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CGC Kyiv Ukraine 2019 – Speaker Lineup Confirmed & Why You Shouldn’t Miss It


CGC Speaker Line-Up Confirmed

CGC is once again preparing to conquer Kyiv this fall on October 10-11, 2019.

The fourth edition of the conference is dedicated to cutting-edge technologies and games, covering blockchain, VR, AR and AI, and their impact on shaping of the future of the gaming industry. An updated list of speakers and exhibitors is already waiting for you.

CGC is pleased to introduce the first batch of stellar speakers who have confirmed their participation.

Malcolm CasSelle, a Strategic Advisor of WAX will share with you his thoughts on “Why 2020 is the Year of Blockchain Gaming”.

“Blockchain gaming will take off in 2020 because there are a handful of sea changes in the industry that together create a unique environment for success” – Malcolm CasSelle.

This year WAX & CGC have a special surprise for all developers who are ready to take part in the hackathon and try their luck in the race for the prize pool.

Four prizes of $250, two prizes of $2k and one grand prize of $5k await their winners! What do you need to do? Just fill out the form and win!

Gabrielle Patrick, CEO of Knabu Distributed Systems from the United Kingdom will talk about cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets with a presentation “Opening the Fiat To Digital Asset Bridge: Where Game Incentivisation Meets Finance”.

Jon Jordan, Editor of BlockchainGamer.biz with a huge experience with top-level companies. Jon launched BlockchainGamer.biz, does consulting with Xaya, B2Expand, and recently became comms director at DappRadar.

Charles Adenuoye, CEO of BitPlay Gaming knows a lot about the role of blockchain in eSports. Don’t miss his talk “BitSport – incentivizing passion”.

Lisa Tan, Researcher and Founder of Economics Design flies to Kyiv from Singapore to share with you her knowledge about the economics of gamified systems.

CGC Kyiv 2019 is preparing to gather more than 1500 professionals from all over the globe in the business area of Kyiv, Ukraine, in a contemporary Mercure Congress Centre.

On October 10-11 it will open its doors for all passionate gaming enthusiasts.

100 speakers and 500 leading companies from different spheres of the gaming industry, such as blockchain games, VR and AR games, iGaming, and many others will meet, network, showcase their products and together redefine the gaming as we know it. Come and see all of that for yourself! More information at www.cgc.one

Five valuable reasons to attend CGC!

For the fourth time in a row, CGC successfully claims the title of the largest conference dedicated to blockchain, digital assets, VR and AR in gaming. The event will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on October 10-11.

It’s time to test yourself in an exciting race for the prize-pool at the hackathon, find investors, present your brand in all its glory at the stand or take part in the annual awards ceremony. VR / AR / AI / Blockchain in gaming are your passion? Get ready for an exhaustive list of features at the next CGC, held in Kyiv, Ukraine.

1. CGC Showcase

An expo floor for startups and indie developers. Show your game to all attendees of CGC Kyiv 2019, including investors, media, fellow game developers, publishers and operators, platforms and everyone else. Get valuable feedback, make partnerships, and launch your product to the Moon!

We provide a showcase table to selected teams in order to get attention and gain visibility for their projects.

Find out all the rules and fill in the form thoroughly. Please provide as much information as possible, so we can accurately evaluate your project.

Submission deadline: October 1, 2019

Do not forget to register for CGC Awards!

2. CGC Awards

CGC Awards is a contest designed to recognize innovation and celebrate creativity. If you have a gaming project that uses blockchain, VR, AR, and other forefront technologies, and you believe it rocks – waste no time, apply now and grab your chance to win! Or try yourself and become one of the judges of CGC Awards.

3. CGC Pitch

First introduced during Minsk 2018 event, CGC Pitch offers prominent startups an opportunity to present their products to investors laser focused on gaming, VR, AR, and blockchain, in a series of speed dating sessions.

4. CGC + WAX Hackathon

Are you a dare to compete for $10,000 prize pool in a gaming hackathon sponsored by WAX?

We want teams to create DApps on the WAX mainnet. If you already have an EOS app you’ve got a head start as you can easily turn it into a WAX mainnet app.

Ready to participate?

Just fill in the form below, and we will contact you for further details.

P.S. Gaming DApps are definitely preferred. However, any DApps will be reviewed and considered.

5. Networking (+ a trip to Chernobyl)

CGC is proud of its signature networking events, including parties, lounges, and meetups. This time, in addition to them, attendees are invited to an exclusive trip to Chernobyl – an iconic nuclear power plant and abandoned the town of Pripyat.

Check out the HBO mini-series to find out more about the Chernobyl disaster. The number of seats on the bus is limited!

Venue: Mercure Kyiv Congress

             Kyiv, 6, V. Getmana Str.


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Lora Veremeenko


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Useful links:

Become a speaker – http://bit.ly/2KDS2fF
Become a media partner – http://bit.ly/2XMh7ez
Become a volunteer – http://bit.ly/2XLrUpk
Attend as an investor – http://bit.ly/2LBprHO
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Apply for CGC Awards – http://bit.ly/30sOH7e
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