies. In addition, a satellite falls from the sky each day and lands in a player's territory. The player whose territory it falls in wins a much larger amount of ETH. 

The more territory a player controls, the more likely he is to have the satellite land in an area he controls and the more ETH he earns from controlling territories.

To control territories, a player must purchase, upgrade, and strategically move his units around on the map. Purchasing units costs ETH. But if the player wins enough ETH in the game, he can make more than he spends on units. 

Thus, Crypto Assault can be profitable for a player if he is especially skilled at it.


Units are purchased as “packs” from the game's website or within the game client.

crypto assault units

Each unit has a rarity. It can be either common, rare, epic, or legendary

When a unit is first acquired, it can only be placed on the outer ring of the map. A unit can be upgraded by combining itself with two other units of the same type. This will allow it to be placed on the second ring (closer to the inside).

If a unit is upgraded a second time, it will be able to venture into the third ring of the map. If it is upgraded a third time, it will be able to move into the circle in the very middle of the map.



When a unit is first purchased, it can only be placed on the very outer edge of the map. The player must then wait one turn (three hours) before moving it again. A unit can move its max distance each turn.

Some units will also automatically avoid certain types of terrain. For example, ground units will avoid mountains, forests, and water. This will further reduce movement speed.

If a player moves his unit on top of an enemy unit, this will be considered an attack. This will cause the game to calculate who wins based on the stats of the units and some random numbers.

If the player's unit wins, it will take over the spot it was moved to. In this case, the enemy unit will be destroyed.

Unit destruction

When a unit is destroyed, it is not gone forever. Players do not lose their collectibles in combat. Instead, when a unit is destroyed, it simply leaves play for 24 hours as it is being repaired.

Game map

crypto assault game map

The Crypto Assault map is divided into three rings and an inner circle. Wherever a unit is placed, the immediate area surrounding it is considered captured. The amount of nearby space that is captured depends on the rarity of the unit.

Each successive ring gives greater ETH rewards than the one before it. The second ring gives twice the rewards of the first. The third ring gives five times the reward of the first. And the inner circle gives 12 times the reward of the first (outer) ring.

In addition, the satellite has a 5% chance of landing in the outer ring, a 10% chance of landing in the second ring, a 25% chance of landing in the third ring, and a 60% chance of landing in the inner circle.

The closer a player's territory is to the center, the greater the rewards.

Resources and enhancements

resources and enhancements
Mineral resource being mined

Some spaces on the map contain resources. These resources can be mined and used to create enhancements to units.

The type of enhancements available depend upon the particular unit. To activate the enhancement, the player spends a certain amount of the resource. The enhancement then has a number of charges.

Each time the unit is attacked or destroyed, one of these charges is used up. In order to prevent the unit from running out of charges and losing its enhancement, a player needs to continually seek out resource nodes and mine them.

There are four resources in the game. And each resource corresponds to one particular ring. No resource can be found in more than one ring, and no ring contains more than one resource.

Unit stats

unit stats

Each unit has a number of stats that determine its chances of winning a battle. Here is a list of them:

Damage vs. tanks

Damage vs. trucks

Damage vs. mechs

Damage vs. jets

Damage vs. helicopters

Mining rate


Max travel distance

Available enhancements

Special traits

The range of damage a unit can do is determined by its rarity. But the actual damage is determined by random number generation. So rarer units usually do more damage than common ones, but not always.

Some units have special attributes. For example, some units can travel faster, attack from a greater distance, or give bonuses to nearby friendly units.

Unit types

rare jet

There are six types of units: tank, truck, mech, jet, and helicopter. Each type is especially effective at winning battles against a specific type and especially vulnerable to another type.

For example, tanks are especially good at fighting trucks, while they are especially vulnerable against helicopters.

Crypto Assault Gameplay (new version)

The new version of Crypto Assault is currently in development, and is being added to the game through patches.

Once the transition is complete, this is how the new game will be different from the old one.

Assault (ASLT) token

The new game will use a cryptocurrency token called Assault (ASLT). When players mine resources in the game, they will be able to trade these resources for ASLT using decentralized exchanges.

ASLT, in turn, will be exchangeable for ETH. Thus, players will be able to mine resources in Crypto Assault and sell them (indirectly) for cash.

The developer will also sell special assets for ASLT that will decrease cooldown, speed up deployment, or grant other gameplay benefits.

Whenever the game receives ASLT from players, 90% will be distributed through rewards. The other 10% will go to the developer.

Changes to resources

In the new version, each resource will be capable of spawning in any ring. And there will be 13 different resources instead of 4. In addition, Resources will differ by rarity.

A player will not know what resource is in a patch until he mines it. So players will be motivated to capture resource nodes to find out what is in them (and players that control rare nodes will want to keep this information a secret).

Although rare nodes will be able to spawn in any ring, their chances of spawning will be greater in spaces closer to the center.

In addition to using resources for enhancements, players will be able to craft single-use items with them. Players will be able to sell these crafted items in the marketplace for ASLT.


Five clans will be created, and players will be asked to choose one of these clans. If a player refuses to join a clan, his reward will be cut by 50%.

Players from the same clan will not be able to attack each other or block each other's units.

Once per week, a player will be able to leave his clan and join another if he chooses.


Each time a player attacks, he will be granted salvage. If the player loses the battle, he will be granted salvage equal to 50% of the power of the unit he attacked with. The amount of salvage a player gains will partially determine his rewards in the new version of the game.

The idea behind this change is to encourage players to actively fight rather than to sit around and camp areas.

Territory value changes

Controlled territories will still pay out ETH to players. However, the relative weights of the rewards for different rings will be changed. Here are the new reward weights:

Ring 1 (outer): 20%

Ring 2: 20%

Ring 3: 25%

Inner circle: 35%

Having witnessed player behavior in the old version of the game, the developers have realized that the 60% reward for the inner circle is too high.

Because the inner circle is smaller than each of the other rings, the developers now believe that it should only give slightly higher rewards than the other zones.

Other changes to rewards

In addition to the change to ring-reward weights, the overall importance of territory will be scaled down. Rewards in the new game will only be 65% dependent on territory. The other 35% rewards will come from salvaging.

There will also be a “clan scaling factor” implemented. Players who belong to dominant clans will get less rewards than players who are in upstart clans.

Destructible units

In addition to the permanent units that respawn each time they are destroyed, players will also be able to craft destructible units. This will allow players to create more units without having to purchase them, although they will be lost forever if they are destroyed.

Special events

The new game will have periodic special events such as NPC invasions, boss spawns, and natural disasters.


Each week, players will receive quests in the form of game objectives. These quests may ask them to take and hold a particular territory, gather a certain amount of resources, destroy X number of enemies, etc.

Players who achieve these objectives by the end of the week will receive resources as a reward.

Experience levels

Quests will grant experience points and levels to players. These will unlock more difficult quests that provide greater rewards.

Battle Royal Island

A mini-game called Battle Royal Island will be available. This will be a week-long tournament that players will enter using Command points purchased from the store. 90% of the proceeds from Command points sales will be used to provide rewards in the tournament.

1 Vs. 1 Island

If two players want to duel with each other, they will be able to transport units and resources to a 1 vs. 1 island where they can compete with just each other. They will have to purchase Command points, but most of the proceeds will go to the winner of the duel.

Free to Play (F2P) Island

Players who do not yet want to purchase units will be able to start playing on F2P Island. On this island, players will be able to gather resources and craft destructible units. They will eventually be able to transfer these units to the main game, allowing them to play the game for free.

Crypto Assault Gameplay test

We decided to try out the current version of Crypto Assault and see what it is like. This is what we found out.

Registering for Crypto Assault


There is no registration required for Crypto Assault. To begin playing, all a player has to do is navigate to the gameplay page and sign a transaction in Metamask. The player's wallet address is used as his screen name.

We did see a few players who seemed to have created character names for themselves. However, we were not able to determine how they did this. Regardless, creating a character name is not necessary in order to try out the game.

Game map

The game map looks like a flat disk, filled with mountains, forests, and other terrain. The player can zoom in or out on this map by using the mouse scroll wheel. And the map can be moved up or down by clicking and dragging.

game map
playing the game

Buying a unit

On the left side of the screen, four icons are displayed. The top one is the buy units icon. 

Clicking this brings up a menu with the option to buy several different types of random unit packs.

buying a unit

The least expensive pack contains one common or better unit. It costs 0.017 ETH (about $3.50 at today's ETH price). Five common or better units can be had for 0.085 ETH (approx. $18.00). 

And for 2.99 ETH (approx. $633), you can get your hands on a Warlord pack that contains at least 3 units of epic or better rarity and 47 units of rare or better rarity.

Once a player buys a unit, the website says that it is “arriving soon.”


After a minute or two, a notice appears on the inventory icon within the game.


Clicking this icon shows the new unit.

inventory screen

The player can also choose to click inventory from the game's website. This will show an unopened pack. When the player clicks open, the unit will be revealed.

stealth bomber

Moving/deploying a unit

The first step to deploying a unit is to click on the space where it is to be placed. This displays a move to button.

moving and deploying units

Clicking this button brings up a confirmation screen. The deploy button is greyed out by default and the unit is not selected. 

To complete the action, the player must first select the unit. This causes a green check mark to appear. Once this is done, the player can push the deploy button to finish the action.

select unit

Once the unit is placed, a shaded area shows the territory controlled by the player. In our test, the area was green.

We could see that there were other colors associated with other player's territories. A player named Aurum had pink territories, while another player named Duck had purple ones.


Deploying a unit takes a full turn. So the player has to wait three hours before he can move his unit deeper into the map or attack an enemy unit.

To attack, the player must attempt to move his unit on top of an enemy. This will produce a button that says attack.


Pushing this button brings up a confirmation menu.

select unit

We were excited to find out that our stealth bomber had an 89% win chance. But at this point, we didn't realize deployment took a full action. So our joy quickly turned to dismay when we got a “that unit is still refueling” error message.


About 30 minutes later, we checked back on our lowly common unit to see how it was doing. And we switched to the game's browser tab just in time to see the horrible death of our stealth bomber.

After staring in disbelief for a few seconds, we checked the reports tab and found a notification of what had happened.

battle report

Apparently, players need to be very careful where they deploy their troops. We didn't even get to move once before we were taken out.

But at least we'll get our stealth bomber back in 23 hours, 44 minutes, when it's finished being repaired.


Crypto Assault Review

In our test of Crypto Assault, we found no obvious problems. The game ran smoothly and seemed to be bug-free.

So should you play Crypto Assault? It seems to be an interesting strategy game with complex mechanics. The one problem we have found though is that the turns take a very long time. Three hours per turn requires quite a bit of patience.

If you like to play games that have fast-paced action, Crypto Assault may not be the right game for you. Instead, you may want to play Etheremon, Axie Infinity, or other blockchain games with a faster pace. These games take a few seconds for entire battles instead of hours for just one turn.

Still, if you have the patience for Crypto Assault, it appears to be a fun game. And we would recommend it for players who prefer these kinds of games. If you like Crypto Assault, you may also like Caesar's Triumph, which is another deep strategy game with long battles.


Crypto Assault is a turn-based combat game with a modern military theme. We've gone over its features and gameplay elements throughout this article. And we hope this has helped you to decide whether to try it out or not.

If you would like to know more about blockchain games, you may want to check out some of our other reviews. We've got reviews of World of Ether, Dissolution, Cats in Mechs, and many more collectible games.

And if you've played Crypto Assault, let us know what you think of it in the comment box below. We always like to hear from other players experiencing new crypto games.

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So should you play Crypto Assault? It seems to be an interesting strategy game with complex mechanics. The one problem we have found though is that the turns take a very long time. Three hours per turn requires quite a bit of patience.Crypto Assault - Tanks & Crypto. Nuff' Said