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CryptantCrab – Claw it Out as an Ethereum NFT



Cryptant Crab is a breeding game involving…crabs. There are no cute cats or other furry animals in this game – just some crustaceans that walk along the bottom of the sea.

And there is not even really “breeding.” Instead, players spend a resource called Cryptant to cause their crabs to mutate.

This article will explain the major gameplay features of Cryptant Crab, including crab parts, growth points, xenografting, and other game-systems. 

If you’re trying to decide whether to play Cryptant Crab or not, read on to find out what it is like.

Cryptant Crab gameplay


cryptantcrab gameplay

Crabs are the basic collectible in Cryptant Crab. When a crab is bought from the developer, it comes in the form of an egg. Only when the player clicks on an egg from within the inventory screen does it hatch and become a unique crab.

Each crab is made of four parts, and the particular parts it is made of are determined randomly, at the moment the egg is hatched.

Crab heart, growth points, and stats

crab stats

Each crab has four stats: HP, DPS, Block, and Resistance

The crab heart determines the base number for these stats. These stats may increase if the crab gains experience levels, mutates, or has xenographs performed on it. But how much each stat increases depends on how many growth points are in each stat.

Both the base number for each stat and the number of growth points allocated to it are determined through RNG when the crab hatches.

Each growth point gives the crab an increase of 0.5% of its base stat per level.


cryptant token

Cryptant is a substance that can be used to enhance and modify crabs. It is the game’s primary resource or currency. It can be purchased from the developer or won in battle.

Mutating crabs

mutating crabs

Players can spend Cryptant for a chance to mutate their crabs’ parts and make them more powerful. 

Each time a player tries to mutate a particular crab part, it costs one Cryptant. The first time this is attempted, there is a 5% chance that the part will transform into one of Legendary rarity. Each attempt that follows increases this chance by 0.1% until the cap of 20% is reached.

Each attempt also results in an 8-point experience gain. So even if a player doesn’t get a Legendary part, the attempt may be worth it just for the experience.

Xenografting and fossils

Xenografting and fossils

If a player wants to move one crab’s part onto another crab, he can do so through a process called xenografting.

Each xenograft costs 5 Cryptant. The crab whose part was used in the process dies and becomes a fossil. But this fossil can still be used to grant bonuses to the other crabs during battle.

If a player has two parts that would work well together, but they are on two different crabs, xenografting can be an effective way to build a better crab.

Like mutating, xenografting grants the recipient 8 exp.

Each time a crab is used for xenografting and becomes a fossil, there is a small chance that it will become a relic fossil. Relic fossils have a base bonus that is multiplied by a factor to produce an even greater bonus.

Battles and elements

Crabs can battle each other to obtain Cryptant and/or Ethereum. The outcome of battles is determined by a complex algorithm that takes into account the crabs’ HP, DPS, Block, Resistance, and the effect of fossils being used.

It also takes into account the effect of elements.


Each crab’s body is of a certain elemental type. There are five types total: fire, earth, metal, water, and spirit.

Each element does extremely well against one other element and fairly well against a second one, but is also slightly vulnerable to one other element and extremely vulnerable to a fourth one.

As an example, water crabs do poorly against spirit crabs. To a lesser extent, they also do poorly against metal crabs. But they do well against earth crabs and extremely well against fire crabs.

How to play Cryptant Crab

If you’d like to try out Cryptant Crab to see if you like it, here is how to get started.

Registering for Cryptant Crab

Registering for Cryptant Crab is simple. Just navigate to the official Cryptant Crab website and click on any of the menu buttons at the top of the screen. For example, click my crabs to go to the inventory screen for the game. 

Make sure that your popup-blocker is turned off, and turn off brave shields if you are using Brave browser.

Within a few seconds, a screen should appear asking you to connect with Cryptant Crab.


Clicking connect will bring up a confirmation box in Metamask.

metamask confirmation

Click connect again. That’s all there is to registering.

Once you assemble a team and send it into battle, you’ll need to provide a display name and email address. But this is not needed in order to buy crabs, mutate, xenograft, and do other basic functions.

Buying crabs from the shop

You can buy crabs from the developer’s shop or from other players through the marketplace. This section will explain the options for buying in the shop.

Click shop at the top of the screen to get to the shop page.

buying cryptantcrabs

30 Day VIP Pass

The most inexpensive way to obtain crabs is usually to buy a 30-day VIP pass. This costs 0.149 ETH (approx. US$25.50). 

Included in the pass is 2 unhatched crab eggs, 3 extra team slots (allowing you to have a 5-crab team instead of 2), 4x daily Cryptant rewards for 30 days, and double exp for 30 days.

Unhatched crab

If you don’t want the 30 Day VIP Pass, you can buy a single, unhatched crab from the developer instead. The price of this egg is based on the average sale price of the last 15 hatched crabs sold in the marketplace.

In our testing, we found the price of a crab egg to be around 0.198 ETH (approx. US$34). But this price changes daily.


If you need Cryptant to mutate your crabs, you can also buy it in the shop. Like the price of unhatched eggs, the price of Cryptant also changes daily. 

During our test, we found that it was around 0.0198 ETH (approx. $3.40) per Cryptant.

Crab token (tournament ticket)

If you want to enter a Cryptant Crab tournament and compete for ETH rewards, you’ll need a crab token. Each token is essentially a “ticket” to one tournament. 

The listed price for a crab token is 0.025 ETH (approx. US$4.25).

Hatching an egg

If you buy an egg from the shop, you’ll need to hatch it before you can do anything with it. To do this, first click my crabs at the top of the screen. Then click the image of the egg, and it will open.

crab inventory
crab egg
unique crab

Buying a crab from another player

Of course, buying an egg and hatching it is not the only way to get a crab. You can also buy fully-grown crabs from other players. To do this, click the marketplace tab, and browse until you find the one you want.

cryptant crab marketplace

Viewing your crabs

To view a particular crab’s stats, first click my crabs. Then click on the particular crab you want to view. Its info page will appear.

view crabs


To assemble a team and battle other players’ crabs, start by clicking arena. Enter a display name and email into the form provided.

create profile

Now click create. A menu will display that allows you to create a team. Each team consists of 2 crabs and up to 4 fossils.

crab team battle

Once the team is assembled, you can press the battle button to begin a battle.

In our testing, we found that the battle button did not work on either Brave or Chrome browser. However, everything else on the site seemed to work just fine. So this is probably just a temporary problem with the javascript on the page.

We would encourage you to try the battle system out, and see for yourself if you can get it to work.


We’ve explained the main gameplay features of Cryptant Crab, including crab hearts, stats, elements, mutating, xenografting, fossils, and more. And we’ve explained how to get started with the game.

Cryptant Crab looks like a nice addition to the monster-breeding game genre (although technically there is no breeding in it). It’s similar to Axie Infinity, Etheremon, Blockchain Cuties, and others.

If you like these types of games and want to try something with a bit of a different theme, you may want to try out Cryptant Crab.

And if you’d like to find more great blockchain games to play, check out our complete list of reviews.

What do you think of the idea of a game that revolves around mutating crabs? Do games like this have to be full of cats and other cute animals? Or is there a certain appeal to collecting vicious sea creatures with sharp claws? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tom Blackstone
Tom Blackstone
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