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Chain Warriors Marathon: $12,000 Worth of Crypto Up For Grabs


chain warriors marathon

Chain Warriors has recently announced that it is holding a contest called the Chain Warriors Marathon. This contest is taking place from November 7 to December 7, 2019.

It includes crypto rewards for both exceptional gameplay and for referring others to the game. The total prize pool is $12,000 worth of crypto.

This article will explain the rules of Chain Warriors Marathon, how to get started participating, and what kind of strategies may help players to succeed at the contest.

This article will focus on the Marathon contest. For more general information about the game and its platform, read our reviews of Chain Warriors and The Abyss.

How to sign up for Chain Warriors Marathon

You can sign up for Chain Warriors Marathon through a web browser or The Abyss client.  If your browser allows flash programs to run, using a web browser is the easiest method. But getting started is fairly simple either way.

To create a Chain Warriors account using a web browser, navigate to the official Chain Warriors page on The Abyss. Then click play.

how to sign up

The game should load right away.

If you find that your browser is blocking flash games from loading, you can sign up using The Abyss client instead. Scroll down the page and click the purple button in the lower-right corner that says install The Abyss.

This will install a separate piece of software that will allow you to play Chain Warriors.

download the abyss

Once The Abyss is installed, click Chain Warriors using the menu on the left. Then hit the play button to start playing.

When the game first begins, you’ll receive a popup asking if you want to participate in the Marathon. Click participate to get started. You can also click the rules to review the official rules of the contest.

Chain Warriors Marathon rules and prizes

The developer of Chain Warriors has provided $12,000 worth of crypto rewards for this contest. Here are the rules of the contest.

Keep in mind that crypto prices fluctuate daily. All US dollar values for reward amounts listed below are approximations.



The primary way that players earn rewards in the contest is by accumulating crystals. These crystals are earned by completing challenges that load in the game. 

At the end of the event, the players with the top 100 highest amount of crystals will earn Waves token rewards.

The prize pool for this portion of the rewards is 50% of the total prize pool (approx. $6,000 worth of Waves tokens). 1st place will receive 10% of the total prize pool (approx. $600 worth of tokens). 8% will go to second place, 5% 3rd place, and 4th to 10th place will each receive 2% of the pool allocated for this purpose. 

The remaining 60% of the pool allocated for this purpose will be distributed between 11th to 100th place.

Daily tokenization

daily tokenization

Each day, the game provides a random set of items. The highest level item from the set needs to be tokenized by the player. The first player to tokenize this item is the winner of the daily tokenization contest. 

A player can tokenize an item by upgrading it to its maximum upgradeable capacity.

The prize pool for this contest is 25% of the total (approx. $3,000 worth of Waves tokens).

The marathon is running from November 7 to December 7, for a total of 32 days. Since 25% of the total prize pool is available for daily rewards, this implies that around 0.8% of the total prize pool or approx. $96 worth of Waves tokens are available each day to the winner of the tokenization contest.

Referral contest

referral contest

Players also earn rewards for referring other players. 

25% of the prize pool (approx. $3,000 worth of Waves tokens) has been allocated for this purpose. In order to be eligible for referral rewards, the referred players must play long enough to make it to level 30.

At the end of the event, the top 50 referrers will receive prizes. 1st place will get 10% of the portion of the prize pool allocated for rewards (approx $300 worth of tokens). 2nd place will get 8%, 3rd will get 5%, and 4th to 10th place will each get 3% of the portion allocated for referral prizes. 

The remaining 56% of this portion will be distributed between 11th to 50th place.

Twitter contest

twitter contest
Chain Warriors Twitter page

There is a separate pool of Waves tokens available for a Twitter contest. This contest is a random drawing. Any player that follows The Abyss, Waves, or Chain Warriors on Twitter will be eligible for the drawing.

Each Twitter feed will give out 100 Waves tokens to a randomly determined winner, for a total of 300 Waves tokens. To have the most chances to be chosen, a player should follow all three Twitter feeds (Chain Warriors, Waves, and The Abyss).

Chain Warriors Marathon strategy

chain warriors strategy

We have playtested Chain Warriors before. But when we heard this contest was taking place, we decided to try it out again.

In this attempt, we found that the best way to accumulate crystals was to attack monsters repeatedly. 

We found that this often lead to defeats in battle. But since the outcome of the battles was essentially random, we found that we still came out ahead over the long run.

There appear to be some strategies players can use to reduce the amount of grinding needed to win at this game. For example, players can equip different kinds of gear. And some combinations of gear provide bonuses when used together.

However, it still appears that the primary way to succeed at the game is to put in a lot of time playing it.

Chain Warriors Marathon conclusion

$12,000 worth of crypto is up for grabs in the Chain Warriors Marathon. This article has explained the rules and rewards for the contest, as well as how to get started playing it.

If a player wants to win this contest, he will need to put in plenty of time playing the game. But if he finds the game to be enjoyable, this investment of time may well be worth it.

Will you be participating in the Chain Warriors Marathon? What do you think of the idea of developers holding contests as a way to entice players into trying the game out?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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