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Chibi Fighters – Needs Some Leveling Up!


Chibi Fighters is a new, blockchain-powered game that is starting to become popular.

But you may wonder how to get started playing Chibi Fighters and if it is fun.

This article will attempt to answer these questions.

Getting Started with Chibi Fighters

In the future, Chibi Fighters will be available on the blockchain in addition to Ethereum.

But for now, it is only available on Ethereum.

To get started playing, you will need the Metamask addon installed on your browser.

You will also need at least some Ether (ETH) in your wallet. However, Chibi Fighters offers a free Chibi to new players, so the amount of ETH you will need to try out the game is very small.

You will probably need no more than $1-$2 worth to start with just to pay the gas fees that occur during a transaction.

There are several exchanges you can buy ETH from, but we recommend Coinbase.

Coinbase is especially easy to use, and it is the most popular crypto exchange in North America.

If you happen to buy $100 worth within the next 180 days after using this link to sign up, you will get an extra $10 worth of ETH free.

Once you have your ETH, you will need to withdraw it to your Metamask wallet in order to play Chibi Fighters.

Registering for an Account

The first time you navigate to the official Chibi Fighters website, you will have the option of claiming a free Chibi Fighter and welcome package.

Metamask should open as soon as you reach the homepage, and you'll get an alert saying that Chibi Fighters wants to connect to your account so that it can see who you are.


Click connect. This allows Chibi Fighters to send signals to your wallet anytime you want to make a transaction, but you will still have to approve each transaction.

Once you've allowed Chibi Fighters to connect to you, click the big play button in the middle of the screen.

chibi fighters sign up

Scroll down the page and click claim for free.

claim free chibi fighter

You'll see a popup box telling you that you need an account. Click OK twice to get to the account page.

On the account page, it will say “no account” in the upper-left corner. It will also show the first 12 digits of your Ethereum account address. Click create account.

account creation

Choose a screen name and enter your email address, then click OK. Metamask will ask for your signature again.

metamask signature request

Click sign. If this process worked correctly, you should see “welcome” or “welcome back” in the upper-left corner of the account page.

Some players have experienced an account locked error message at this point. It is unclear exactly what causes this problem or how it can be solved.

But if this happens to you, the best way to seek out help is to post a message to the official Chibi Fighters Discord channel.

Claiming a Free Chibi Fighter and Welcome Package

Once you have an account, you should see a message asking if you want to claim a free Chibi Fighter. Click the button to claim your fighter.

There should also be a message telling you how to claim your welcome package by posting a code to the Discord channel.

Once you've posted the code, you will receive a message in Discord saying “Welcome package delivered to you (your screen name) – check your account page for a treasure chest.”

At this point, you can scroll down to the bottom of the account page and open your free loot boxes.

chibi fighter loot boxes

When I opened mine, I got 1000 coins, 100 gems, a Ring of Discord that gives +21 damage and +2% crit, 10 each of small health potions, energy potions, and hunter potions, 20 bounty contracts, and 20 pvp tickets in the first chest.

But in the second chest, I got just 25 coins, a small health potion, and 10 bounty contracts.

The loot appears to be random. So your rewards may be better or worse than mine.

Buying a Chibi Fighter

If you want more than just the one free Chibi fighter, you can buy more from the store.

Click buy chibi in the upper-left corner. Scroll down underneath where it says “true warriors” and click buy gen0.

The current price for a Gen0 Chibi Fighter is 0.18 ETH (around US$21).

buy chibi fighter

Chibi Fighter Daily tasks

Once you've got a chibi, there are a number of daily tasks you can complete to earn gems.

All of these tasks can be accessed from the account page.

To get to this page, click the third icon from the left in the upper-left corner (the one that looks like three chibis, but does not say “buy chibis”). From the drop-down menu, select account.

daily tasks in account

Here is an explanation of what each of these tasks consists of.

Zeppelin Game

The zeppelin game involves piloting a Zeppelin through various obstacles. Even if you crash immediately, you will be rewarded with 3 gems.

According to the developer, if you make it to 1000 meters, an ETHShard will spawn for you to collect.

For every 200 meters after that, another ETHShard will spawn. However, this only occurs if the Zeppelin game has a “green lamp.”

Losing Coins

Each day, you will get a consolation prize of 3 gems if you lose 55 coins.


You can draw blood from your chibi and combine it with the blood of another. This process is called “fusion.”

Many players offer their Chibi's blood for this purpose in exchange for ETH. The going rate seems to be around 0.05 ETH (around US$6). Players who do this receive 88% of the fee.

chibi fighter fusion

When you fuse your chibi, it creates a new chibi that belongs to you. The new chibi shares attributes from both “parents.” You can fuse the parent chibi multiple times.

But each time that you do, a cooldown will occur that will make the parent chibi unusable for a certain amount of time.

Although the term “fuse” implies that the old chibi will cease to exist, this is not actually what happens.

The first chibi's blood is simply mixed with the second one. The original chibi is not destroyed.

Each day, completing two fusions will reward you with 32 gems.

Crystal Cave

You can add gems to the Crystal Cave to receive a portion of the EthShards payout.

The more gems you place in the cave, the greater the payout. I tried putting 88 shards into the cave and was told that I would receive around 11 ETHShards.

I was also told that 4,597 ETHShards are worth around $34.35.

crystal cave

This implies that my reward is worth around $0.058 or 6 cents rounded to the nearest penny. Not much, but it is just my rewards for one day.


Another daily task you can perform is to send your chibi off on an adventure. If you choose this option, a map will open displaying various zones.

Some of these zones are only open to chibis of a particular minimum level, and others display a “Chibi Fighters” logo indicating that they are are not open yet.

Some zones also require certain items for you to unlock them. These typically have better loot than the others.

adventure map

I sent my chibi to the “0+” area. It cost me 30 coins, and I recieved 27 exp and 41 coins as a reward 2 hours later.

Coin Tapping Game

Every three hours, you can play a coin tapping game to earn more coins. Coins fly across the screen.

The object of the game is to click as many of these coins as possible with your mouse pointer before time runs out.

The number of coins you earn is dependent upon how many you click. I managed to earn 50 before I ran out of time.

Chibi Fighter Open Battles

Once you've done your daily tasks, you can earn more coins or ETHShards by sending your chibi into open battle.

Click the fourth icon from the left (the one that looks like a helmet and crossed axes).

Scroll down the page and select your moves. Chibis have three moves available: swing, stab, and dodge.

This is similar to rock, paper, scissors: swing beats dodge, dodge beats stab, and stab beats swing.

Starting a battle for coins costs coins, and starting a battle for ETHShards costs a certain amount of ETHShards.

Chibi Fighter Butcher

Chibi Fighter butcher

Butcher is another type of fight you can send your Chibi into. Unlike open battles, games of Butcher are not turn-based.

Butcher is another type of fight you can send your Chibi into. Unlike open battles, games of Butcher are not turn-based.

Instead, various objects fly across the screen, including apples and treasure chests. The object of the game is to slash as many of these items as possible.

The more of these objects you and your teammates slash, the more coins and ETHShards you get. 

The controls for Butcher are very simple. The “A” key moves left, the “D” key moves right, and the spacebar slashes. That's all there is to it.

In order to host a Butcher game, you need a Butcher ticket. This can be bought in the consumables shop, located here. The price for a Butcher ticket is denominated in ETHShards. 

Hosts usually invite players to their Butcher games using Discord. The more players in the game, the faster they can slash items, increasing the loot.

On the other hand, if there are too many players in the game, there is a point of diminishing returns that is reached.

For this reason, Butcher hosts tend to invite players to their games, but also tend to be selective about who they invite.

Judging by activity on Discord, Butcher appears to be the most popular mini-game within Chibi Fighters.

Instead, various objects fly across the screen, including apples and treasure chests.

The object of the game is to slash as many of these items as possible while simultaneously attacking multiple opponents in a free-for-all.

The controls for Butcher are very simple. The “A” key moves left, the “D” key moves right, and the spacebar slashes. That's all there is to it.

Unfortunately, you cannot play Butcher unless you have a Butcher ticket.

It is unclear exactly how a Butcher ticket can be obtained, but I assume it must be an award from some other aspect of the game.

Chibi Fighter Lizard People Game

lizard people game

The Lizard People are a race of creatures that have stolen ETHShards from the Crystal Cave.

They will offer these ETHShards to you if you can guess the number between 1 and 200 that they are thinking of.

Participating costs 1 ETHShard.

The reward pot grows over time. If you guess the number correctly, you win the pot.

How to Earn Cryptocurrency Using Chibi Fighters

To use Chibi Fighters to earn cryptocurrency, first complete as many daily tasks as possible to get the maximum number of gems.

Second, place your gems in the Crystal Cave and wait for them to give you ETHShards.

Once you have these ETHShards, you can combine them into ETHCrystals and redeem them for ETH directly to your Metamask wallet.

Other strategies to earn cryptocurrency include offering your Chibi to be fused, playing open battles for ETHShards, playing Butcher, and playing the Lizard People game.

However, playing ETHShard open battles and the Lizard People game is essentially gambling. There is no strategy you can use to gain an advantage.

As for offering your Chibi for fusion, this is probably a good idea as long as the ETH you would earn from it is less than you would get from completing daily tasks.

As for Butcher, it appears that this game is profitable as long as you are not the one hosting it.

And in some cases, it may even be profitable to the host.

If someone from Discord invites you to play Butcher, it may be a good idea to jump on this opportunity.

Is Chibi Fighters Worth Playing?

When I first took a look at Chibi Fighters, I had high hopes for the game. It appeared to have many elements.

For example, there appeared to be many different types of equipment that players could acquire through adventures or loot boxes.

However, after playing the game for a while, I now realize that the items don't have any real purpose. Sure, I now have a +21 damage ring of discord.

But since battles are determined solely through a rock/paper/scissors system, there is no benefit to my chibi for wearing that ring.

To be fair to the developers, they have stated that the RPG module for Chibi Fighters is not yet finished. So maybe future versions of the game will have this feature. But for now, this seems like a big flaw.

Another problem with Chibi Fighters is that most of its various mini-games do not allow you to win gems or ETHShards by spending coins.

As a result, it feels like there are two parallel systems in the game. In the first system, you participate in various activities in an attempt to win coins.

But these coins don't really serve any purpose beyond the coin system. All you can do with the coins is attempt to get more coins.

In the second system, you can win ETHShards by spending ETHShards. This second system might be fun to use by itself if the winner of games was determined by skill.

Unfortunately though, these games all have random winners. So there isn't much point in playing unless you enjoy gambling-type activities.

The two parts of the game that are somewhat fun are the daily tasks and Butcher. During the daily tasks, the player is made to feel like he is accomplishing something.

He completes tasks to earn gems. The more gems he earns, the more he can place in the Crystal Cavern. The more gems he can place in the Crystal Cavern, the more ETH he can earn.

This is fun, but it is also over too quickly. Butcher is also very fun. But in order to play without investing a lot of ETH, you need to hang out on Discord and try to catch a game.

This can be time-consuming.

Chibi Fighters has a lot of potential. If the team could implement a fun RPG system and come up with more ways to spend coins and earn ETHShards, it could be a great game.

But for now, it doesn't have much to offer. 

Sure, some players may enjoy the five minutes or so per day finishing the daily tasks.

But once these are over, most players would be better served looking elsewhere for fun blockchain games to play.

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Chibi Fighters has a lot of potential. If the team could implement a fun RPG system and come up with more ways to spend coins and earn ETHShards, it could be a great game. But for now, it doesn’t have much to offer.Chibi Fighters - Needs Some Leveling Up!