Containment Corps – Enjin Backed FPS Early Demo Scouting Report

Containment Corps is a team-based first-person shooter and tower defense game in development from Nimbus Interactive. It features Enjin-backed collectible items. This article will explain the basic gameplay features...

CryptantCrab – Claw it Out as an Ethereum NFT

Cryptant Crab is a breeding game involving...crabs. There are no cute cats or other furry animals in this game - just some crustaceans that walk along the bottom of the sea.

Baeond: Space Harvesting Digital Card Game (Conceptual demo)

Baeond is an upcoming digital card game and deck-building game from Playproof LLC. It takes place in a post-singularity world in which sentient machines have transcended the physical realm and moved into...

Taurion Review – Early Demo First Look

Taurion is a hybrid RTS/space MMO on the Xaya platform. Like all games on the Xaya platform, it runs in a completely decentralized manner. There is no central...

War of Crypta (War of Crypto): Real-Time Fighting With Collectibles – Demo First Look!

War of Crypta is a real-time fighting game that features ENJ-backed collectible characters. It is also known by its previous name, War of Crypto.  War of Crypta is in...

Kingdom Karnage: Turn-Based Strategy, CCG Hybrid – Scouting Report

Kingdom Karnage is a hybrid turn-based strategy and collectible card game in development from Kepithor Studios. It features ENJ-backed cards that can be traded freely between players. Kingdom Karnage...

Ether Kingdoms: Build an Imp Army and Conquer The World

Ether Kingdoms is a real-time strategy game that features player-controlled imps. These imps can be sent into battle against other players, used as workers in a mining operation, or traded in the...

Blockchain Cuties Review – Breed Like Mad, Raid Bosses!

Blockchain Cuties is a monster breeding game similar to Etheremon, Axie Infinity, and World of Ether. In Blockchain Cuties, players can collect, breed, and send into battle collectible monsters called “Cuties.”

Crypto Assault – Tanks & Crypto. Nuff’ Said

Crypto Assault is turn-based, military strategy game that uses ERC-721 tokens as collectible vehicles and troops. It is currently transitioning to a new version with a cryptocurrency called Assault (ASLT).

World of Ether: Unique Features, but Tough to Get Started

World of Ether is an Ethereum-backed monster breeding game from Alain and Stanley Goldman. Like other games in this genre, it allows players to collect, breed, and send into battle digital monsters.