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How to Become a Brave Verified Publisher as a YouTube or Twitch Gamer


Crypto is popular.

Gaming is MASSIVELY popular.

The combination of the two will create an interesting future with some amazing potential to revolutionize the way we use the web and transfer value.

This article will explain why all online content creators should sign up for the Basic Attention Token Verified Publisher Program.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

The Brave Browser

Many of you are familiar with the Brave browser. In order to start this process, you will need to download it.

download brave browser

The Brave browser is a privacy focused browser that only stores your browsing habits locally.

It does not send your information off into some cloud where people can share your data and track you. This is the primary innovation.

In order to participate in the tipping program, you will need to browse the net with Brave because it has a cryptocurrency feature built in. More on that shortly.

Are you a Chrome power user?

Fear not, as Brave is based on Chrome and you can easily transfer all of your bookmarks and extensions right over. The entire process takes a solid five minutes.

Basic Attention Token

basic attention token BAT

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a new cryptocurrency that could revolutionize the way digital advertising is conducted.

What if you could get paid for the time you spend reviewing an ad, instead of potentially wasting it getting sucked into something you may not even be interested in?

This sounds like a better proposition, right?

This is the idea behind BAT.

As you browse the web, you are served an ad as a notification in the top right corner, rather than in the middle of the content you are trying to focus on.

By opting in, you earn small amounts of crypto in the form of BAT as you go.

How is this accomplished?

In a nutshell, it runs on Ethereum as an ERC-20 Token. If you know crypto, you know what this means.

If you don’t, you don’t necessarily need to understand the nuts and bolts just yet.

We want to make sure that you get the philosophy behind the approach before you necessarily get deep into the tech.

Think of it like a quest – there is “coin” out there to earn.

You earn some by either

a) opting in to advertisements

b) getting tipped by your fans

Let’s take a look at how this process works, and then we’ll walk through how to get you signed up.

If you want, you can just buy Basic Attention Token from an Exchange at its current price in USD.

If you want to speculate and take a guess that it might increase in value, go for it, but always do your own research!

Basic Attention Token in the Brave Browser

When you navigate to the website, YouTube channel, or Twitch Channel of a Brave verified publisher, you will be able to access a dropdown that shows a tip button.

BAT in the brave browser

Click the small BAT icon in the top right corner of your browser.

brave verified publisher tip button

After clicking the button, you can instantly send a tip in the form of the BAT cryptocurrency.

This is a lightning fast transaction and makes the experience very easy and enjoyable for people that like to tip their favorite content creators.

So how do you sign up to be able to receive tips? Easy!

Become a Brave Verified Publisher

Imagine earning passive income in the form of cryptocurrency while creating and streaming your best content on YouTube or Twitch as a gamer.

This can be achieved during live sessions or replays.

Also, you can accept this form of currency from your website if you have one.

Pretty cool right?

Welcome to the future. Whether BAT wins out in the end is yet to be determined, but you might as well start learning this stuff now and get ahead of the curve!

Visit the Brave Creators Rewards Sign Up Page to continue.

From here, follow the sign up process which is fairly easy. Once you reach your newly created dashboard, look for the section that says “Add Channel”

brave creator dashboard add channel

Select either Website, YouTube Channel, or Twitch Channel. You can have one or multiple of each.

YouTube should connect instantly using the Google Api. Twitch likely operates the same way but we have not done this yet.

Adding a website is a little bit trickier.

You need to add a small snippet of code to the site, OR upload a verification file via FTP to the server.

We noticed that when following the process, there was a prompt to add it through a plugin which did not work for us. This is a relatively new rollout so it’s possible something was bugged.

We recommend uploading the file as prompted. If you are unable to do this, any web developer should be able to help you as it is a very easy task that takes roughly two minutes to accomplish.

Once your sites are added, it takes about 24-48 hours to become officially verified.

May 2019 Verification Bug

We did find a bug in the process that caused our own verification to not show for almost week. Brave is aware of it and determined that a file can be deleted inside the browser files as a temporary fix. It should be resolved soon.

Official response from their team:

…find the publisher_info_db file in your Brave browser directory and try deleting it while the browser is shut down, then restarting it!

Even if you don’t see your own properties as verified, chances are other people do. Either be patient or try deleting some of the system files as described above.

We were essentially verified within 24 hours, but at the time could not see it ourselves on the front end using the tipping feature.

By the time you read this, this problem may be completely resolved.

And that’s it!

You are now signed up to be tipped via cryptocurrency using the BAT token.

Enter the bleeding edge ecosystem that could eventually grow into an absolute monster.


As with any crypto project, always do your own research and NEVER send people your money without vetting it!


Did you follow this guide to become a Brave Verified Publisher? Leave a comment below with your website or channels and perhaps we will send you a tip!

If you download the Brave Browser using this link, it will fill up our tank to send it right back to our fans.

download brave browser
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  1. Adding a website is a little bit trickier?
    The way most add to a web site is to use an app. A lot of us web holders use Word press.

    • At the time of this writing, Brave provided a WordPress plugin with instructions but it was not working. I am not sure what the status is now.

      If you aren’t sure how to add code to a website, I would define this as “tricky” for the average Joe. Also FTP file upload might not be something people are familiar with.

      Not sure which app you are referring to but WordPress is usually considered a CMS. If you need help just drop another comment here.

  2. Absolutely appreciate this comprehensive guide, TheRiz. As a Twitch streamer, navigating the evolving landscape of the digital world, especially with crypto coming into play, can be daunting. The Brave browser’s introduction into the streaming and gaming universe promises a fresh kick to the content creation space. What’s captivating is the merging of Twitch, livestreaming, and the innovative Brave tipping system. Overlays, stream packages, and emotes already play such a vital role in enhancing streaming experiences, but adding this BAT functionality can elevate a streamer’s game to the next level.

    The step-by-step breakdown of the Brave Verified Publisher process is especially beneficial. It’s evident that this could reshape how streamers on platforms like Twitch think about monetizing their content. I’m keen on exploring this further for my own streams.

    Thanks for paving the way with this insightful piece. Looking forward to more such updates on the intersection of gaming and crypto!


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