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Chain Warriors Review: The Casual RPG on the Abyss Platform


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UpdateMarathon AnnouncementNovember 7, 2019

The Abyss game platform together with Waves, a decentralized platform for Web 3.0 applications, are jointly launching the in-game marathon in the recently released browser MMORPG Chain Warriors giving away up to $12000 paid out in Waves tokens.  

Chain Warriors, which is exclusively available on The Abyss platform, combines a classic mechanics, PvP/ PvE battles and enjoyable graphics. Players can also collect various in-game items and trade them for Waves tokens on Item Market, a digital marketplace developed by Waves. 

The marathon comes as a result of cooperation between The Abyss and Waves. The event starts today, on Nov 7, ending on Dec 7, 2019. During this period, participants can play the game and win Waves tokens in multiple nominations, including:

  1. The main nomination is the collection of in-game tokens (50% of the total prize fund). Users are offered to complete various in-game tasks to receive in-game tokens. Top-100 players from the ranking will get rewards in Waves tokens in certain proportions.
  2. Daily nomination combines item upgrade and tokenization (25% of the total prize fund). A random set of in-game items is provided on a daily basis. The winner in daily nomination is a player who tokenizes a top-level item from the given set, or the one who makes that first ahead of others (in case there are several such items).
  3. Referral nomination (25% of the total prize fund). Top-50 players bringing the largest number of loyal referrals (users reaching level 30) form another ranking list and get rewarded in certain proportions.
  4. Social media contest. The additional 300 Waves tokens will be distributed among 3 players (100, 100 and 100 Waves tokens, respectively) completing the objectives of social media challenge.

The overall prize fund depends on the number of active players and can go as far as $12000. Find more about the rules on Chain Warriors official game page on The Abyss platform and on the dedicated promo page. Further marathon updates can be found in Chain Warriors and The Abyss official news channels. The results and winners will be announced on December 12, 2019. 

Chain Warriors is a browser-based RPG on The Abyss gaming platform.

According to the developer, Chain Warriors contains Legendary items that can be traded on the Waves platform for Waves tokens. These, in turn, can be traded for major cryptocurrencies.

We were unable to acquire any Legendary items in our testing. However, a member of the team has told us that these may be acquired by some players in the next 2-3 weeks as experience levels are gained.

The developer also told us that “in the near future,” there will be additional tokenized assets in the game that are more accessible.

This article will explain the main gameplay features of Chain Warriors and how to get started playing.

We will also discuss whether Chain Warriors is a fun game, what kind of players may enjoy it, and what kind of players may want to stay away from it.

Chain Warriors, Waves, and The Abyss

Before going into the details of Chain Warriors gameplay, we should first discuss its relationship to the Waves platform and The Abyss, since it is this relationship that has attracted interest from the blockchain community.

Waves platform

waves platform

The Waves Platform is a smart contract platform that allows developers to run Dapps. Although there are many technical differences between it and Ethereum, it is similar in terms of its basic function.

Waves is a platform that developers can use to create games, social networks, and other types of software, but without relying on central servers to run them.



What Waves is most known for is its decentralized exchange, WavesDEX.

WavesDEX allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without using a third-party as a middleman. It uses centralized “matcher nodes” to pair up trades between users, but these nodes do not settle the trades and do not have access to users' funds.

Instead, trades are settled on the Waves blockchain directly. This means that users of WavesDEX are well protected against hacks, employee dishonesty, or other threats to their cryptocurrency holdings.

In partnership with The Abyss, the Waves Platform now hopes to extend its decentralized exchange to the world of gaming. It envisions a future where in-game assets can be freely traded between players, without needing a centralized exchange to act as an authority.

The Abyss

the abyss

The Abyss is a gaming distribution platform. It functions as a central location for casual browser-based and client games to market themselves to the public. 

The Abyss acts as a type of “app store” for these games. Because The Abyss markets its games to the public, game developers do not need to market each game independently, at least not as much as they would if they were completely on their own.

The Abyss also supports game developers by providing them additional traffic and other marketing tools.

The cryptocurrency token for the Abyss Platform is called simply Abyss Token or ABYSS. Players are able to trade some in-game items for Abyss tokens, and these items can also be traded for major cryptocurrencies using the Waves platform.

This is why Chain Warriors is getting interest from the blockchain community.

Chain Warriors story

Chain Warriors takes place in an ancient fantasy kingdom. The royal army just captured a new territory from a horde of monsters that previously inhabited it. The kingdom seeks adventurers to work clearing away the remaining monsters and opening mines.

Chain Warriors gameplay

Chain Warriors is a casual game for busy people. The basic objective of the game is to fight monsters in the swamps and gain items that can be used to make the player character more powerful.

Players can also earn gold from killing monsters or from operating mines. And this gold can be used to buy new items or upgrade existing ones.

Here is a detailed explanation of Chain Warriors gameplay.


chain warriors map

The Chain Warriors map is of a medieval kingdom filled with swamps, villages, mountains, and rivers. Players can activate any of the game's features by clicking on their associated map icons.



The swamp is the place where most gameplay takes place. Every few hours, a new monster or other encounter spawns in the swamp. Either a weak or strong monster may spawn, or an abandoned camp with a mystery monster may appear.

Clicking on a monster icon opens up its info screen.

The player can decide whether to fight the monster based on the information provided. If he chooses to fight, the battle will take place through animation.


If the player wins, he will receive items that may make his character more powerful. He will also receive experience points and gold.

Monsters can also load in areas other than the swamp. But according to the game's tutorial, this is their main spawning location.


The player can click the character's portrait to open up an inventory screen.


Clicking an item will equip it. Gaining and equipping items to increase the character's stats is a central goal of Chain Warriors.

Village (workshop)

Players can upgrade items in the workshop, which is created and upgraded in the village.


Upgrading an item costs gold. 

In most cases, an upgrade will add stats. But each time an upgrade is attempted, there is a small chance that it will damage the item and cause it to lose stats.



Players can spend gold to restore or upgrade a mine. Once this is done, the mine will generate gold each day. The higher the level of a mine, the more gold it will produce.



If the player is tired of fighting monsters and wants to face a greater challenge, he can engage in PvP with others. This is done by clicking the battle icon.

A PvP battle is shown through animation, just like a battle with monsters.

Winning a battle will allow the player to steal gold from his opponent. However, only players that have battled within the previous day can be challenged. So players who fear losing their gold can always avoid this by not engaging in PvP.

Getting started with Chain Warriors

If you would like to try Chain Warriors out to see if you like it, here is how you can create a character and start playing.

Navigate to the game's official page at The Abyss platform.

Click the green play button on the right-hand side, near the middle of the page.

chain warriors on abyss platform

Select create account

create account

Put in an email address, password, and nickname

Verify your email address by clicking the link within the email you receive. The Abyss platform will open and the game will load.

chain warriors map play

Chain Warriors review

So is Chain Warriors worth playing?

It must be kept in mind that Chain Warriors is not intended to provide hours and hours of entertainment. It is meant for casual players that want to take a moment's break from the stresses of everyday life to relax, kill a few monsters, and earn some loot.

Players who do not like casual games will probably not like Chain Warriors. The combat is very repetitive and RNG-based, so it doesn't provide much of a challenge.

But for people who do not think of themselves as “gamers,” Chain Warriors may provide enough of a momentary distraction that it allows them to have fun in an otherwise boring situation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, according to the developer, it may take several weeks of grinding to be able to acquire blockchain-backed Legendary items. Because of this, some players may not have the discipline to make it far enough to start collecting.

If Chain Warriors adds more accessible blockchain items in the future though, the game may become more popular. And at that time, its current collectibles could increase in value.

For this reason, some players may find the reward of gaining these items to be worth the grind…although there is obviously no guarantee these items will go up in value.

As of now, we don't think most competitive gamers will enjoy Chain Warriors.

The developer could implement changes at some point that would make the game require more skill. This would certainly change our opinion of it. But right now, it seems very repetitive, at least from the standpoint of our limited experience with it.

We'll be keeping an eye on Chain Warriors as it is further developed. And we'll report on our experiences here as we play through future patches.

We hope this review has helped you to decide whether to try out Chain Warriors. If you would like to find more blockchain games to play, check out our other reviews.

What do you think of the idea behind Chain Warriors? Would you be interested in a casual RPG that allows players to earn blockchain items? Let us know in the comments below.

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Update - Marathon Announcement - November 7, 2019 The Abyss game platform together with Waves, a decentralized platform for Web 3.0 applications, are jointly launching the in-game marathon in the recently released browser MMORPG Chain Warriors giving away up to $12000 paid out in Waves...Chain Warriors Review: The Casual RPG on the Abyss Platform