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Caesar’s Triumph: Conquer Ancient Lands in this Blockchain RTS


caesar's triumph

Caesar’s Triumph is a real-time simulation/strategy game from Second Legion Studios. In it, players compete to build villages, produce resources, build armies, and conquer territory.

All land and centurions in the game are blockchain collectibles that are freely tradable between players. Resources can also be traded between players.

This article is a complete beginner’s guide and review of Caesar’s Triumph. We’ll explain all of the essential mechanics of the game, including battlefields, land cards, offensive and defensive tactics, resources, buildings, and more. 

We’ll also consider the topic of whether Caesar’s Triumph is fun and worth playing.

If you’ve heard of Caesar’s Triumph and wondered whether it is worth checking out, read on to find out more.

Getting started with Caesar’s Triumph

Caesar’s Triumph has an extremely simple registration process. No cryptocurrency wallet is required to play the game. And even if you do want to link an Ethereum wallet to your account, the process is straightforward.

To get started, navigate to the official Caesar’s Triumph website. Then click the big, red play for free button.

play for free

If you have Metamask installed, it will automatically pop up and tell you that Caesar’s Triumph wishes to connect. Otherwise, you’ll simply be sent to the login/registration screen.

metamask login

You can now click Metamask or Google to create an account using these tools. Or if you don’t have Metamask or a Google account, click create a new account to use email instead.

Put in your email address and a password. Depending on what method you used to create the account, you may have to click a link in an email or sign a Metamask transaction to continue. You’ll then be asked for screen name.

create player

Choose your screen name and click create player.

The first time you log in, the game will provide you with a list of beginner tips. If you don’t want to read these, keep clicking next to get past them.

The site will also try to convince you to buy land. If you don’t want to buy land yet, just skip the ad. You do not need to buy land to play Caesar’s Triumph.

Once you get past these pages, you’ll be brought to the main menu.

game assets

From here, you can perform all of the main functions of the game.

Caesar’s Triumph goal

The goal of Caesar’s Triumph is to earn Denari through conquest. To accomplish this, you must earn Caesar or Senator status each day. You do this by capturing land cards and holding them until the battle for these cards is over.



There are three battlegrounds, numbered I to III. 

Players with less than 500 battle experience are relegated to the first battleground. In this battleground, you only earn a bonus Denari for every 10 battle experience points you gain, with a maximum of 10 Denari per day available.

However, you do earn resources every day that you achieve Caesar or Senator status.

In order to progress to Battleground II, you must earn 500 experience.

Players in Battleground II earn 40 Denari every day that they win Caesar and 10 Denari every day that they win Senator. In addition, they receive 2 bonus Denari for every 10 points of experience, with a maximum of 20 bonus Denari available each day.

To reach Battleground III, a Battleground II player must earn a total of 2000 experience points.

In Battleground III, players receive 100 Denari each day that they win Caesar status and 30 Denari each day that they win Senator. They also receive 3 bonus Denari for every 10 points they gain each day, with a maximum of 30 bonus Denari available each day.

Battleground III is the most lucrative battleground to play in. However, it is also made up only of veteran players and therefore has the most difficult battles.



Each Battleground is divided into 4 color-coded regions: red, blue, green, and black. 

The player with the most points in a particular region at the end of the day is declared Senator. The player with the most points out all of regions combined at the end of the day is declared Caesar. 

There are two, 3-hour long battles in each region, each day. You can play in as many regions as you want. So you have a total of four chances to win a title each day.

Land cards

land cards

Each day, there are 30 land cards that are made available over the course of the day. Each land card is worth a number of points on a scale from 1 to 30.

These points go to the player that holds the land card when the battle for that card comes to an end.

Land cards are not the same thing as land. Land cards are cards that the players fight over to earn points. Land is a blockchain asset that helps players to produce resources that can help in these battles.

It’s important not to get these two terms confused, despite their similar-sounding names.

Caesar’s Triumph Battle basics

Every day, two battles occur in each region. Each battle is three-hours long, and they occur 12 hours apart from each other. For example, if the red region starts its first battle at midnight, it will start its second battle at noon.

Each battle has 15 cards for players to fight over. Cards with odd-numbered scores are fought over in the first battle, and cards with even-numbered scores are fought over in the second one.

Each day, you will receive 500 troops in each region to allocate to land cards over the course of the day. If you own land, you will receive additional troops from it.

Each land card has a “high troops” number. 


This is the highest number of troops allocated by other players during the battle. Under normal circumstances, if you place more than this number of troops on the card, you will “capture” the card.

However, these troops will no longer be available to allocate to other cards.

If you place less troops on the card than the “high troops” number, you will fail to capture the card. In addition, 40% of your troops will be “lost.” This means that you should never place less troops on the card than the “high troops” number.

If you capture a card and then another player subsequently places more troops than you did, you will have to place even more troops in order to recapture the card. But you will not lose the troops you placed there before.

For example, let’s say that the high troops number is 50. You place 100 troops on the card. As a result, you capture it. Then another player places 150 troops on the card. Now the new player has captured the card from you. 

In response, you place an additional 51 troops. Since you originally had 100 troops on the card, you now have a total of 151 troops on it. And since 151 is greater than your opponent’s 150 troops, you recapture the card.

If you are still holding the card by the end of the three-hour battle, you win that card and gain its points for the day.

In future patches, you will not be able to place more troops on a card than your “max troops” limit. This limit will be determined by the amount of bread and fish you are producing. 

Advanced defensive tactics

Once you have captured the card, there are a variety of strategies you can use to prevent it from being retaken. Here is a complete list:

Reinforce your position

add troops

Add more troops to the card. This can be done at anytime.

Use wine

drink wine

Wine is better for your troops than water. The alcohol tends to kill bacteria and make it more likely for your troops to survive. For each bottle of wine you use, you will receive 1-5 bonus troops.

You can only use one bottle of wine for every five troops you have on the card.

Your opponents will not see the extra troops created from wine consumption. So it’s possible that they may allocate too few troops in an effort to retake it.

This may cause them to lose 40% of the troops they allocate.

Build walls

build wall

Walls cause your opponent to lose troops as he tries to invade. The number of troops lost is a percentage of the number of troops you have on the card. Stick walls cause a 5% loss, stone walls 15%, and fortified walls 30%. 

For example, if you have 200 troops on a card, a stick wall causes an opponent to lose 10 troops (5% of 200) if he invades.

Walls gain an additional 3% power for each 10 minutes the card is not retaken. For example, let’s say that you place a fortified wall on a card with 200 troops.

And let’s say that no other player is able to capture the card for the next 30 minutes. 

Your wall will have 39% power instead of 30%. And it will now cause a loss of 78 troops (39% of 200) to any invader, instead of 60 (30% of 200).

If you place a wall on a land card, other players will know the card has a wall. But under normal circumstances, they will not know what type of wall it is.

Deploy a centurion

deploy centurion

Adding a centurion to your captured land card increases the troop count by 5% per level of the centurion. Centurions are collectibles that are sold in the game shop. 

They start at level 1. But you can increase their levels by having them drink wine, train, battle, or perform search and rescue missions.

Make use of “defenders”

If you win a particular land card, you will automatically gain extra troops on that card the following day. These troops are called “defenders.” 

If you know that these troops will be available, you may want to take advantage of this by immediately reinforcing them.

Advanced offensive tactics

If you know or suspect that a player is using one of the above strategies, here are some advanced offensive tactics to combat them:

Employ a scout

Using a scout will tell you how many troops your opponent has placed on the card. This includes the troops created by wine-drinking. It will also tell you what type of wall is on a card, although it will not reveal how long the wall has been up.

In our testing, we did not ever find a “use scout” button. And the developer has not explained how to get a scout. The method for obtaining one may be a secret in the game or this may be a feature for a future patch.

Use cavalry


Cavalry will eliminate your opponent’s troops before you attack. 

Light cavalry will eliminate 2% of your opponent’s troops found on the card. War horses will eliminate 30% of your opponent’s troops on the card.

Cavalry are collectibles available in the game shop.

Producing goods in Caesar’s Triumph

There are several goods you’ll need to produce in order to gain an advantage in battle. The primary good needed in the current game is wine. This is used to get bonus troops for battle.

In future patches, two other goods will be used: bread and swords. The developer claims that bread will be used to increase max troops, feed workers, and increase production, while swords will give your troops a bonus in battle.

Constructing buildings

To produce goods, you will need buildings. A winery can be used to turn grapes into wine, a bakery to turn wheat into bread, and a blacksmith to turn iron into swords.

A barracks is another type of land available. It produces additional troops.

To produce a building, you will need resources, land, and Denari.

Caesar’s Triumph land


In Caesar’s Triumph, buildings can only be placed on land

Land is a blockchain-backed collectible that can be purchased in the game shop. Each land comes with six slots.

Three of these are filled automatically with a random resource. The other three can be filled with structures you choose.

Land should not be confused with land cards. Land is a collectible that produces resources, not a card that players fight over for points.


Each land produces three different resources. The particular resource your land generates is determined randomly when you first purchase it. Here is a complete list of resources in Caesar’s Triumph:

Wheat – Used by your bakery to make bread

Wood – Used for stick walls

Grapes – Used by your winery to make wine

Stone – Used to make stone walls

Fish – Increases max troops without needing a bakery

Clay – The developer says this will be used in building upgrades

Horses – The developer says this will be used to quickly move troops to a battle

Iron – Used to produce fortified walls and (possibly) swords

Marble – The developer claims this will be used to build statues to the gods

Using Trajan’s Market

The game includes a market, called Trajan’s Market, where players can trade resources. All transactions are priced in Denari, which can be earned in the game or purchased from the game shop.

Caesar’s Triumph review: Is it worth playing?

We wondered what it would feel like to play Caesar’s Triumph. Would it be fun? What kind of players would like it, and what kind would be bored? Here is what we found out.

In order to play Caesar’s Triumph effectively, you usually need to schedule at least three hours of time in front of a PC or mobile device. Battles begin every three hours, with the first one starting at midnight (EST), the second at 3 a.m., the third at 6 a.m., etc. 

You need to be ready to make decisions the moment the battle begins.

However, you also need to be patient. After making the first move, it may be 30 minutes or longer before your opponents respond.

So this game will be the most fun if you have three hours available, but also have something else to do simultaneously.

We should also mention one strategy you could employ to cut down on the time needed to play. This involves logging in just before the end of a battle and making all of your moves in the last few minutes. 

Using this strategy drastically cuts down on the time required. However, it also prevents you from using many of the defensive tactics that can lead to success.

For example, you can’t maximize the levels of your walls if you only capture a land card in the last few minutes.

Using this time-saving strategy is not the best way to achieve success in Caesar’s Triumph over the long-run.

Because of the slow pace of gameplay and the time required to finish a battle, some players may get really bored playing Caesar’s Triumph

But aside from this problem, Caesar’s Triumph is a very compelling game. It has a complex system to determine winners and losers. There are multiple strategies that can be used to capture a card or defend it. 

There are interesting economic systems in the game, thanks to the use of land, buildings, and resources. Overall, Caesar’s Triumph has exactly the kind of gameplay elements players expect from simulation and strategy games.

So if you don’t mind scheduling three hours to play, and if you have another task to keep you busy while playing, you may want to try out Caesar’s Triumph to see if you like it.

If you want faster gameplay and less of a time-commitment, you may want to stay away from Caesar’s Triumph.

If you want to get started playing Caesar’s Triumph, you can sign up using this link. Or check out the game’s Discord here

And if you are looking for new digital collectible games to play, check back to this site every few days. We add several new game reviews each week.

We try out these games and let you know what we find out – so you can better decide which ones to spend your time playing.

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