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Chainlink & War Riders Collaborate to Launch Human-Readable Usernames for Smart Contracts Live on Mainnet


Chainlink and War Riders ™ today announced that human-readable usernames can now be used to handle deposits and withdrawals from a smart contract live on the Ethereum network.

The new system ensures that a human-readable account name can withdraw blockchain assets to the right ETH address which can be changed at will off-chain and still be reliably identified during withdrawal through the use of Chainlink oracles and the War Riders API.

The system is a major breakthrough in helping dApps and other blockchain-enabled applications such as games achieve mainstream adoption because it retains the benefits of on-chain security while gaining off-chain scalability and lower costs when doing crypto transfers.

This was made possible by combining the flexibility and reliability of the Chainlink oracles with a new robust server solution from War Riders.

The Current Friction in Blockchain Projects

Sending funds to a long, unreadable hash address is not as thriving as typing a username.

Many projects are trying to solve that problem by giving users the tools to set up readable domains themselves.

However, what if your users don't want to maintain their own domains or subdomains, set on-chain resolvers, and deal with all of that stuff that makes onboarding more painful?

As a company, you can invite your users to simply create a username and link their to that username by signing a message off-chain (this doesn't cost anything).

A company can then use that username to route crypto transfers for its users, with the help of an API server and a trusted oracle provider.

Combining the War Riders API with Chainlink

War Riders is a massively online () game based on earning cryptocurrency, customizing vehicles, and battling opponents. Players use their own war vehicles and weapons to mine/farm the in-game currency, Benzene (BZN).

BZN is stored in the Game Pool contract and can be withdrawn by the user to their linked wallet at any time with the help of a Chainlink oracle.

Each player has a unique nickname (e.g. monstertruck) that is linked to an ETH wallet and is used to handle deposits and withdrawals.

You can see how it works in the game:

When the user deposits funds to the Game Pool smart contract, only the username hash is supplied with the transaction.

The smart contract will then securely store the funds for that username. The user doesn't need to be logged in or use a linked wallet to deposit, which makes it possible for anyone to deposit funds to any account.

When the user initiates the withdrawal transaction in the game, a Chainlink oracle is used to securely verify the username and supply the linked ETH address to a withdrawal transaction, which if approved routes the funds to the linked ETH wallet.

The funds can only be withdrawn to the linked address, which is enforced by a smart contract.

“Blockchain-based games appear on the cusp of gaining more mainstream adoption thanks to advancements in oracle solutions,” stated Johann Eid, Chainlink Product Manager.

“We're excited to empower War Riders to widen their mainstream appeal by allowing users to easily interact with native assets with little friction or technical knowledge.”

“The ultimate goal for blockchain-enabled games like War Riders is mainstream adoption,” said Vlad Kartashov, CEO of a blockchain startup Cartified, creators of War Riders.

“We want to reduce the friction and make it easier for the people to use our products, while still maintaining high security and reliability of our systems.

We're excited to bring this new feature to the market through a collaboration with Chainlink, and know that many projects can benefit from it.”

How Can I Try It?

If you want to explore our solution further you can create a new account and link your ETH address to your username on this webpage.

After that, your username/linked address will be available to be used on-chain by the oracle. If you would like to create a more custom solution that would utilize this system for your video game or another project, please do not hesitate to reach out to both teams.

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