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Cheeze Wizards – First Taste of the ETH Cheddar


the big cheese eth prize

Cheeze Wizards is a new game from the developer of CryptoKitties. In Cheeze Wizards, players summon wizards made out of cheese. These wizards duel each other in magical fights.

To summon a wizard, a player must spend ETH. A portion of this ETH goes into the prize pool for the entire tournament and is given to the winner.

The first Cheeze Wizards tournament will be held sometime this Summer, according to developer Dapper Labs. This article will explain how the tournament will be played and what you can do to get ready.

We will go over ways to connect to the game, how to summon wizards, how to duel, what to do about blue mold, and more. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to play Cheeze Wizards.

How to register with Cheeze Wizards

Before you can play Cheeze Wizards, you’ll need to register with the official Cheeze Wizards website. Here is how to do that.

Click sign up in the upper-left corner

sign up

Check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions

If you have a Twitter account, click sign up with Twitter. Otherwise, click sign up with email

sign up screen

You’ll be sent a confirmation email. Click on the link within this email to finish registration

Once you’ve finished registration, you’ll be brought to the “wizards” page. At the start of the tournament, you’ll have to select the Summon a Wizard button from this page in order to begin playing.

summon a wizard

For now, pushing the Summon a Wizard button produces a message informing you that the summoning pool is closed.

cheeze wizards summoning pool

How to connect to Cheeze Wizards: Which wallet to use?

Once the tournament starts, you’ll only be able to play if you are connected to the site through your Ethereum wallet. The two most popular wallets to use are Metamask and Dapper.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, along with a discussion of how to connect using them.

Connecting using Metamask

If you’re using Metamask, you should get a connection request as soon as you finish registration and login. Simply click connect to start interacting with the website.

Connecting to the site is free, but every action you take in the game will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, including every time you summon a wizard or perform an action in a duel. This means that each action in the game will incur a gas fee.

The developer pays the gas fees for duels. But if you use Metamask, you will have to pay the gas fee for summoning a wizard. This is in addition to the fee the developer charges for the summoning.

Aside from this extra cost, another problem with Metamask is that it doesn’t always show crypto-collectibles in the wallet’s interface. For example, if you own mons from Etheremon or wizards from Cheeze Wizards, these assets may not show up when you open the wallet.

They are still there, and you can still sell them using collectible exchanges such as OpenSea. But some users may be bothered by the fact that these assets can’t be seen from within the wallet.

Despite these disadvantages, Metamask does have great security. It stores your private key on your device. And there is no way to recover this key except with the seed words generated when the ETH account is first created.

If you use Metamask, you must write your seed words down on a piece of paper and store them in a safe place in case your device crashes.

This system maximizes security. So you may want to use Metamask if you are holding expensive assets or a large amount of crypto in your wallet.

Connecting using Dapper

Another option for connecting to Cheeze Wizards is Dapper. Dapper was created by the developer of Cheeze Wizards, and it is intended as a wallet specifically for people who collect digital collectibles from games. It allows users to see collectibles from many different games right from within the interface.

In addition, Dapper Labs has agreed to pay the gas fees for all wizard summonings done using Dapper. So using it instead of Metamask may save you money.

Despite these advantages, Dapper may not be the most secure option. The company claims that users’ private keys are held in a smart contract, and that this allows a user to recover his account using his email and a “rescue kit.”

While this does make the wallet more convenient, it also means that a hacker may be able to steal a user’s crypto-collectibles if he has access to that user’s email account.

Still, Dapper may be the best option for users that have small, inexpensive collections or that otherwise place a great value on convenience.

If you want to connect to Cheeze Wizards using Dapper, here is how to do it.

Navigate to the official website for Dapper

In the upper-right corner, click download Dapper

download dapper wallet

The official Chrome store page for Dapper will load. Click add to Chrome

add to chrome

After a few seconds, the extension will install. Click the dapper icon in the upper-right corner and select sign up

dapper sign up

Enter your email address, a strong password, and your phone number (for text verification)

Enter the code you get from the text and click the link in the verification email

At this point, you will likely receive a message saying that Dapper is loading and inviting you to play Pong while you wait (yes, a game of Pong actually loads in the extension window)

After a minute or two, the extension will produce a message telling you to it is ready. Refresh your browser tab to reload the Cheeze Wizards website and connect to it with your new Dapper wallet

The Cheeze Wizards tournament

The first Cheeze Wizards tournament will be held in the Summer of 2019. Here is how the competition will progress.

Phase 1 – The Gathering

The tournament will begin with Phase 1 – The Gathering. In this phase, players will be able to summon wizards, but will not be able to initiate duels. To summon a wizard, you must offer up a certain amount of ETH. This will allow you to gain its loyalty.

You’ll be able to summon Basic Wizards at a flat price, but each type of Elemental Wizard will increase in price as individual wizards of that type are summoned.

For example, the 51st Fire Wizard to be summoned will cost more than the 50th, but the cost of a Water or Wind wizard will not be affected by how many Fire Wizards have been summoned.

The higher the cost of summoning a particular wizard, the greater its initial power will be.

Once you have a number of wizards you are satisfied with, you’ll be able to form them into a party. This will be the team you will use to battle in Phase 2.

Phase 2 – The Greet and Beat

Ater Phase 1 completes, Phase 2- The Greet and Beat will begin. In Phase 2, players will still be able to summon wizards and form parties. But in addition, they will be able to order their parties to duel the parties of other players.

greet and beat cheeze wizards

At the beginning of the duel, each player will select five spells – one for each of the five rounds of the duel. There are three spell elements:

  • Fire – Tends to win against wind and lose to water
  • Water – Tends to win against fire and lose to wind
  • Wind – Tends to win against water and lose to fire
spell elements fire water wind

At the end of the duel, the party that has won the most rounds will win the match. A portion of the losing party’s power will be transferred to the wizards in the winning party.

Phase 3 – Blue mold

When the second phase ends, Phase 3 – Blue mold will begin. In this phase, blue mold will begin to grow in Tournament Tower. Blue mold will kill any wizard that has less power than it.

Every 24 hours, the power of blue mold will double. Thus, the threat posed by it will increase exponentially. This will tend to kill off parties that have lost duels and have not managed to increase their power.

Eventually, the blue mold will grow powerful enough to kill off all of the players except the one that is the most powerful. At this point, the tournament will end, and the sole survivor will be declared the winner.

How to stop blue mold.

Players will not be helpless against blue mold. There will be two ways to escape it. First, wizards will be able to escape blue mold by dueling others and winning. This will increase their power. As long as they remain at a greater power than the blue mold, they will survive.

Second, wizards will be able to attempt ascension. If a wizard does this, it will not be able to challenge other wizards. However, it will have to duel any wizard that challenges it.

If a wizard completes ascension without being challenged, its power will triple. This should prevent it from being destroyed by the blue mold.

Cheeze Wizards tournament prize

the big cheeze ETH pool

The developer of Cheeze Wizards has provided an initial amount of ETH to seed the prize pool. In addition, a pre-sale has occurred in which early collectors were allowed to summon wizards. This has provided extra funds for the prize pool.

So far, the total amount of the prize pool is 606.7 ETH or approx. US$165,000 at today’s ETH price.

All of this prize will go to the Big Cheese, the person who is declared the winner of the tournament.


Cheeze Wizards is a new game from the developers of the wildly successful CryptoKitties.

It will host its first tournament in the Summer of 2019. In this article, we’ve explained how to register with the game and connect using an Ethereum wallet, and we’ve gone over how the tournament will be played.

We haven’t had a chance yet to see Cheeze Wizards gameplay in action. We can’t say whether it will be fun or not.

But given the huge prize pool, the tournament should generate a lot of attention. And that should be fun to watch if nothing else.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this game as it develops. Check back here for more info in the future.

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