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Cats in Mechs – Is this the “Real” Crypto Kitties? 😼


cats in mechs

Cats in Mechs (previously titled Omegatech: Aspen's Story) is an overhead-scrolling action game in development from Megaworld Studios. It features Enjin-backed collectible characters and vehicles. It is a game and is planned to be released for both Android and iOS.

Cats in Mechs is currently in closed beta, and only a few players have been able to get a working copy. But the team has released some information as to how the game will be played once it is available.

This article will provide all of the essential information that is known so far about Cats in Mechs. We'll go over the Cats in Mechs trailer, storyline, parts salvaging feature, timing puzzles, artificial intelligence, pilot characters, mechs, and more.

If you've heard of Cats in Mechs and wondered what it's all about, read on to find out.

Cats in Mechs trailer

The Cats in Mechs team has released a gameplay trailer. It shows a vertically scrolling action game with text-based NPC dialogue.

There are also a few videos made by beta testers that show the gameplay off more clearly. Take this one, for example:

It's difficult to tell whether the game will be fun or not just from watching these videos. But at least we can see that the developers have a working product.

Cats in Mechs gameplay and features

The team has released some information about the game's features. Here is what we know so far.


cat in mech suit

Cats in Mechs takes place in the future, some time after the Infobahn Revolution of 2028. In the Infobahn Revolution, humans transcended their biological bodies and became part of cyberspace. 

This left the Mau, a race of bipedal, intelligent cats as the dominant life form on the planet.


The Mau have been attacked by aliens. And you, the hero, are one of the Mau. 

You have been trapped behind enemy lines in your omegamech, a giant battle-armor vehicle. You must pilot the omegamech and fight your way out of hostile territory in order to survive.

Overhead-scrolling action


In Cats in Mechs, most of the action takes place while you are piloting your mech. The gameworld is shown from above, and the camera moves as the player character does.

This overhead-scrolling style is similar to classic games such as 1942, Raiden, and Xevious. However, unlike these games, the character in Cats in Mechs can be moved in four different directions or made to stand still.



As players defeat enemies, they can salvage parts from the wreckage they create. These parts can be used to upgrade weapons and other abilities.

Timing puzzles and combat tactics

Cats in Mechs makes extensive use of what the developers call timing puzzles and combat tactics. Players must respond to opponents' abilities using a variety of techniques. And these techniques must be executed at the correct time in order for the player to advance.

A.I. opponents

As players defeat enemies, the game learns from their strategies. As a result, opponents get increasingly difficult to defeat. The team believes this will prevent the game from becoming too difficult for some players and too easy for others.

The team calls this feature “smart gaming” and claims that “rewards will be tailored to your style, and every level you play will remember your favorite tactics.”

Pilot characters

pilot characters
Oliver Bristlepurr

The pilot characters in Cats in Mechs are blockchain-backed collectibles. They differ in rarity that ranges from common to unique.

Pilots have five attributes: assault, stealth, engineering, katma, and streetwise. Some pilots have high ratings in a few of these attributes but zero in others. Other pilots are more well-rounded, having decent ratings in all attributes.

Some pilots also have special abilities that give an advantage to the player. Here is a complete list of pilot characters, including their rarity and special abilities:

Sushi Spearclaw (common) No special ability

Oliver Bristlepurr (uncommon) – No special ability

Rizzo Ratty Rat (uncommon) – No special ability

Jack Undercouch (uncommon) – No special ability

Emelia Purrheart (rare) – Unlocks bonuses from blockchain battle-history

Catanna Minx (rare) – Doubles the speed of wait timers

Mace Bonesplinter (legendary) – Gives access to events without needing game keys

Mr. Pants (legendary) – Reduces the energy-cost of Event and PvP missions

Multiverse Mike (rarity unlisted) – Produces random combat mechanics

Gata Telltail (unique) – Launches game-wide events

Dr. Prissy Von Treat (unique)  – Launches game-wide events


In Cats in Mechs, pilots are not the only blockchain collectibles. Players can also accumulate different styles of mechs.

Each mech has five attributes: attack, defense, movement, auto rattlers, and katma computer. As with pilots, some mechs specialize in one attribute, while others are jacks-of-all-trades.

Here is a list of the current mechs, along with their rarity and specializations:

M25-Tomcat (common) – Jack of all trades

MU-5 Prowler (uncommon) – High movement

MG-88 Dog Catcher (uncommon) – High defense

MFT-Scratcher (rare) – High movement and katma computer

Cats in Mechs team

cats in mechs team
Megaworld Studios at Austin Game Conference

Megaworld Studios' headquarters is located in Austin, TX. The company is headed by CEO Kyle Garner, who previously worked as a World Designer for Bioware. The COO is Chuck Shoemaker, who previously produced Duke Nukem transmedia storytelling for Radar Group.

The team also includes Joel Belgrade, Blake Yates, Kyle Perkins (who produced art for Tiki Gods and Garden Quest), Ryan Hill, Rudy Osis, Victoria Wink, Jacob Dunham, and Erin Firestine.

Cats in Mechs is Megaworld Studios' first title as a team.

Cats in Mechs release date

The team originally intended to release an open beta of Cats in Mechs in Q2, 2019. However, when the time came, it was decided that the game was not yet ready for public consumption.

According to admins on the official Cats in Mechs Telegram, the team is now working on a “Telegram-based Battling PvP system…that cooperates with the main game.” This system should be released by July 12, 2019.

The team has not yet released an updated timetable for the open beta. But if one is announced, we will update this post with the new information.


Cats in Mechs is a sci-fi action game with ENJ-backed pilots and vehicles. It is still in closed beta, and we don't have enough information yet to know how much fun it will be. But this is what is known about the game so far.

We hope this information has helped you to judge whether to get involved with this project further. 

If you are interested in ENJ-backed collectibles from other games, you can find them here. Or if you would like to read reviews of other blockchain games, just browse our entire list.

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