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.box Domains Explained – Should You Register this Unique ICANN DNS Enabled Web3 Domain?


Web3 technology usage is exploding and .box domains are a new and innovative fully tokenized top level domain.

The main highlights include:

  • Web3 native and ENS compatible, with the ability to set your .box as your primary ENS name
  • Web2 operable – .box is an ICANN accredited and works with DNS. This means domain IP disputes can be handled by ICANN
  • Resolve your personal DID profile or host a standard website with any provider
  • Email enabled – set up email forwarding or host email with any provider
  • Renews at $120 per year with low gas fees on the Optimism Network

.box vs ENS Domains

BOX Domains are different from ENS domains in that ENS domains are not ICANN accredited. ENS is more of a “true” web3 standard in that almost everything resolves primarily through the ENS protocol.

.box domains can be used with ENS, with the ability to forward payments or use ENS as it was intended. However, .box domains work with DNS and come with all of the standard features that a standard web2 domain has including email, web hosting, etc.

.box can also be traded as an NFT, meaning ownership of the domain can be transferred near instantaneously on a completed sale.

This makes .box more of a traditional and web3 domain hybrid model, vs ENS being solely blockchain enabled through Ethereum, Optimism, etc.

.box vs Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable domains are similar to ENS domains and can be resolved to almost any cryptocurrency wallet.

However, Unstoppable domains do not have a yearly renewal, where .box domains and ENS domains have an annual renewal fee to prevent squatting and other issues.

Unstoppable domains also have a large variety of extensions such as .nft, .crypto, .wallet, etc., whereas ENS and .box only have one.

Is a .box a Good Investment?

This is up to the individual user to decide. .box domains are a part of the emerging web3 space and therefore are highly speculative.

Also, squatters will have a harder time trying to hold or use copyrighted or trademarked domains, so don’t think that holding taylorswift.box or google.box might get you very far! This is because they are ICANN accredited.

Having a hybrid model can also help web2 companies adopt web3, even if only partially.

It can be a GREAT opportunity to claim a cool and unique web3 identity, which is why you should act fast!

How to Register a .box Domain

To register a .box, you will need to have a Metamask wallet, or a similar wallet that allows smart contract interaction.

First, visit the official website here.

Second, change your network to Optimism Network by adding a custom network, or selecting it from the available dropdown in Metamask.

Select The Network Here

metamask optimism mainnet

Third, you will need to bridge ETH over using the official bridge. Always double check that you are on the correct link!

Bridge URLhttps://app.optimism.io/bridge/deposit

Bridging refers to moving an asset from one blockchain to another, in this case moving ETH tokens to Optimism Network.

If you need to add a custom network, use this information:

Optimism Network RPC Endpoints

Network NameOP Mainnet
Chain ID10
Currency SymbolETH
Public RPC URLhttps://mainnet.optimism.io
Sequencer URLhttps://mainnet-sequencer.optimism.io
Contract AddressesRefer to the Contract Addresses page

Finally, use the domain search bar to check if your domain is available.

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