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Containment Corps – Enjin Backed FPS Early Demo Scouting Report


containment corps

Containment Corps is a team-based first-person shooter and tower defense game in development from Nimbus Interactive. It features Enjin-backed collectible items.

This article will explain the basic gameplay features of Containment Corps. And it will explain how to download and install the demo version.

Containment Corps gameplay

Containment Corps is a “tower defense” style game. 

The player characters are employees of The Corporation, a space-exploration company that is attempting to mine resources on alien planets. Unfortunately for them, the aliens who reside on this planet have other ideas.

When the game begins, aliens will attack the Corporation outpost. The players must defend their outpost against the invasion.


force gates

There are force fields or gates at various locations on the outer wall of the outpost. When aliens arrive at a particular gate, they will attempt to damage it by walking into it. 

The player characters are armed with laser-arrow bows. They can shoot through the gate and damage aliens. But more aliens will keep coming.

If enough damage is done to a gate, it will collapse. After this, aliens will be able to walk through the opening and attack the players.

Crystal reserves

crystal reserves

If the players try to hide in the outpost and avoid combat, the aliens will begin to loot crystals from the outpost's crystal reserves. If these reserves go to zero, the players will lose the game.

Refilling the reserves

refilling the reserves

Every time a player kills an alien, he earns crystals. A player can use these crystals to refill the outpost's reserves. To do this, he must walk to the reserve area and place his personal crystals within it.

Character classes

character classes

By default, Containment Corps has four character classes: Gearhead, Blazer, Specialist, and Ranger.

Here are the abilities of each character class:


Deploy turret – Places a turret on the ground that automatically attacks enemies if they come near it

Repair – When used near it, restores some of the health of a gate


Shotgun – Does a burst of damage to an enemy

Stun trap – Lays a trap on the ground. If an enemy walks through this, it is stunned

Explosive trap – Trap that causes an explosion if an enemy walks into it


Healing shot – Creates an explosion of healing energy, restoring HP for all allies within it

Stun trap – Lays a trap that stuns an enemy if walked through

Revive – Brings a dead teammate back to life


Piercing shot – Does a burst of damage to an enemy

Slow shot – Does a burst of AOE damage

Surge – This may cause movement to increase. We were unable to determine for certain what it does


player loadouts

If players are unhappy with the current character classes, they can create new ones using a loadout station.

Abilities can be mixed and matched to suit a player's personal playing style. 

There is also one extra ability available from the loadout  station: airstrike. This allows a player to call down an airstrike on enemies.

Additional loadouts (abilities) can be loaded from the player's Enjin wallet. These abilities are ENJ-backed and can be purchased from the developer. 

In the future, the developer plans to allow some ENJ-backed abilities to be obtained from within the game.

Game maps

Containment Corps currently has four maps available for it: tutorial, swamp onslaught, desert onslaught, and canyon.

The tutorial map cannot be used to play an actual game. It is only intended to teach the basic controls.

The swamp onslaught, desert onslaught, and  canyon maps can all be played with 1-10 players.

swamp onslaught
Containment Corps swamp onslaught
desert onslaught
Containment Corps desert onslaught

Swamp and desert onslaught look different from each other, but are almost identical in terms of gameplay. The canyon map, however, is much more cramped than the other two playable maps.

Containment Corps canyon

Future plans for Containment Corps

The current demo of Containment Corps is a simple tower-defense game. But Nimbus Interactive has ambitious plans for its future.

Here are a few features the developer plans to create:

New abilities that can be unlocked through gameplay

A lobby area for Corporation employees to mingle

Player offices complete with collectible furniture

Ability customizations that can be unlocked through gameplay

A PvE game mode similar to Warhammer Vermintide missions, where players fight from one side of a level to another

A PvP mode where teams of players can fight each other

New levels that increase in difficulty and can be unlocked using items found in-game

How to play Containment Corps

If you would like to try out the Containment Corps demo, here is a complete guide to getting started.

Installing and setting up Containment Corps

Containment Corps is a free-to-play game on Steam. To install it, first navigate to the official Containment Corps Steam page. Then scroll down the page and click the play game button.

If you have Steam installed on your device, Containment Corps will automatically start installing. If you don't have Steam, you can download it from the Steam website here.

Connecting an Enjin wallet to Containment Corps

If you just want to try out Containment Corps, you don't need to connect an wallet. But you'll need to connect one if you ever want to use an item purchased from the developer or if you earn an ENJ-backed reward in the game.

From our testing, we did not see any ENJ-rewards currently in the game. But if you plan to keep playing Containment Corps, you may want to connect a wallet just in case something changes.

Here is how to connect an ENJ wallet to Containment Corps.

From the main menu, select Enjin wallet

link enjin wallet

Click create account

create account

Enter the username you want to be known by, and enter your email twice, then press submit.

account creation
enjin account

You'll be sent an email telling you the password for your enjin cloud account. Click login and enter the username and password you received in the email.

You'll see a QR code and a message telling you to link your Enjin wallet and login again.

enjin QR code

Next, open Enjin wallet on your device and click the menu icon in the upper-left corner that looks like three horizontal bars. Select linked apps. Your device's camera will start working.

Line your camera up with the QR code on the screen, or just use your device's on-screen keyboard to type out the code above it.

Once you tap link app, you'll receive a message telling you that Containment Corps is now linked to your Enjin wallet.

Now go back to your PC and click login from within Containment Corps. Enter your login credentials again. This time, the game will alert you that your rewards will be sent to the address you linked and that items from within this wallet will be usable in the game.

logged in with ethereum address

Click close. You are now finished with linking your Enjin address to the game.

Starting a Containment Corps game

To start a Containment Corps game, select host game from within the main menu. Then choose which map you want to play.

host game

Click host to begin playing.

If you've set your game visibility to public, up to 9 other players will be able to join in. 

We were not able to find any teammates in our testing, but you may want to browse the official Containment Corps Discord in search of fellow Corporation employees.

Playing Containment Corps


The controls for Containment Corps are fairly simple. The character can be moved using W, S, A, and D. Space bar jumps. And the E key interacts with objects such as loadout and class-select stations.

Hold down the left-click button on the mouse to pull back your laser-bow. Release to fire.

Use the numbers 1-4 to select abilities. To use the selected ability, right-click.

When you first enter a map, there will be no aliens assaulting the outpost. Find the drill on the map, and interact with it to begin the assault.

That's all there is to controlling your character in Containment Corps.

Containment Corps review

Containment Corps is a basic tower-defense . If you like these types of games, you may want to try out the current demo.

However, keep in mind that the game is still in a very early stage of development. There are currently no ENJ-backed rewards in Containment Corps, and there are no higher levels that get unlocked through gameplay.

For this reason, the game could get boring once you get passed the initial maps. 

But in the future, Containment Corps is likely to have both a progression system with new levels that get unlocked over time and collectibles that can be earned through gameplay. 

For this reason, it may make sense to try out the game now or even purchase collectibles before the game becomes popular. 

Just be aware that there isn't much content available for Containment Corps yet.

We will keep an eye on Containment Corps, and will update this page as new features become available.

What do you think of this game? Are you interested in a team-based shooter that allows you to earn ENJ-backed rewards from winning battles? Let us know in the comments below.

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