Chain Warriors Marathon: $12,000 Worth of Crypto Up For Grabs

Chain Warriors has recently announced that it is holding a contest called the Chain Warriors Marathon. This contest is taking place from November 7 to December 7, 2019. It...

Somnium Space – Ethereum-Backed VR That Might Take Over Your Life

Somnium Space is a blockchain-backed virtual reality world developed by Somnium Space, Lmt. Each piece of real estate in this VR world is tokenized and held on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Abyss – Game Distribution Powered by Crypto – Steam Challenger?

The Abyss is a gaming distribution platform with a crypto twist. On The Abyss, developers and users get rewarded with crypto tokens whenever they help each other through various tasks.

Enjin MFTs Are Now Bound Forever to HODLERs

UPDATE - November 1, 2019 ALL ENJIN MFTs ARE LOCKED TO ETHEREUM ADDRESSES! Overview Holding an Enjin MFT (Multiverse Founders Token) is...

Auctionity: Sell Your Collectibles to The Highest Bidder

Auctionity is a platform for selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In other words, it’s a place where you can sell all of those CryptoKitties, Blockchain Cuties, Axies, 0xUniverse planets, and other collectibles you’ve...

Enjin Coin News – The Gaming Cryptocurrency (UPDATED)

If you’ve been trying to keep up with the latest developments in blockchain gaming, you’ve probably heard of Enjin Coin, an inter-platform cryptocurrency token designed for online games.

Chromia: The Scalable Blockchain for MMOs

Chromia is a gaming blockchain and platform currently in development. Chromia is designed to solve the scalability problem and allow complex games to be entirely hosted on the blockchain.

Arkane Network Wallet Review – Beginner Friendly Collectible Storage

The Arkane Network wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that works with multiple blockchains and collectibles. If you’re tired of not being able to see your collectibles in Metamask, Arkane might be exactly...

Gods Unchained Receives Investment Injection of $15 million!

From Immutable, announced via Medium. Read the Castle Crypto review here. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received $15M USD, in a Series A financing round...

CGC Kyiv Ukraine 2019 – Speaker Lineup Confirmed & Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

CGC Speaker Line-Up Confirmed CGC is once again preparing to conquer Kyiv this fall on October 10-11, 2019. The fourth edition of the conference is...