The Ultimate List of Blockchain Games!2020
Compiled by Castle Crypto

Crypto Games - The Next Generation

Castle Crypto has compiled an extensive list of blockchain gaming projects. Crypto gaming is in the very early stages and many projects are still in pre-alpha or early beta.

Check back to this list often as we record as many gaming projects that are part of the early blockchain revolution!

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What do you get when you cross a Magic the Gathering type collectible card game and the Steem blockchain?

Splinterlands is a digital collectible multiplayer card game powered by cutting edge blockchain technology. Every collectible card is a unique token, owned by YOU - a digital asset registered to your account. You can, buy, sell, or trade your cards on the Monster Market Exchange.

Battle other monsters as you fight for control of a chaotic world at war alongside the Splinters. An ancient prophecy foretells of a hero who will reunite the Splinters against the Greater Enemy, saving the world from a near inevitable doom. Could that hero be you?

Choose your monsters, and prepare for battle! The player who builds the best team will find glory on the Battlegrounds, fame on the leaderboards, and fortune in the Grand Tournament!

Read our review.

Don't miss out on claiming the new series of "Untamed" cards!

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a trading card game that is mechanically similar to Hearthstone. Players start off by building their deck from hundreds of unique cards by buying card packs all with the chance to contain uncommon or rare ones to add to your collection.

Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, players are the sole owners of the cards they accumulate, as ERC721 tokens, players can buy, sell and trade their cards to assemble a powerful deck.

A new paradigm of gaming: immutable, transparent, and infinitely extensible. Fast, turn-based and multiplayer-driven gaming. Competitive weekly tournaments with massive prizes.

Win, and have your victory recorded on the blockchain for eternity.

They recently received $15 million in funding!

Forgotten Artifacts

This dungeon crawler is one of the most playable blockchain games available. It uses the Enjin Wallet to check a player's inventory and allows you to equip a number of blockchain items in game.

Forgotten Artifacts has been leading the way when it comes to supporting the use of items from other games. It is one of the strongest contenders for blockchain game of the year in our book. With constant updates, a growing user community, and more items being added, this is one of the top games to look out for in 2020.

Axie Infinity

Axies are fantasy creatures that inhabit Lunacia - an open world owned, operated, and controlled by players.

Lunacia is under attack! It’s up to you and your Axies to help the Princess fight off creatures called Chimera while rebuilding and strengthening the Kingdom. Community Alpha is now live!

Neon District

Final Fantasy meets Blade Runner in this highly anticipated RPG blockchain game. With tons of customization and plans to integrate items from other games, Neon District looks to be one of the best releases of 2020, although its launch has been delayed until the summer.


Mythereum is a last-man-standing card game where players pit their decks against 2-4 other players. In turn, players can launch attacks while attempting to protect their own Health and outlive every other player, earning Mythereum XP along the way.


Ethermon is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum network. Etheremon creates a world of Monsters (or Mons) where you can capture, train, transform, and trade them with others. Combining Blockchain and Virtual Reality technology, Etheremon offers users an unprecedented gaming experience. This will be the first gaming world ever where you actually own the assets which no one can influence or steal from you and see them operating like in the real world.

My Crypto Heroes

If you ever dreamed of running your own digital employment agency for historical heroes, My Crypto Heros is the blockchain based casual RPG for you! Available for both mobile and online PC’s, My Crypto Heroes lets you collect and train heroes from history. Equip your heroes with special and legendary items to form the ultimate, unbeatable team. Take your team into epic battle and conquer the crypto world!

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) - where your time and passion become your assets.

Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters are cute little warriors that know no mercy.

Don't be fooled by their appearance, they are fierce fighters.

It's a fun brawler aiming at casual gamers. But don't be fooled, there is an incredible depth if you chose to dive into the realm of Chibis.

Of course there are realtime fights that reward Ether, top clans easily make 1$ in 2 minutes. Do the math and join the #1 hit.

Ox Universe

0xUniverse is a blockchain-based space exploration game. Become an explorer in a galaxy with many unique and collectable planets. Colonize them to increase your human population and resources and then build spacecrafts to find more planets! Keep expanding your planet collection and fleet until you've uncovered the final mysteries of The Universe!

Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is a collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike. Each cutie is unique and 100% belongs to you. You get to collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, arm them and even level them up! In-game economy lets you trade cuties using smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. Each cutie, which is an ERC-721 token, can be transferred or sold to other players just like a regular cryptocurrency.


Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

MLB Champions (Crypto Baseball)

MLB Crypto Baseball is a blockchain-based sports game that anyone can play using their very own crypto figures!

Every game of MLB Crypto Baseball is tied to a live MLB game in real time. Your figures will earn stats based on how well they perform in each MLB game. The better your teams and players perform in a live MLB game, the more your figures will improve.

Caesar's Triumph (Crypto Rome)

In Caesar's Triumph, you build your empire from the ground up, all starting with a single (free) plot of land. Strategy, politics and strength are the building blocks for turning a plot of land into an empire.

*The Ethereum blockchain is our foundation. This means that every piece of land, its resources and other assets you purchase in the game are unique and owned by you. It cannot be taken by others players unless you decide to sell it.

*Grow your assets: Build on and improve your land, increase resource production and enhance its value. As you increase the value of your land, you can choose to sell your land (and its assets) directly in our Marketplace to other players. Track your land's Estimated Annual GDP which represents the annualized value of items produced on your land using real-time market value of those items.

*It’s competitive: Within the game, players build their land, strengthen their army, conquer European lands and rise in power. Players wage daily battles to earn the titles of Caesar or one of four senators. Winning is fairly straightforward - the army that holds the most land wins those titles; but there are many paths you can take on your way to power and many ways to deceive your opponents. Not strong enough to win Caesar on your own? Join an alliance, or farm a much needed or rare resource to sell in the market to grow in power.

War Riders

War Riders is the first MMO game of earning cryptocurrency and blowing up cars. Players can build their own war vehicles from scratch with customized logos and messaging. Use your vehicle to mine and attack enemies for Benzene. Become the most powerful and wealthy army by expanding your garage locations, buying better weapons, and killing for influence. Offer protection to other players and earn ETH. Pre order your vehicles now!

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a free to play, modern, and truly player-driven Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game with a real economy powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. ‍

Players acquire tokenized cosmetics through gameplay (PvP / PvE), which they trade & sell for PIXEL Tokens, and those who invest in LAND to become Landowners evolve the world by placing resources, monsters, NPCs etc, (which all players can access) and can turn a profit by creating services and experiences, like vendor marketplaces where other players buy in-game subscriptions, access auctions, and more.

Whether you're a peaceful forager of goods and rares making a name for yourself or a fierce warrior of no alignment, there is a place for you here - a place where peace and war is chosen by the players themselves. A place built by you.

Cryptant Crab

CryptantCrab is a Crypto game developed by award winning game developer Appxplore (iCandy) that goes beyond just a collection game. As a spinoff from the highly successful Crab War, it takes a giant leap towards the future of Crypto gaming!

The concept of this crypto sport is inspired by the popular traditional ‘Betta Fish Fight’, a hobby that originates from Southeast Asia and is even recognized by the King of Thailand. Just as each fighting fish has their own unique combination of colours, patterns and fins, CryptantCrabs have their own unique markings, parts and elements that reimagine the concept of the fighting fish.

Train, mutate or challenge the multitude of Crabs and watch as you gain the appreciation of other CryptantCrab Challengers from across the world. Your one-of-a-kind CryptantCrab will have a chance to go down in history as a sought-after legend that turns your time spent on it into an investment of irreplaceable value.


In 2013 the XAYA team introduced the world to true blockchain gaming with the Huntercoin experiment. Since then, they have pushed blockchain technologies ahead with several unique innovations. Through several years of R&D, the team proudly presents this new platform where games can run serverless and unstoppable on the blockchain with countless thousands of games and millions of players.


Chainbreakers, a Decentraland launch title, is a strategic RPG set in a fictional and stylized rendition of Ancient Greece. The story revolves around a corrupt, evil government and the various factions of rebels - the players - who must join forces and cooperate in order to successfully topple the ruling class.

Crypto Assault

Dominate enemies in this MMO War Game where a powerful army and strategy will earn you Ethereum. Claim territory, battle others, mine resources and join an alliance NOW! Command your army in this hybrid on-chain/off-chain game with hundreds of others battling in real-time in a HUGE 3D world.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel (3D volumetric pixels that allow quick, powerful creation in an intuitive “building block” style) assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain.

By taking Pixowl’s successful franchise to 3D multiplayer on PC and Mac after achieving 40M installs, 70M worlds created and 1.2M monthly active players on mobile, The Sandbox aims to disrupt the market by being the first blockchain platform offering the large community of creators its very own non-fungible token (NFT) builder gaming platform.

To empower Creators, The Sandbox is developing intuitive, powerful NFT creation tools. “VoxEditor” is a Voxel Editor (NB: Voxels are volumetric pixels) that allows anyone to make their very own 3D voxel objects, either creating them block by block from scratch or and animate them as well.

The platform also offers a marketplace for trading & selling 3D NFTs, and finally the game itself.

Chain Clash

Chain Clash is a free-to-play collectible and battle game. Collect and train a variety of avatar fighters, including real crypto celebrities like Brock Pierce and Crystal Rose, and join forces with like-minded people to form crypto clans. Engage in competitive battles with your rivals, prevail and hopefully prove the power of your clan!

The game revolves around avatars, which exist as non-fungibles on the EOS blockchain. Develop your avatar fighters through training their attributes and gaining competition experience. Choose your favorite crypto clan and let your avatar fighters compete for it. Prevail in clashes and help your clan! Build your own collection of fighters and trade with the community.

It's a fun brawler aiming at casual gamers. But don't be fooled, there is an incredible depth if you chose to dive into the realm of Chibis.

Chain Clash, which is a mobile optimized browser game, is the first of multiple titles in the Chain Clash universe. With Chain Clash Arcade the second game has already been announced. The Street Fighter style fighting game will be released on Mobile and Desktop and is coming in 2020!

Geon App

Collect coins for visiting various locations and get cool prizes!

The Geon App allows you to get paid for visiting real-world locations. Open up the app, find a Geon on the map, travel to it and geomine Geon Coins stored in the Geon!

You can experience Geons - Augmented Reality (AR) objects - in your smartphone. There are over 1.5 MILLION Geons all over the world and you can geomine coins stored in any of them. Users can also create new Geons, which means there will be more popping up around you every day.

But wait, there’s more!

Once you collect your free Geon Coins, you can exchange them for amazing rewards at the Geon Store within the app: ◊ Steam gift cards ◊ Random Steam games ◊ PayPal Gifts ◊ Netflix vouchers with more to come!

So how does it work?
1.Download the Geon App.(see the website link on this page).
2.Look for a Geon nearby and get within the geomining range (e.g. 150 meters)
3.Geomine Geon Coins.
4.Cash-in the coins for cool prizes or create a new Geon!

Next Colony

Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

EOS Knights

A village. A Goblin horde massing to attack. Can your Knight hack and slash through that crowd of fanged awfullness before they wipe out the villagers? Put your skills to the test with EOS Knights, the first mobile game on the EOS blockchain platform.

Collect materials and craft the items your Knight, Archer or Mage will need to defeat the Goblin army. Trade materials and items in the marketplace. Choose a pet from 24 adorable companions.

All player actions are performed on smart contracts and data is stored securely in the EOS blockchain. EOS Knights is available for Android, iOS and on the web. So what are you waiting for? Go save a village!

Crypto Dozer

Push coins and collect cute crypto dolls to earn ETH!

Inspired by coin pusher arcade games, CryptoDozer is a coin & doll collecting game - powered by the blockchain. Line up your coins to push crypto dolls into your collection. Use special in-game items, such as ‘Walls’, ‘Fever Time’ and the powerful ‘Bull Dozer’ to become a CryptoDozer master. Climb the rankings and increase your level to boost the chance of high value crypto dolls dropping.

Will you collect the 70 ETH crypto doll and become CryptoDozer Rich? 🐰🐼🐶

Check out the trailer :

Hyper Dragons

HyperDragons is a competitive fighting game powered by blockchain technology, While the game allows users to collect, breed, and trade digital dragons by generating smart contracts on blockchain, it emphasizes on fun and sustainable gameplay and opens up a fantastic battlefield on blockchain, giving players a hybrid experience of fun gaming and digital asset accumulation.

Go Dapp

The GoDapp team members are mainly from Canada and have extensive experience in game development and blockchain industry experience.

Neo World

NeoWorld is a blockchain-powered multi-player online virtual world game ( ) which is conceptually similarly to Second Life / Sims. In the virtual world users build cities and develop economies together. In the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world. NeoWorld is a social platform where players could not only chat and have fun, but also establish an amazing network of business or personal connections, maybe even forge a community and run for election!

The NeoWorld virtual world has been online since June 2018 and has over 50,000 residents now, with an average daily active users of over 5,000.


In ZED, players can build a star-studded stable of winning racehorses and create a legacy by buying, breeding and racing digital thoroughbreds.

All racehorses in ZED are statistically unique and are defined by their bloodline, genotype and their performance on the racetrack.

The more your thoroughbred races and the more it breeds, the more superior your racehorse’s legacy becomes. The greater the legacy, the greater the wealth you can create by commanding a higher selling or breeding price through ZED’s auction system.

Buy your colt, filly, mare or stallion today and create your legacy!


Become a medieval fantasy entrepreneur in LORDLESS. Become a Bounty Hunter, visiting taverns to pick up the quest of your choice reaping rewards as you go. Be the Tavern Owner and work your way up to becoming the Tavern Master and earn a cut of the quest rewards you hand out to the Bounty Hunters who frequent your tavern. You can even buy and sell taverns!

Or become a host. As a host you can hand out quests to reach a specific goal. Only the Quest Host can publish quests and provide quest rewards. LORDLESS is a fun way to enjoy fantasy questing while earning rewards on the journey, no matter what path you choose to take.

First Blood

Level Up Your Competitive Online Gaming with Real Prizes!

Unlimited Tower

The Next Generation On-Chain Battle SRPG Dapp built on EOS. Upgrade your party and become the final hero at the Unlimited Tower. ⚔️

EOS Tower Game

EOS Tower Game is a 1:1 PVP game where you can compete with other EOS users.

When you win, you can take a portion of the opponent's entry fee. You can also receive PVP tokens by playing the game.

The amount of PVP tokens you receive each game will decrease over time.

In the future, PVP tokens can be staked, as to receive EOS Tower Game's revenue distribution.

Hash Kings

HashKings® is an Steem based Crypto Cannabis Farming and Trading Game. In Hashkings you delegate Steem Power to own one of our limited Garden plots. Purchase seeds and propagate your Plants for daily rewards and free seeds. Once finished sell them in our marketplace or use them to play for free! We made it easy and fun to grow your own crypto weed. Become a hobby grower or work your way to Cannabis Connoisseur by using top of the line nutrients and grow equipment available in our marketplace.


Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Dragonereum is a cryptocollectible game with PvP battles, advanced breeding, in-game trading, rewards, and achievements. You have complete control of the destiny of your dragons. Will you dominate the skies?

Solitaire Duel

1 on 1 Solitaire Game with EOS prize!

Ether Kingdoms (IMPs)

Ether Kingdoms is a new crypto-game with its own ERC20 token, IMP. Key features: up to 365% annual POS reward, ERC-721 items, no ICO, fair Airdrop distribution only, already tradable on various exchanges. Expand your Ether Kingdom: fight for glory, build, trade!

Block Fight

BlockFight gives players a chance to pit monster against monster in a selection of highly detailed arenas as they battle for your amusement and with any luck, your fortune and fame!

Blockfight is a visceral online gaming experience, where players pit monstrous behemoths against each other in high-res 3D environments as the dice roll.

World of Ether

A decentralized collectible dueling game on the Ethereum blockchain.

Collect monsters. Breed them to make more. Sell and sire them for ETH. Battle them for experience. Level your player up to breed rarer and more powerful monsters. Get ERC20 in-game power ups to fuel monsters.

Live now!

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a virtual simulation blockchain game that supports cross-chain transactions. The game has a total of 26 continents, each of which is deployed on a different chain. The governance parameters will be set by users themselves. Users can auction land, hire other users to mine various elements under the land parcel, build high-grade buildings, forge elements and manufacturing props, etc. Apostle can also increase productivity by upgrading the equipment. There are not only miners in career choices, but also architecture, musician, doctor and many others. Due to different economic systems and development levels on different continents, the underlying token RING and mineral elements can be circulated and distributed through cross-chain transactions.

Crypto Atoms

Spread, merge and evolve collectible fundamental structures called Atoms! Set your strategy and fill your wallet with a lot of non-fungible cryptolifeforms!


Gittron uses NFTs as a gamified funding mechanism to support Open Source projects. Any open source repo on Github can register at which generates a Prime Bot NFT (ERC721), a programmatically unique digital asset built off of the codebase (languages, commits/hr, sentimentality, etc). This Prime Bot is now an autonomous fundraiser for the open source project. Anyone in the world can go to the Prime Bot’s page on Gittron and support it for the price set by the owner. These funds go straight to the project, and the supporter gets a unique Support Bot NFT in return.

Crypto Flowers

CryptoFlowers is a game about collecting and breeding digital flowers. Using the power of Smart Contracts and Ethereum network, the game allows you to collect, breed and exchange unique digital flowers. While CryptoFlowers are not digital currency, it provides the same level of security. Each Cryptoflower is genetically unique, it cannot be destroyed, taken away or replicated, and it will always bloom!

Eth Battle

*Fight against friends or online bounties in this epic battle-strategy, dice game aimed at those with quick wit and the willingness to wager some cryptocurrency in an effort to conquer all territory within the land by eliminating your opponents!

*The rules of combat are simple: 1. Attack adjacent territories with both combatants throwing their dice, the higher roll wins! 2. If the attacking side wins, all but 1 die will capture the loser’s territory but if the defender wins, the attacker will lose all but 1 of his dice.

*Try out the free demo today via the website and see if your battle strategy will win!

Exo Planets

ExoPlanets is a new and innovative space exploration game on the Ethereum blockchain that will allow players to own ExoPlanets, evolve life and civilization on it, and send out spaceships to explore and expand to other planets in the galaxy!

ExoPlanets will introduce some new amazing features and graphics that are new to the crypto gaming genre.

Follow us on our social media channels for more info, news and glimpses of awesome content!

Crypto Sword and Magic

Crypto Sword and Magic is a traditional RPG game that raises heroes and challenges new dungeons. Data of all heroes, equipment, and pets are recorded on the EOS blockchain, and the game logic works on the Smart Contract. Even when you are not playing the game, you can always play with others in a mercenary mode. Hop into the world with your heroes!


Crypton are cute mysterious creatures that reside within the Ethereum Blockchain.

There’s no distinction between male and female, but there exists tons of differentiation in color and pattern. Roughly 3.6 quadrillion types of Crypton appear within the game!

Collect, trade, and breed for rare discoveries! As on of the first Blockchain game from Japan, tons of new fun gameplay is on the horizon to utilze cute Crypton!


BitGem is an idle & strategy blockchain game based on Ethereum. In BitGem, you will be a mysterious adventurer. News spread quickly around the world after a deserted island with huge amount of gemstones was discovered by chance. You arrived with the crowds under a treasure hunt fever pitch.

Exert your ingenuity to find rich mines before the crowds, mine as many ores as you can, and deploy your unique skills to make them into dazzling rare jewelries.


Explore an immersive 3D world made with voxels on the Ethereum blockchain with friends. Build, develop and sell property on the streets of Origin City. You own your own land, with your ownership recorded permanently on the blockchain.

Crypto Pioneers

CryptoPioneers is a strategy game with a heavy emphasis on building, production and resource management inspired by games like Civilization, Age of Empires, Factorio, etc.

As a Pioneer, you have been dispatched to planet Cryptopeia to establish a new colony. You’ll need to acquire the technologies & resources to build and advance your colony. However, you aren’t the only one looking to position themselves as a powerful and influential leader on Cryptopeia. You'll work with other Pioneers, trading goods and resources, but there can only be one Pioneer to be the first to uncover all the mysteries that Cryptopeia contains beneath its surface.

Block Cities

BlockCities is a series of architecture collectibles featuring buildings from across the world.

Users can build generative buildings, collect the classics, and score super rare limited editions.

CryptoMiner World

Mine for treasure on the blockchain! Own land and have your Gem Workers uncover what’s beneath.

Find, gold, artifacts, prizes, and more to sell with others at the marketplace. Dig deep enough and discover rare keys, capable of opening Monthly Ether chests or even the World Chest worth over 2000 Ether!

Crypto Mining War

CryptoMiningWar is a blockchain-based idle game. Join other players as you build your own empire, attack the WannaCry Boss or raid other players’ castles.


Footbattle is a football management simulation game.

Collect, level up and trade players from countries all around the world.

Each player is UNIQUE, owned by you and can be exported as ERC721 tokens and traded in online marketplaces

Dope Raider

DopeRaider is an RPG about underground drug business in a world with a unique economy.

Players begin their life as a Narco with a individual skill-set in one of the diverse seven districts. By performing various actions, Narcos can earn more respect in town, opening up more possibilities like buying better equipment, changing identity and recruiting new Narcos.

Narcos can make their living by growing weed, processing cocaine, trading product at district markets or by raiding each other.

POA SnailFarm

Your favorite Ethereum forest adventure... now on the POA Network!

(Re)discover the exciting life of a SnailFarmer: raise your snails with care, trade their eggs on the market, collect special friends and food to grow your nest faster, then hatch, hatch, hatch until you become the first Snaillionaire.

Play for FREE with the Snailmaster's Quest, and earn real crypto!


At last, slug science discovered time travel. Jump in an Ether-powered Lambo, drive fast enough, then let the winds of Hyperspeed carry you to the past. Or the future. Slugs aren't sure which one.

Slugroad is a king-of-the-hill game similar in spirit to Fomo3D, with fairer mechanics:

*buy slugs => get divs and become the driver

*use your rewards to skip ahead and get even more slugs, at a better rate

*the longer you hold the wheel, the more rewards you get. no all or nothing

*throw your slugs and get a second chance to win the full pot

Due to the flows of time travel, Slugroad exists on several planes of existence: Ethereum, POA, and xDai. Each track works independently, with slightly varying settings to encourage different plays.

Vroom vroom.


In this new Ethereum-powered trading card game, players fight against each other in battle arenas with leaderboards and (coming soon) competitive seasons.

Darkwinds cards are ERC721 cryptocollectibles, generated randomly in deck packs of 10, 25, and 50 cards that can be purchased with ETH.

EOS Blasterz

EOS Blasterz is a one-touch control game based on the EOS mainnet. You can get more energy by pushing the button at the right time when the foothold appears. For the last step, press the button as long as possible to fill the gauge, then you will release more powerful energy waves. There are bonus boxes at the start of the game, containing a damage enhancement item randomly.

Token Warriors

TokenWarriors allows players to purchase, collect, breed, sell and fight your warriors. Breed and sell various types of virtual TokenWarriors or let fight them for more experience and get a higher LVL. High TokenWarriors will be RAR and expensive.

Super Countries

SuperCountries is a strategic and addictive map-based game with 6 funny ways to earn ether. The most amazing part is that once you have entered the game, you will receive lifetime earnings, even if you leave afterwards and have no conquered country. All players will be rewarded forever. But if you play strategically, you can greatly increase your profits and decrease those of other players.

Chicken Hunt

ChickenHunt is a character-growing IDLE game, where players earn shares and profit based on the degree of game play. It encourages users’ participation and voluntary promotion through reward incentives.

Monster EOS

MonsterEOS is a Tamagotchi style game where you keep your pets alive and happy by feeding them, providing a pleasant environment, and letting them rest. By popular demand and adoption from the EOS community, we have added requested features such as battles and a monster market. The game is currently in BETA, and under constant development and improvement.


The World's First Blockchain Platform for Leisure and Competitive Games.


Multiprizer is a strategy based game in which a player can choose from multiple gameboards of different game-play. The player purchases one or more tokens. Once the round timer is elapsed, a player is chosen using the most powerful random number in blockchain history - Ledger based random of Oraclize, with on-chain proof verification. The winner gets all the tokens of that game round, after edge.

This game depends more on strategy than 'Provable Random Number' as one can revert their tokens after purchase also, till any time before timer expires. Some game boards have as low as 40 tokens to purchase in total, which gives a very high probability to win - (1/40) per token purchased.

There is even an option of 'DirectPlay' which doesnt even require visiting the site. One can send a specific amount of tokens to the contract address and the player participation is auto-confirmed to a specific game-board depending on token amount. This makes the game fully decentralized & tamper-proof.


In this game, you will start off as a small property investor, and work your way up to the very top of the ranking ladder. Out-wit! Out-play! Out-strategise! Beyond a certain point in the game, and once certain conditions are met, you will be able to sit back and comfortably benefit from other participants’ actions. We won’t reveal more at this stage, but we promise that game mechanics will be rational, and it’ll be fun!


HyperETH is a decentralized ethereum blockchain driven gaming ecosystem comprised of both smart contract games and web games. The platform includes an internal smart contract exchange which allows users to exchange ethereum for HYPER tokens. These tokens will be needed to play our available games. The platform also offers incentives to users that choose to participate in holding HYPER tokens.

Crypto Pepes

With CryptoPepes you can breed, collect and fight Pepes on the blockchain. Each Pepe is 100% uninque. When breeding a new Pepe will get born inheriting genetic traits from its parents

Battles are soon to come!

Crypto Serval

CryptoServal is a game centered around breedable, collectible, and fighting creatures we call CryptoServals! Each animal is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. Unlike in other hot potato games, each animal has a target price - when reached it becomes a boss and yields passive rewards for its owner.

Moon Crypto Polis

MoonCryptoPolis takes place on the virtual copy of theMoon, where players will be able to establish their very own base and hunt for valuable resources to receive rewards in the form of Ether. Learn more:

SnailFarm 3

Discover the exciting life of a SnailFarmer! To win this game played in rounds, be the first to reach 1 million snails.

Raise your snails lovingly, trade eggs with the market, collect special friends and food to grow your nest faster. SnailFarm 3 is deceptively simple, yet shock-full of strategy.

The forest welcomes you... But be warned, farming Snails can get quite addictive!

Ether Knight

Game features:

• 4 Knight Characters racing against each other to be the first to reach the goal and win the pot of gold.
• Earn Ethereum dividends from any play and volume of any HDX20 POWERED GAMES.
• Referral and SuperReferral program.

Player One

PlayerOne helps gamers own and monetize their gameplay data utilizing blockchain. PlayerOne ID is a permanent gamer ID on the blockchain. All game IDs and achievements of a gamer are connected to the PlayerOne ID.

Lords of the Snails

Claim Lords, Grab their Snails, Snag their Eggs to victory!

In Lords of the Snails, you compete with other players to stack eggs in your nest. It works like a hot potato: grab a snail, you get their eggs, their price rise. If another player grabs your snail afterwards, you get your ETH back.

The game is simple, but deceptively so. The longer a round goes without anyone grabbing a snail, the bigger the egg bonus. The more a snail is grabbed, the higher their egg production. Timing is critical, and so is having the right strategy!

Crypto Motors

CryptoMotors is the First Digital Automaker powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. A platform where you can become a part of the design process, collect original 3D concept cars developed by pro car designers and be ready to customize them and earn ether while racing!

CryptoMotors believes in bringing the highest quality and standards of the automotive design industry together with the latest VR, AR, and Blockchain technology. The results are vehicles that users are pleased to own, collect and be entertained with.

Chain Monsters

Enter a world with unique monsters, combine strengths and take care of weaknesses to assemble the best possible team and battle your way to the top of the leaderboard. Based on Ethereum blockchain technology, ownership and monster stats are secured and verified while game mechanics like realtime multiplayer battles are handled by our servers to provide the best possible user experience. In order to play, you have to register a free trainer account at and you can choose a starter monster as well!

Background: Coming from the traditional gaming industry, Chainmonsters was our first blockchain based product launched in January 2017. Over 2018 the game has evolved dramatically and is now shifting from Alpha to Beta very soon! Play now to receive a limited Alpha Chest on full launch!


Worldopo is the world’s first mobile game combining AR, AI, Geolocation and Blockchain-technology. Players can buy plants (hexagons), build houses, factories, and mining farms, customize their properties and interact with other players. Furthermore, implementing Blockchain in compelling gameplay with strong mainstream appeal provides an ideal environment to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in a risk-free manner.

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Geolocation makes it possible to actually “see” one’s in-game progress and interact with other players in real life. The introduction of a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes positioning of large objects more precise than ever before.

By using google maps as the base of the game world, players have access to the real-world map. We divided all world on 11,62,681,248,842 hexagons. The introduction of its own cryptocurrency WPT, as well as a platform to trade properties, makes Worldopo also a complex economic simulation.

Crypto Barons

CryptoBarons is a hybrid multiplayer strategy/role playing game. Players can buy game assets and resources such as workers, armies, gold mines, farms etc., build your kingdom, mine gold and train armies. Battle with other kingdoms and get amazing treasures such as magic potions and gain some of their resources. Lose battles and you'll pay a price to resurrect your fallen armies. The main catch here is that players can get rich playing this game, by purchase sales of games assets, or receiving commission on transactions.

Crypto Constellations

Be the God of the universe and own constellations such as Leo, Virgo, Gemini . . .

CryptoConstellations is an interactive game that let anyone buy and own Constellations as Smart Contract powered by IPFS Technology on the Ethereum Blockchain.

There are only 38 Constellations Now!

So Hurry!

Grab your Constellations and Dominate the Universe.

Coin Pledge

Coinpledge a is personal productivity tool based on publicity and commitment principles. It helps to clarify your goals and increase their success rate.


The current HIPR dapp is a tile slide puzzle game in which users play & submit scores to a leaderboard. This leaderboard then airdrops HERC tokens to the top players at the end of the season. The restful-api library is for developers to build games on top of and airdrop their own tokens! In the background a 3rd party verifcation system allows for the review and checksum of transaction hashes. From a technology standpoint, HIPR implements steganography, an age old cryptography process to encrypt the Hercules protocol supply chain metrics into puzzles humans perform to validation of chain data integrity. HIPR is built with Unity3D, with C# for gameplay and Solidity for smart contracts. It targets WebGL thanks to emscripten and WASM and it interacts with smart contracts with Web3 library. From market research we have found this Consensus model is 90% more efficient as we scale in HIPR players because the more we entertain our community, the more integrious our chain data becomes.


DAPCAR is next generation multiplayer competitive game based on blockchain technology. It means that there are open code, public smart contract and absolute transparency on our site. You participate in races for cryptocurrency and compete with anonymous participants from all over the world.

0x Warriors

0xWarriors is a multiplayer battler that lets players manage squads of up to five warriors and equip them with hundreds of unique weapons and armor. Each warrior can be customized to have an original style and skillset. Players can purchase chests with various gear or win them in battles and trade for profit.

Planet Crypto

Ever wanted to own your Town, Office Block, School... The White House or even The Kremlin?

Well the BIGGEST game on Crypto has arrived. Planet Crypto lets you own virtual plots of the entire planet! We've put the entire globe onto the blockchain - a feat which has never been achieved before.

Planet Crypto is a strategic trading card game where the first round is LAND GRAB - buy your plots now before anyone else! Next stage is building before the battles begin!

Be quick - land prices rise as each one is sold, and watch out for hostile take-overs!!


Cubego is a open-world game that lets players build any character they want from cube blocks, like Lego. Every character is unique and players are granted copyright ownership over their creations, protecting their models from being copied.

Torpedo LAUNCH

Introducing "TORPEDO LAUNCH" the first skill-based Submarine Arcade Game on the Ethereum blockchain powered by the HDX20 Token.

Come and play against other players, show the world that you deserve to be a winner and collect Ethereum Prizes.

About "TORPEDO LAUNCH": You are in command on a WW2 Class Submarine, YOUR MISSION : Seek and Destroy enemy ships.

Game Features:

-The first skill-based Submarine Arcade Game on the Blockchain

-Running on the ethereum Blockchain powered by the HDX20 token

-Full Featured Game with classic style arcade gameplay packed with colorful graphics

-Awesome sound effects

-Day & night mode available -Make your way to the leaderboard and win ethereum for every points scored

Temple Of ETH

The Temple of ETH is a sacred Ethereum gaming platform. Offer up some ETH to the Gods and the temple priests will look favourably on thee. Sacrifice is rewarded.

Glitch Goons

Glitch Goons is a mobile fighting game with blockchain elements developed by Estonian company Ether Dale in 2018, featuring humanlike animals; fight club in a vaporwave/cyberpunk setting. This is also the first multi blockchain game - the one that supports a number of cryptocurrencies instead of only one. The focus is on player vs player combat system with no direct control over the fight but advanced character set-up instead. FREE-to-play MOBILE and WEB One of the first multi-blockchain mobile games ever PvP auto fight game Customize and upgrade your characters Become the greatest warrior of all times.

Riot Cats

RiotCats is a post-apocalyptic world of cats surviving after a terrible CATastrophe. Save their population! Collect them, breed them, take part in cat battles, upgrade your characters and get new items of equipment and weapons.

Our riot cats are absolutely CLAWsome because they are 3D cats.

Each cat is one-of-a-kind because of the unique genetic algorithm. All information is recorded and stored using blockchain technology, so your cats are absolutely your property. They can’t be lost, replicated, destroyed or stolen.

Thanks to ERC-721 protocol, you even will be able to exchange other ERC-721 tokens directly for our battle cats!

Crypto Saga

CryptoSaga is a decentralized RPG on the Ethereum blockchain with fully animated heroes and mobs. The consequences of each action will be determined by the verified smart contract.

Crypto Kaiju

The provenance and authenticity of each Kaiju can be proven.

Each toy contains a tamper resistant, NFC enabled certificate of authenticity that is linked to our ERC-721 compliant smart contract. Kaiju are based on your favourite cryptocurrencies with a range of different designs planned for release.

Each batch contains variants, special editions, and one-offs. Each batch is limited with scarcity proven within the smart contract.

Each toy is backed by a non-fungible token meaning that no 2 Kaiju are the same.

Each has a unique name, description and custom traits, some of which are rarer than others.

Smart Lotto - New Year's Lottery. Each 10th ticket is a winning ticket! Nobody will lose! Play and win!

SmartLotto is a prize drawing based on the Ethereum smart contract. The blockchain network determines the winning tickets randomly.

* 1 ticket is jackpot winning ticket and get 10% of the contract balance

* 5 tickets are first prize winnings tickets and get 5% of the contract balance

* 10% of all tickets are second prize winners and get 35% of the contract balance

* all other tickets receive 50% refund of the ticket price

pixEOS Paint

pixEOS Paint is a digital collaborative canvas on the EOS blockchain that pays you whenever other artists paint over your pixels. Integrated with an innovative staking system that distributes a percentage of overall platform volume to participants, pixEOS Paint is packed with ways for players to reap rewards. Every finished canvas becomes a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) that is immortalized on the EOS blockchain, and sold to the highest bidder in the pixEOS Auction House. Join the EOS community on the pixEOS Paint canvas, earn PIXEOS Tokens for creating something awesome, and then stake them to earn amazing rewards today!

Steem Nova

SteemNova is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser.

Go Pony

GoPony is a new concept of blockchain based game, having both characteristics of collectible and racing developed by B. Collectible assets are on the Ethereum Network using ERC-721.

Digital ponies created by genetic combination method. Ponies with various looks and abilities can be collected through breeding. Each pony is unique and 100% belongs to the owner. Users can include their ponies in racing with rewards ETH the winner.

GoPony is a game based on Blockchain.

* Collect: ponies with various look and ability. You can have your owned pony which is not be destroyed or deprived of.

* Breed: each pony has intrinsic genes. If Market doesn't have ponies you want, you can breed your pony itself or with other. You only can have rare 5 pony by breeding.

* Race: collected ponies can participate in the race and gain rewards and reward can be exchanged with ETH.

* Trade, Ponies can be traded between users.

Sand Hero

Sand hero is an EOS mmorpg games that let you play for free and hero can attack, rebirth, craft, merge item, level up hero and item, buy and sell mat, buy and sell item, buy pet, send pet to expedition, fight boss and more!

Rich Cat

RichCat is a blockchain monopoly game. Similar to Monopoly game, users can buy a house at the lowest price at the beginning, and collect rent from others. Each house has a unique genome that defines its appearance, price and rent. The winner will be the one who owned the most number of house.

Crypto Cities

Every town, village and city on Earth needs to be discovered. You can collect them, play with them, or trade them for a profit. Conquer territory and earn gold. Build your empire in this constantly evolving game.

Crypto Care

Our platform donates ether to high-impact causes when users adopt adorable crypto-collectibles. We have partnered with nine philanthropic organizations (EFF, GiveDirectly, and Heifer Intl,, WildMe, Rainforest Foundation US, GRACEaid, Fight for the Future, Freedom of the Press Foundation) to provide unique and crypto-collectibles that represent your in-kind donation. We do not require credit cards, email addresses or passwords to participate, making the experience completely secure and as private as you prefer. Both your collectibles and proof of your good deeds live on the Ethereum network and the InterPlanetary File System in perpetuity.

We are building an experience that encourages more people to perform altruistic deeds on a small to large scale. We hope to raise awareness of impact-driven and technologically-forward organizations, increase the exchange of Ether on decentralized applications, and strengthen Ethereum’s social impact community.

EOS Bluff

EOSBluff is first of its kind peer-to-peer EOS gaming platform. Here you don't just play with the house but you can also play with your friends.

à table !

à table! (Dinner’s ready! in English) is an exploration game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The gameplay is set in a fun and whimsical food world that can be explored by lovable and tiny creatures called «Yummies». Their body parts are made of different kind of food and food-related items.

Yummies are ERC-721 tokens published by BitCrystals, EverdreamSoft’s blockchain publishing branch. They will be sold for Ether (ETH).

Crypto Flip Cars

CryptoFlip Cars cards are unique trading cards on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can own them and trade them for a profit. All players will be able to participate in dividends. Each card will have advertsing space on it, which the owner will receive revenues from. Future features will be the ability to challenge other cars to a race. You will be able to bid as much as you like up to and including the ownership of your car.


Build your Army: Teleport Knights to the battlefield and hunt Dragons for profit.

Train your Dragon: The more you survive the more Skill & XP Tokens you earn.

Win Ethereum: Outmaneuver other players by developing a winning strategy to earn ETH that can be cashed out at anytime to your Ethereum Wallet

Control your destiny: Dragon King is attached to the NEVERDIE Ecosystem meaning you can use your NDC and TPT to tip the scales in your favor.


HODL St. is a game centered around buying, building, and trading real estate in an online city built on blockchain technology. Real estate is very limited but once bought it’s 100% owned by you, the city will never expand and your development will be unique!

The HODL St. marketplace facilitates ownership exchange of land and property, it runs on the Ethereum network and remains secure through smart contracts.

We know that gamification has to be fun, attractive and easy to access. HODL St. wants to bring playfulness and colour to an industry that usually proves to be dreary and tiresome. At launch.

HODL St. will be an open-ended land map ready for founders to secure their very own piece of valuable estate. As the project develops founders will be able to choose their own path on how to manage their investment. HODL St. is structured on four key gaming territories: BUY, BUILD, SELL, SHARE

The HODL Community

Team HODL presents an ethereum based ecosystem, including an exchange where you can buy, sell and transfer THC tokens. Additionally lending is available for staking with 1.337% daily. We also have a nice card game called Rise of Nations where you flip cards and earn ether.

Crypto Minerals

Registered users are able to buy ORE which could be extracted within their profile page to a random rough mineral based on 10 categories of real world observations. This rough mineral is capable to be polished and transform to an exclusive digital gem. The generated mineral uniqueness is based on real world attributes. The CryptoMinerals marketplace allows users to trade minerals with a static snapshot preview available to view. Owning a mineral provides access to a fully rotational 3D imagery of their minerals!

Creasure Quest

CreasureQuest is a virtual Treasure Hunt based on historically real lost treasures with real prizes utilizing CRQ Tokens and collectibles on the Blockchain.

Crypto Spin

Ever been frustrated with slow betting experience on ethereum?

Ever wish to have proper crypto-gaming with smooth graphics?

Gotta a few moments to spare on casual games on a ridiculous theme?

CryptoSpin is now in available on the Ethereum mainnet. Unlike other slot games using cryptocurrencies, CryptoSpin delivers to you a smooth and unified spinning experience by employing HTML5 canvas and cutting edge graphics acceleration technologies.


Dragons have come to the blockchain! Now you can collect cool Everdragons and let them play and compete with others! Play with your Everdragons on your favorite chain... or let them travel from chain to chain.

Let your Everdragons compete in the dragon games where they can bring home prizes and achievements for you. The more experience your Everdragon gains, the more valuable it becomes as it gains access to higher level games. When your Everdragons win, they also earn Prestige points. Prestige can increase the value of your Everdragon and can be used to host your own games.

Everdragons are all 100% unique in appearance. Your Everdragon awaits! Come pick out the Everdragon that’s just right for you today.

Orbiter 8

It is the year 2140, just a little more than a century after humans began off-world colonization, and civilization has spread to encompass the whole of the solar system.

In just the last few decades, we’ve seen rapid improvements in Obiter technology, drastically reducing travel times between planets. This technology recently crossed a whole new threshold with the successful interstellar test of the Orbiter 8 spacecraft. We are no longer confined to our solar system, the whole of the galaxy now awaits our arrival. The first line of interstellar Orbiters are being assembled right now and will be on sale soon.

Liberta Galactica!


Game story: Late 2019, Readyplayer Inc – a reputed Blockchain Company – successfully discovers a Crypto-world. They name it ‘Nagemon’, where crypto-assets can be found and traded. AI bots are in charge of keeping ‘Nagemon’ safe and sound.One day, with a desire to rule the whole ‘Nagemon’, AI bots step forward to claim their whole and complete authority.As a consequence, AI bots turn ‘Nagemon’ from a peaceful decentralized world to a chaos centralized one, where they can abuse their power, and seize all the resources. Will it ever be a peaceful place again?That idea urges Cyclops and Odin to show up with an expectation to stop AI bots, and to regain the peaceful decentralized state of ‘Nagemon’.Is it possible for them to complete their quest? Their faith is in your hands now!

Fishing Master

Fishing Master is easy to play. The joy of fishing with extra rewards. Get up to 48 fish at once!

Crypto Crystal

Players can enjoy mining, collecting, and trading mysterious living minerals that live inside the blockchain.

CryptoCrystal has no management operator apart from the smart contract.

This is a game with no centralized management system. Every rule is publicly defined and processed by the smart contract.

100 Types of cuddly Crystals are waiting for you.


Magnetic is a predictive quiz social game, which is a service to receive rewards if predictions are made through O/X on questions.

The game is simple. It consists of O/X answer to the forecasting questions every challenge, a system that compensates for tokens if predictions are correct or confiscates if they are wrong.

Ether Quest

Ether Quest is a fantasy RPG powered by the blockchain.

Mighty Warriors form multiple worlds clash in a struggle for supremacy.

Become a Warlord! Collect, train and trade unique digital fighters.

A 4X strategy game in 3D similar to the popular Civilization series, where you can acquire territory, gather resources, research technologies, build your empire and do battle with other players on a large world. Decent graphics card required.

Battle Trivia

Are you tired of crypto gambling?

Join Battle Trivia! Solve Quiz and win the battle prize! Battle Trivia is free, live, on-chain quiz show where you can win prizes in various tokens. Battle Trivia introduces new projects or events to the community. Users solve quiz and get rewarded if they get all of them right.

Stake Them ALL

Introducing “STAKE THEM ALL” a fun and rewarding Physics Game on the Ethereum and Tron(TRX) blockchain powered by the HDX20 Token.

“STAKE THEM ALL” is instantly playable on your desktop browser @ (Ethereum Edition) and (Tron(TRX) Edition)

Come and play something fun, enough of gambling and boring Dice game, show the world that you have the eye of the tiger, fingers made of steel and skills to collect Ethereum and Tron(TRX) Prizes.

About “STAKE THEM ALL”: The game is a physics game with 2 game modes, Challenge mode, and Builder Mode.

How to Play:

CHALLENGE MODE: Set the difficulty of your CHALLENGE by choosing how many cubes you want to stack on top of each other and get rewarded on success.


The world’s first VR game based on the EOS blockchain.

King of Eth

Imagine your favorite board game. Now imagine playing that board game with thousands of players for decades.

Welcome to King of Eth. Throughout the game, the players of King of Eth vie for the best spots of territory on the board in order to gain prestige in the Kingdom of Eth. In this rather primitive world, prestige is marked by the titles that each player has claimed.

In general the players of King of Eth are just plebs, constantly working towards one of the three titles in the Kingdom.

A very special pleb may earn the title of King. This pleb must claim the throne from the previous King by proving himself more worthy, and worth  is determined by the amount of land that a pleb holds. If at any time a pleb has more houses than the current King they may claim the throne and become the King themselves.

The Wayfarer is the pleb in King of Eth who holds the most roads. And finally Parliament is the set of players with the most resources.

Crypto Wars

An epic decentralized civilization is rising. Build and customize your village, form alliances, summon an army and go to war with your enemies to take control of all realms.

CryptoWars is the first strategy game to fully run on smart contracts, everything you obtained in-game, is really yours on the Ethereum blockchain. In the marketplace you will find GEN-0 skins to make your characters look awesome. You’ll also find starter packs to boost your gaming experience! All assets are ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so you have true ownership over them.


Etherbots is a game where you collect, build, trade and battle fully customisable robots on the Ethereum platform.

There are over two million possible robots, and each one is immutably owned by you thanks to the blockchain/Lord Vitalik.

Castle Buidl

Castle Buidl is an Ethereum based construction game. You can create digital castles from scratch by using many different digital pieces (ERC721).

EtherDragons Arena

EtherDragons Arena is a turn-based blockchain fighting. Gamers raise and upskill their dragons, communicate and fight at battle arena together betting ETH on combat outcomes. The story Dragons are an essential part of the history of humanity. In many legends and fantasy worlds, Dragon is one of the most powerful and invulnerable creatures. It represents the unique combination of strength and wisdom. He’s a master of rare opportunities (special forces) and the desire to store up wealth. Every Dragon sets heart on fitting up his Lair and accumulates untold treasures. Protect the Treasury from encroachments of rivals and multiply his wealth by ruining the Vaults of the Enemies. Each Dragon follows this Goal through the centuries and the hundreds of battles. Player's Goal is to grow and perfect his Dragon, collect maximum wealth and become the Legend of the Dragons.

0xowns art

Visitors to can check the work’s current market value, purchase it, and set a resale price. When that price is matched by another user, ownership is transferred and the seller’s ETH account is credited. No tokens or digital assets are exchanged or granted: ownership is reflected simply by recording the transaction in the Ethereum blockchain.


"Freaking Awesome Blockchain Games" - several offchain multiplayer games made with unity for web and mobile in one blockchain ecosystem. Currently we have a brief roadmap (preparing an extended one based on community feedback), a presale running and a demo of one game "bitcoin bank robbery" for android (you can play online - its a little bit like stylized payday). The web version of BBR is coming in a few days. Another game featured on the website (not yet available to the public) has a working title "cubg" and it's a battle royale with fortnite style fortification system coming in an update. We have around 7 wip mvps mostly centered around realtime multiplayer battles. We currently presell 60 masks/hats and 40 pieces of land plus erc20 packs. All erc721 from presale will go to a rising price marketplace (cryptocountries style) in next update. The plan is to see how the community reacts to the project and release all other parts of the current roadmap.


Snip3d is a free for all 'shooter', you can buy a soldier and a bullet for 0.1 eth. each soldier that dies gives dividends to the surviving soldiers. you can chose to shoot randomly or target someone. There is a small waiting time before you can shoot.

Fish Hunter

Collect and hunt fishes and compete with other players!


Cryptogs is a cryptographically backed version of the game of pogs (milk caps). It extends the ERC-721 token standard from just collecting and trading to risking tokens using on-chain random game mechanics. Play pogs against people from around the decentralized world.

You can win or lose tokens depending on your luck and it's all on the blockchain.

Ether Goo

Earn eth by playing a competitive idle game!

Powered by Goo: the only stealable ERC20 Token.

Fun gameplay, secured in a transparent smart contract.


Etherman is a Html5 multiplayer Browsergame. The gameconcept is based on the classic bomberman game. Etherman is connected with an ethereum smart contract and enables playing with stakes (ether) and earning shares of other players while beeing the best player.


A CryptoGift is an ERC721 Collectible or NFT Token to store a message into the Ethereum Blockchain. Send Ethereum to a friend for birthday, or send a love message. Encrypt and make it eternal.

Choose your and your receiver name, write an awesome message, decide how many ETH do you want to Gift (also zero) and sign your CryptoGift using MetaMask. Copy and share CryptoGift link and encryption key with your receiver. Only who hold the key can decrypt your message.


The CryptoArte collection tells the Ethereum blockchain history through colorful and meaningful paintings. Each painting represents a given time period (576 consecutive blocks).

* ERC721: non-fungible token smart contract brings trustless ownership verification & transfers.

* Dapp: Painting token owners can download their corresponding digital images (7,680 by 4,320 pixles) free of charge.

* Ready to hang: Painting owners can also order signed and framed, high-quality 18x12in prints.

Jan Pon War

The core strategy of the game is the “scissors paper rock”, which is a strategy game.Cards among players in the PK, following the scissors win the paper, paper win the rock, rock win the scissors, players in the initial game with three cards, three medals, win a game to get a medal, lose a game lose a medal, a draw nothing happen, each PK game consumes a card until the card is exhausted.

If the number of medals is greater than 4, the player enters the winner, otherwise he is the negative player; the player who has 6 medals can sell one to other players at a price defined by the player himself; if the total number of medals is greater than 4, the loser will also enter the winner.


CryptoEstate is a Blockchain based collection project that you can buy and sell plots in the digital world. In this platform, people can take virtual places on the World map and sell them.

Rock Paper Scissors EOS

Multiplayer game on EOS blockchain, earn crypto when you win in the game, and receive reward tokens.


CryptoToons are digital art collectibles.

We started CryptoToons to tell people in a fun way more about crypto and the blockchain. Our toons are entertainment and we call it the enterTOONment! When we look at nature, animals and daily human life we can’t stop laughing and creating. So much entertoonment around us!


KittieFIGHT - Cryptokitties Collectible Real- time Dapp Fighting Game.

Fight your collectible CryptoKitties win tokens & ETH then buy more cute furry #cryptokitties NFT in the real- time dapp fighting game.


CryptoEmojis is a game that allows you to own and trade your favorite emojis on the Blockchain with total control of the price.

Token Tycoon: Lucky Wheel

From the developers of Ether Online, we present to you Token Tycoon: the first blockchain tycoon simulation game where you have to strategize everything from hiring the right talent to finding the perfect location. Increase your market value and become the wealthiest tycoon of all.


Collect, buy and sell avatars of your favorite video game characters. Just like when you were a kid and had all the video gaming consoles, not virtualise your consoles and favorite vintage heroes.

CryptoBots: Idle

CryptoBots: Idle — is a new project of Playneta, the company that created one of the most popular blockchain games — CryptoBots.

State Of War

State Of War is a complete stand alone game developed on the Unity Platform with Blockchain item integration. You do not need to pay fee’s to play.

Persistent faction server changes will be made via the community voting on how they want their faction to grow. Different strategies are encouraged.

State Of War uses Mirror for its high level networking and Telepathy for its low level networking. With Mirror, the Server & Client are ONE project and share 95% of the code. (hence the name “Mirror”). Thanks to Mirror, State Of War requires less than 10k lines of code while still scaling to 500-1000 CCU easily.


Become a space pioneer: explore Callisto and find precious mineral to win ETH!

Depending on your discoveries, you could decide to enhance your plots to accelerate the mining and buy new machines with ores, gems or ETH.

Wall Of Chain

WallOfChain is a collectible token on Ethereum Blockchain.

Become a part of the Blockchain hall of fame.

Collect a star and let it shine. It will hang on our wall luminescent, bright and strong – there is your name on it.

When an user acquire a star, it is uniquely owned by the purchaser.


HDX20 tokens can be bought & sold on our exchange and are distributed every time someone is playing a HDX20 POWERED GAME.

With 4% IN and 4% OUT fee only, price of the HDX20 can only go up by design, cannot be dumped on holders and is fueled by both the volume of transactions and HDX20 POWERED GAMES.

The 4 principles of the HDX20 are :

1 . Buy it, its price will increase.

2 . Sell it, its price will increase.

3 . Transfer it, its price will increase.

4 . Play our HDX20 powered games, its price will increase.

Our Blockchain SmartContract is the market and makes sure that the HDX20 Price never fall below its current selling price thus offering an unique CONTEXT where risk is known at all time and limited to the IN and OUT fees only.

We have designed a vault where your HDX20 value while still indexed on the Ethereum Price will appreciate automatically over time.


Earn money by playing your favorite games!

With our platform we give every gamer the chance to get a proper monetary reward for their gaming skill in any supported game on our platform.

Our platform is based upon a two-token system:

Energy (ENG) is the lifeblood of the platform and can be mined on our platform using either the in-browser or offline mining functionality.

Bluedots (BD) is our Ether-backed store-of-value token.

The ratio of exchange is 1:1000 (BD/ENG) -- for one BD, you get 1000 ENG.

Ether can be exchanged for BD and vice versa at a 1:1 ratio.

In order to participate in a competition on our platform, you need to stake a certain amount of the ENG token.

Then, all you need to do is start gaming and, at the end of the competition, the total stake amount of all players will be converted into the currency BD and distributed according to their in-game performance.

So, the better you play, the more BD you will receive in return!

Supported Games: Fortnite (more to follow)

Astro Ledger

Look up at the night sky. Almost none of the stars you see have names. Our mission is to allow people like you to choose meaningful names for those stars, in the coolest way possible. That’s why we created the Astro Ledger trading cards. When you start collecting and naming stars on the Astro Ledger blockchain, you are joining a community passionate about opening up the galaxy to sky-gazers and future space-travelers. And besides, it’s fun!

Pick Flix

PickFlix is a new strategic game where you play the role of a Movie Producer. You pick movies, compete against other players, earn Ether.

Through research and preference, players select the movie(s) they believe will do the best at the box office in relation to other competing movies. This game combines the entertainment value of the movies, with the emerging blockchain technology, to enhance the everyday experience of going to the movies.

UPDATE: April 2019: PickFlix is in BETA on the Rinkeby Test Network. Try it out and see what it's all about!

EOS Planet

EOS Planet is a project aiming to test the boundaries of new generation blockchains. The first of its kind, EOS Planet, is a virtual, persistent on the blockchain, planet.

Fun Fish

Funfish is a game in which players can purchase fingerling and feed it with EOS. There are totally 20 different species of fish, each generating corresponding hashrate. Players could use two lower grade fishes to get a higher grade of fish. The hashrate generated by the new fish is higher than the sum of those two's. Players have the right to share 70% of the total revenue (top-up of EOS) of Funfish according to the percentage of their hashrate.

Ether Rangers

Choose your first spaceship and explore new planets, pass quests, unite into players groups, kill mobs, players and bosses, pimp your spaceship and pass a unique story line. Discover a lof of other galaxy systems and their galaxies. Destroy Acronts generals in dungeon galaxies, challenge their armies. Help out creatures in trouble. Create coalitions, special Rangers groups and collect much more epic spaceship items. Become a warrior, a mercenary, a trader, a mechanic or a pirate. Choose your destiny, don’t be afraid of facing it. Alliances forces undermined and you can destroy Acronts only. Unite under the flags of elite Rangers army and crush our common enemy. Become a hero, save our world.


peerguess is a free cryptocurrency price ticker application where you will also guess future prices to earn gems, learn about community tendencies and have access to the sophisticated data to improve your intuition.

Using GUESS tokens, our users will be able to get Gems for much less than its AppStore or Google Play prices. Also, we will be soon starting to distribute weekly free gems to our token holders.

Stay tuned to our website and our social media channels.

Unblock Me

Unblock Me is a simple puzzle game. The goal is to unblock the red car by moving the other cars. Try to unblock with minimum moves. First 10 levels are completely free.


EOSBOSS is a fully "community-autonomous" DApp game based on the EOS blockchain. Players can play our "red pocket solitaire" game, acquire EOS "red pockets" and earn BOSS token rewards (mining) for free.

We have a plenty of EOS red pockets for players to open for 24 hours. All the opening results can be verified after each round of the game through SHA-256 encryption algorithm to ensure absolute fairness.

Crypto Rancho

Game that allows the player to produce the goods himself and make a choice among several directions: a farmer, a trader or a fighter.

The spirit of competition will very quickly capture you, and market relations will increase interest for the production of more complex products.

Crypto Pets

CryptoPets is an up and coming blockchain-based video game where players train, trade, battle their digital creatures in virtual competitions. Power up your monstrous agents through in-game achievements from winning and tournaments and work with online allies to achieve cooperative achievements in this one-of-a-kind departure from traditional PVP turn-based battle games. In the near future, people are measured for cognitive performance within advanced digital reality simulations. They are transported across ultra-realistic realms where every move they make is a piece of data that is tracked, measured, and evaluated. The greatest performers are handpicked for unknown riches that lay beyond... Are you skillful enough to be among them?


The first game on EOSIO introduced Chinese tradition Hongbao(red envelope) and the derived red envelope grabbing game, easy to get started and brings you excitement. Play game, mine RED tokens, share game dividends. Daily login for getting sign-in reward everyday. More game functions are coming soon.

DG Monster

Just like the movie Ready Player One, we want to offer a digital place for players to escape the heavy burden of the reality.

In Digital Monster, other players and you will become a digital hero, battling against unique, epic digital monsters.

Crypto Dogz

Compete with other players to collect and own the top unique dog breed smart contracts and grow your dogs empire.

Crypto Hamsters

CryptoHamsters is the first crypto game created in Brazil. Our tokens, called CryptoHamsters, was developed through smart contracts, on Blockchain's Ethereum platform. These Hamsters are unique and have varied characteristics, with DNA formed by 18 genes. Each gene is responsible for a characteristic such as skin color, ears, nose, body shape, tail and legs. Therefore, each Hamster is born carrying an unique genome!

Using our Trading platform you can buy, sell and play these little ones. It's really fun, try it!

Ether Wheels

EtherWheels is a game centered around collectible cars, bikes, trucks and many more vehicles that you can buy, sell and enter into races! Each vehicle in your garage is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

EtherWheels is built on blockchain technology. You can buy, sell, or trade your digital car like it was a traditional collectible, secure in the knowledge that blockchain will track ownership securely.

Enter your cryptovehicles into epic races! Every time they win a trophy will be added to their card, so that everybody can see how special they are.

You can use your cards to run against other players. Press the RACE NOW button and join the championship of your choice. You can run with several cars in the same championship to increase the probability of winning.

The race track is chosen randomly at the beginning of the championship. The car that best suits the track will win the race; it does not always win the vehicle with t

EOS Miner Bot

EOS Miner bot is a multi-faceted toolkit that allows the user to take control of their EOS based dice game mining experience. It was created by real EOS miners that saw a need to have better fine tuned control of their dice token mining.

Cryptons Game

An ecosystem to combine crypto-collectible platform and video games. It’s a vast, constantly evolving world with rich, expanding history and startling plotlines that guarantees players' engagement for years to come. CryptonsGame developed unique and innovative game mode that will allow players to use their self-created models as a heroes of upcoming video and mobile game.

Crypto Battlegrounds

Crypto Battlegrounds is the first 2D shooter in which players can win ETH from their oponents. Each round costs 0.005ETH to join and fits up to 25 players. The last 3 survivors are given the pot through a smart contract.

Eth Monsters

EthMonsters is a website where you can buy monsters which will lay eggs, Eggs will be hatched to be monsters too!

You can buy and sell hatched monsters in the Market to another players.

Hatched eggs can be used in Battles against other players to win experience points and eth!

Star Cards

Star Cards is a celebrity cryptocollectible trading platform. Collect and trade one-of-a-kind digital trading cards of real-life celebrities from all corners of the entertainment industry. Every Star Card is unique and permanently ownable on the blockchain forever!

Crypto Soccr

Be part of the game blockchain and start collecting unique individual soccer player Smart Contracts

Are you a soccer fan? Have you ever thought of starting collecting individual players’ smart contracts? You can start owning your favourite players today! We’ve got you covered!

CryptoSoccr runs on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Just like each individual coin, each soccer player is linked to one, and only one, Ethereum Smart Contract on the blockchain.

SuperWorld AR Real Estate

Purchase unique ERC721 AR Real Estate Tokens based off of real world polygons of longitude and latitude.

Each plot is approximately 100 meter in each direction (a rectangle) and will vary depending on its distance from the equator.

Part of the purchases will go towards funding the community of AR content creators and AR game developers.

Resell later for an asking price.

Or keep and receive ERC20 SUPERWORLD coins for future AR ad on our decentralized AR ad marketplace.


Relentless is a strategic, adrenaline-pumping, loot-filled, trading card game that runs 100% on the blockchain.

What does that mean? It means you truly own your cards forever, and you can trade them with other players on a massive P2P Marketplace — just like you could with physical trading cards.

And you can use these same cards in dozens of user-created custom game modes and tournaments — for the first time ever bringing the customizability of physical trading card games into the digital realm.

Save Rasheed

The world of Dapps just entered the real world. For the first time ever, players can receive an NFT by visiting locations in the world.

Save Rasheed from the aliens, earn a rare token.

Crypto Takeovers

Enjoyed Risk or Civilization? You will love Crypto Takeovers!

This is the first strategy game where you use your obsessions about the real world to reign supreme. Acquire cities and countries strategically, and decimate your enemies when your predictions about the world come true.

It's a dramatically new model, leveraging the blockchain to create full transparency and ownership,

Built by our team of hardcore engineers and serial entrepreneurs who've built products used by over 100M users.

Crypto Gems

CryptoGems brings the joy of mining in an addicting game. Everyone can get a miner and start mining. The more miners you have, the more CryptoGems you generate. As simple as that!


Gizer is a mobile eSports platform and social marketplace that bridges the gap between the entire gaming community - Gamers, Hosts, Freelance Services, Businesses and Venues. Gizer provides opportunity to each party by connecting them through the various social interactions, events, services, and products on the Gizer platform.


Publica is the first platform for publishing on the Blockchain.

We turn books in cryptocurrency. A book becomes an indivisible token, cryptographically protected. You can send it to a friend, sell it, trade it - true digital ownership!

This token has a unique feature. Once it’s in your Publica wallet, you can also read it. That’s right, read your tokens! Publica’s wallet is coupled with an ereader and the tokens serve as the access keys to literary works.

Buy books online with MetaMask!

Ethernal Cup

Own your favourite Crypto National Team, and win The Ethernal Cup

Hit The Crypto

Hit the Crypto is awesome post-apocalypse epic with a sadistic sauce. It’s a team combat ring with a hell of dark jokes and easy game control. Survive the blood arena of devastation, outpace all the fuckupers and get access to bitcoin billionaires’ island. It won’t be easy. You’ll have to kick enemy asses, earn trophies, complete daily tasks - a source of ingame currency needed to buy various stuff: weapons, armor and skins. The round duration is based on the number of players, from 3-5 minutes for two players to 30-40 minutes for ten players. The shortest round still gives players opportunity to worthily improve the skills and thicken the wallets. The devs ain’t greedy - no restrictions on withdrawal. The more you fight, the more you earn.

Ludos Protocol

Ludos Protocol is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community. As only the third blockchain project to be backed by Japanese investment giant Softbank, Ludos addresses numerous shortcomings in the existing gaming landscape. Its main chain + multi-sidechain architecture allows games to run entirely on their own blockchain, preventing scalability issues that have plagued previous blockchain-based games. Additionally, the Protocol seeks to create a gamer-friendly ecosystem whereby game developers and gamers can come together to easily crowdfund and build on the platform. The use of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) within the ecosystem will allow gamers to swap assets in one game for assets in another. Finally, through their partnership with FullPay Japan, Ludos will give gamers the chance to use LUD tokens that are earned in-game to shop and buy at a range of retail stores in Japan and later the world.

Pump Dump Wars

The game will choose the opponent according to your hero’s level. To participate in a battle, a hero must have a fully recovered life. A battle has rounds. One round lasts for one minute. During the round, all players must attack their opponents. In case somebody is not attacking, he receives damage without using his protection, without causing any damage to the opponent. The battle ends when at least one hero runs out of life. If none of the players managed to attack during one round, the fight ends in a draw.

Bit Ponies

Cryptocollectible Ponies With A Little Extra Kick! BitPonies are dynamic cryptocollectibles, stored on the blockchain as unique individual codes. With different coats, manes, tails and other traits, there’s plenty to choose from when crafting your stable of winning BitPonies.

A Marketplace Full of Opportunity. Whether you’re looking to pick up a brand new BitPony or in the mood to put one of yours up for sale, our Marketplace offers a safe and unique way fo players to grow their stables. BitPonies are also available for gifting, which is the perfect way to bring friends into the game.

Sire and Breed New BitPonies for the Best of Both Worlds. Does one of your BitPonies have a special quality that you think might look good in combination with another? Breeding your BitPonies with one another, or with a BitPony available for siring in our Marketplace, will help you craft exactly what you need to prepare for our first big upcoming feature…

Coming Soon: Race against other players!


Cryptogol is a penalty game, where the strategy you choose is the key to win. You can select where to shoot and where to jump to avoid goals from your opponent, after each match the amount you decided at the beginning will be deliver to the winner.


Pipot is a crypto price predicted game base on Ethereum Blockchain that gives players the chance to win an extremely large jackpot prize, truly fair and transparent. Every player will predict the price of the cryptocurrency at the end of the specified time and then use ETH to buy predicted ticket. Ticket prices will increase gradually over time as close to the end of specified time, as tickets are entered into smart contracts as prizes. And when the countdown timer is over, the smart contract will automatically divide the prize to all the players that have been accurately predicted.

Myth Wars

Myth Wars is a game inspired by mythology, built with the blockchain, and crafted by artists. We combine the emerging force of blockchain technology with magical artwork to bring Gods from cultures worldwide to life. Join us now as we unleash the Gods!

Drug Wars

DrugWars is a free to play massively multiplayer strategy and simulation game based on Steem blockchain where people can get rewarded, with Steem currency. This game sucks. Don't play it.


It is a two player game where each player is asked to bet some amount to play the game.

Based on X and Y, Smart contract would generate a Reward Matrix, on which game will be played.

Player will have to choose either to SPLIT or STEAL the reward

Crypto Beasties

In CryptoBeasties, you collect and upgrade cards, and then pit teams of three cards against opponents’ teams in arena battles. Along the way you earn loot and skill points, and use those points to improve your cards.

Each card represents a creature, or “Beastie” (though some of these Beasties are humans). Information about each creature, including its ownership and all its enhancements, is encoded and stored on the blockchain.

Play CryptoBeasties and:

Develop your Beasties, adding skill points and powers

Form strategic squads of 3 Beasties

Battle other players and AIso Fully own your Beasties and sell them if you want

Crypto Fights

Turn based decentralised RPG fight system, where victory is rewarding and defeat punishing To enter the arena you must first create a new hero to take into battle. Here you will choose your hero race, gender, and looks. You will then be able to allocate attribute points to Strength, Agility, and Vitality. Each race has its own special traits to give you advantages or disadvantages in the battle arena.

Equip your hero in the armory to gain special traits and power ups.

Learn more on our website.

Block, Paper, Scissors

Play rock, paper, scissors on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are rewarded with ERC-20 tokens when they win and tie.

Mini Wager

Win ether playing games.

Wish Stellar

New York night sky theme art board where you can use tools to create and add stars onto the night sky. Create constellations and leave messages on your stars which are stored there forever.

Snail Farm 2

SnailFarm 2 pits you against other players in a race to become the Snailmaster.

Buy and sell eggs and acorns for ether, grow your snail nest, capture the elusive spiderqueen, the squirrelduke or the tadpole prince to raise your hatch size.

Claiming the Snailmaster title gives you fame, glory, the envy of every forest creature, and a jackpot in ether. Will you be the fastest Snail Farmer?


Etherplay is a skill game platform where players compete for highscores while playing fun games. Similar to arcade machines, players pay a small price to enjoy some fun time. There is no need to create an account. This is "Pay and Play" at its simplest. And if your score is among the top you get rewarded!

World War Goo






Crypto Cup

CryptoCup allows users to trade tokens representing teams in the 2018 World Cup. During the knockout stages, the owner of the team's Smart Contract token will receive ETH payouts as their team progress through each round.

As players trade teams on CryptoCup, a percentage of each sale is reserved for the prize fund which is always visible. This prize fund will continue to grow throughout the tournament and prizes will be paid out as teams progress through the knockout stages of the tournament

Crypto Bots

CryptoBots is a blockchain-based game to find out whose bot army is the best!

Banano Quest

The AR treasure hunt on steroids! Use augmented reality to find Bananos. Banano Tokens can be hidden and found by anyone. Find quests around your city and solve the clues to find the Banano. Each quest is different, some even have real Ethereum bounties.

Want to build an app like this? We left it open source just for you. Find out how by going to out Github, linked on our website.

Bunny is game

Nowadays, many crypto games have been developed: Crypto Kitties, Crypto Monsters, etc. Every such game have it`s minuses and pluses over the other games.

Just for fun, we are decided to release our own crypto game about Crypto Rabbits! In our crypto game, we`ve done, that it's possible to have your own Crypto Rabbit for free!

Your Crypto Rabbit can be sold, sended as a present for another user, crossed with another Crypto Rabbit. Also, you can change the gender of your Crypto

Rabbit for receiving reward when crossing with other Crypto Rabbits.

In the second part of the game, on which we are currently working on, the game`s main gameplay will be situated on visual game map.

Ether Snail Farm

A competitive idle game in which you raise Snails to lay eggs that can be traded seamlessly for ETH. Compared to the original Shrimpfarm which launched this trend, Snailfarm offers several new features restricting inflation and bots.

Bit Soccer

Manage your soccer team, train and trade players. Challenge people from all over the world and become the champion!

Hi Precious

Passion meets Value: our global team, headquartered in Paris, believes in legal, built-to-last crypto-collectibles (ERC721) that will increase their value through time.

Copyright compliance being our business touchstone, we're developing partnerships with museums, charities, brands and creators.

Ether Loot

Join other adventurers to slay the boss and gain LOOT! Employ strategy in choosing the right weapon for the right boss. The more damage you do, the better chance you have of winning an additional PRIME LOOT. Check the leaderboards to see where you stand. Each day a jackpot winner takes home the bounty!

Bit Painting

BitPainting allows art enthusiasts to collect and interact with iconic virtual artwork on the blockchain. Art lovers can acquire, create editions, sell, gift and explore works from renowned artists. Members can assemble unique collections and browse the artwork amassed by our community.

Our specialized smART™ contracts allow owners of artworks to create Editions of those works, enabling a form of limited, decentralized supply as well as profit opportunities.


Designed to break the market monopoly, Ultra is the next-generation games distribution platform, offering new solutions to both developers and players.

Ultra has a blockchain foundation empowered by our staged software download technology, that has reliably served more than 100 million downloads around the world.

Our blockchain-based functionalities allow for innovative business customizations and offer a whole new set of opportunities bound to become the developers’ gold standard.

Rent Control

A new strategy game where players buy property levels and collect rent when other properties are bought. Every time a property is bought it's price automatically increases by 10%. When a level you own is bought you collect 50% of the gain from the sale. 30% of the gain is distributed as rent to the other players. Each property has a different rent rate depending on it's level. Level 1 is the best with a 10% rent rate. You can also collect referral bonuses through your masternode.


Unique and sensual collectible trading cards.

Unicorn Go

UnicornGO is a cryptocollection game featuring advanced graphics and elements of full-scale gameplay. It also supports geolocation assets and augmented reality.

The game is based on Ethereum and Universa and has its own currency — CANDYCOIN


Group Bitcoins, Ether, Monero, Ripple and Neo coins together to pop them.

Blast your way through to the moon. One day we will popstar too.

The more coins you manage to group together, the more points you get. You will earn "Pump It", "Lambo" and "To the Moon" badges depending on how many coins you blast.

The fewer the coins you end up having when you reach the end of each stage, the higher the bonus we give you.

Fantasy Football Fund

Buy and sell player shares

Build your fantasy player portfolio on the first Blockchain powered football trading game. Earn crypto daily based on player performance.


The Code of Crypko can be Retrieved from Blockchain. Deep Neural Network Consumes the Code and Generates a Crypko Card.

Eth Plot

Eth Plot was inspired by Reddit’s famous r/place April Fool’s joke and by the million dollar homepage. It allows you to buy “plots” of digital space on a grid. In the plot you purchase, you can place an image and a link to a website of your choosing. You can also resell your plots at any given time.


Welcome to the game built for both active players and lazy cats! In this cryptower, you can enjoy steady income by simply purchasing Fortune Contracts, or win aggressive bonus in Tower. Hundreds of heroes can be challenged and amazing prizes to be won! Find your own investment strategy, play in your own style.

Monster Bit

Collect and breed cute monsters.

Ether Life Online

EtherLife Online - Decentralized Strategy Game | Spread&Defend Your Land! Dominate enemies & win pool prize.

Bullish - The Game

Ether Bulls Farm is a bulls farming simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more bulls you have, the more values they lay (each bulls lays at a rate of 1 per day). Hatch more bulls with your values to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!

Geo Eth

GeoEth is a competitive geo guessing game powered by Ethereum. The game pits two people against each other in a match of wits and geographic knowledge.

Each game is quick, lasting only 60 seconds, and the winner is rewarded the other player's deposit. Put your knowledge to the test and challenge your friends today in this innovative and addictive dApp.

Ether Galaxies

Invade mysterious planets in the infinite cosmos of EtherGalaxies. Keep your eyes peeled for the space villain “Handa Bandita” who is currently in hiding after his latest Ethereum heist. 💰 This pesky villain will take his share of any invasion that happens in EtherGalaxies. If you succeed in capturing him you’ll earn his massive bounty as a reward!

Invade planets and win massive ETH bounties while doing so!


Multiplayer online real time economic strategy

Desert Dash

Desert Dash is a multiplayer board game similar to the classic chutes and ladders. Players race from one end to another, landing on spaces that send them back or shoot them forwards. The first person to the end, wins!


Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

Eth Grid

ETHGrid is an interactive game that lets anyone buy and own grids as Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. As soon as you acquire a grid, you take ownership of that nation and it automatically increases in price.

Crypto Military

CryptoMilitary is about conquering the world by owning countries militaries while earning Ether along the way. Every nation's military is shown as a Smart Contract. Anyone can take ownership of a military by purchasing it with Ethereum. After you bought a military, the price of that military increases automatically.

Other players will be able to take over your military and you will be granted up to double the ETH you spent on it!


Licensed fully regulated, global esports betting brand

Pirate Conquest

The pirates will level up and increase their value everytime they are bought. The owner of all 9 pirates becomes the King of Pirates, and can earn 8% share from the market! Be careful, pirates can be bought by others at any time, for a higher price. Send your pirate to battle and raise the level and value to prevent them from being bought away by the others. Pirates cannot be bought once they are moored at Golden Island.

My Cryptons

MyCryptons are non-fungible ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. The dApp combines digital collectibles, political expression, social media interaction and games.

Each Crypton is beautifully represented by a unique hand-crafted image and is accompanied by a short edgy gagline which owners can personalize and share. Owners will profit from Cryptons going up in price and share in game revenue.

Cryptons represent game pieces in the Social Media 4.0 environment we are creating.

Crypto Canvas

CryptoCanvas allows you to create, trade and collect community generated artwork. For that we have developed a marketplace where new and existing paintings will be auctioned.

Every painter will receive a reward from each transaction based on their contribution to the drawing (amount of pixels placed).

Rewards for painters are:

- 96.1% of value after selling the artwork on an auction

- 6.1% every time the artwork is sold

Try Crypto Canvas, maybe you are The Blockchain Picasso!

Top Secret Crypto

Create and decode top secret crypto messages. Create a top secret crypto message and we will send you some free POA.

The Ether Button

An Ethereum-based version of Reddit's r/TheButton game. The button counts down from 20 blocks. You will be awarded an ERC-721 token flair when you click the button, but you may only do so once. Choose wisely...

Unicorns vs Dinosaurs

Unicorns vs Dinosaurs is a P2P (peer to peer) and PvP (player to player) game, built with smart contracts on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The concept of the game is to acquire unicorn or dinosaur characters to compete in challenges against other players. Each character has unique attributes, skills, element and appearance, which can give you the advantage in a challenge. Players can also breed characters to discover new beasts with different attributes.

Snake Farm Idle

Ether Snake Farm is the #1 snake farming simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more snake you have, the more eggs they lay (each snake lays at a rate of 1 per day). Hatch more snake with your eggs to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!

COPA 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Trading Cards. Collect your World Cup Stars and complete your COPA 2018 Book featuring over 900 unique Cards! Buy, sell or trade Cards in the COPA 2018 Market or just gift your Cards to anybody.


SFEOS is initially envisioned as being an ongoing, low graphics, highly immersive, turn based, science fiction MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) running on The EOS Platform. With SFEOS, the game’s economy is on center stage by tying together gameplay and player controlled cryptographic blockchain assets. We are loosely following in the traditions of the old BBS game Trade Wars. The players of SFEOS take on the role of starship captains in a futuristic, sometimes utopian, sometimes dystopian, universe. They are space pioneers who will mine resources to build fleets of generational colonizing starships. They will take up humanity’s quest to explore the unknown and create bastians of safety and prosperity for all. Oh, and some of them will become low life space pirates.


Solethium is a game focused on buying and collecting Solethium tokens (Solar system planets, their satellites and space stations)

All planets and the Sun are PARENT objects. When you own PARENT object, you will get a certain percentage from every sale of objects directly orbiting that PARENT object.

There are certain Solethium Objects with SPECIAL properties. Those are objects like Trade or Research Space Stations, or like satellites with bases on them. They can bring you even bigger profits!


Emont is an in-game currency for all games in the EMONT Alliance. It is an ERC-20 token and currently traded via Ethex and Raddarrelay. In Emont Frenzy game, you have a fish which loves collecting Emont. It can attack and kill smaller fish to get Emont. But do avoid bigger fish as they will eat you up!

Ether Pooh Farmer

Brought to you by the wonderful team at POOH, this game is about keeping your house from overflowing with poo, call the plumber before it is too late.

Cache the game

The cryptocurrency trading game based on the classic Drugwars.

Ether Strike

EtherStrike is a game of strategy in which players go head-to-head in planetary battle as they attempt to conquer the crypto-universe. Like many predecessors, planets are collectible tokens which may be bought or sold; however, unlike games before it, EtherStrike planets are functional war machines! Use them to attack, or harvest their resources and sell them on the marketplace for ETH! Will you Own the Universe?

Crypto And Dragons

Collect monsters and battle for dungeon ownerships.

The game is held in the one huge dungeon. It consists of the two types floors. One is the floor dominated by one player. The other is the floors undominated which are created every time a dungeon competition war finishes, and then another competition war will be held. After the competition war, you captured monsters and trained them up in the area.

our Place

On ourPlace you can change the color of a pixel on a public canvas for a small fee. This idea is a combination of the r/Place Reddit April Fools experiment in 2017, and the 'Million Dollar Homepage' conceived in 2005.

At ourPlace you can place one pixel per block, pick any Hex #RRGGBB color, and choose from one of the two canvases.

Crypto Anime

CryptoArt are unique digital artworks recorded on the blockchain that can be sold and traded like physical goods. Each artwork is stamped with the proof it came from the artist or creator and a record of who owns it. If you buy it, you will become the owner and will be able to sell the item. You will also have the option to list your name on the Studio or Creator’s official website and be officially recognised as a CryptoArt owner.

ITAM Games

Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

Little Rocket Battles

Little Rocket Battles by Reshape Labs aims to change the landscape of eSports and Games Of Skill with blockchain technology.

The Little Rocket Battles Platform will bring your favourite Games Of Skill onto the blockchain and allow users to wager against each other in online multiplayer arenas. The blockchain will revolutionise the mechanics and workings of gaming, enabling a level of transparency and security that has never previously been achieved.

Whole economic models can be gamified and incorporated into the function of the game using the security and trustlessness of the blockchain, specifically EOSIO. The underlying technology for the Little Rocket Battles Platform will be scaled and developed into a turnkey solution that any Game Of Skill will be able to leverage. Our comprehensive infrastructure will allow developers to plug their own games into the Platform’s wagering, leaderboards, ranking, match making, anti-cheat systems and cryptocurrency payment services.

Meerkat Mining

Meerkat mining is a gold mining strategy game on the ethereum network. Buy and sell land, mine for gold and collectibles, get paid in ETH. Individual prizes up to $50,000 equivalent value. Create a team of up to 10 players or play individually. Make the top leader board and play for $100,000 equivalent ETH value. Total prize pool of $1.8mil. Race against others and use the best strategies to come out on top.


Own and trade the Earth. Customize your land for everyone to see.

Reversi search as POW & visual asset market.

Total Game

Buy Teams as Smart Contracts using blockchain technology and all the teams you are ownning are recorded on the blockchain. Fight with your teams and earn ETH from each match. A decentralized prediction market is also being built on the ethereum blockchain. Once you own a team, you can have a fix percentage from the amount of ETH betting on each match it wins.

Ether Lambos

Etherlambos can be collected, traded, and tuned.

Etherlambo Tuning will translate into a modification of appearance, engine capacity, or driving behaviour.

All Etherlambos come in a limited edition.


The more Hipster you have, the more Beards they make.

Hatch more Hipster to multiply your production, or cash them out for ETH.

Crypto Against Humanity

Crypto Against Humanity is a never-ending game of Cards Against Humanity, where all participants compete to find the best matches. Players participate by buying into the white cards that match best with the black card in the current round. One black card is chosen at random for the round every 12 hours. Players can make money by selling a white card they bought into early, or by creating black cards that the community deems valuable!


Azarus is a groundbreaking new game challenge network that allows Gamers and Streamers to engage with each other in unprecedented ways. The core of the Azarus network is a 'smart-challenge' system that creates a new dynamic between and among Streamers and Gamers. As part of the pilot program, Azarus will allow a select number of Rainbow 6 Streamers, via a proprietary Twitch extension, to award tokens to Viewers who correctly answer real time questions about their streams.

Get creative, define your own rules and start challenging your friends on games you love.

Battle of Thermopylae

Competitors will be able to send on the battlefield the following tokens: Persian (PRS), Immortal Warriors (IMT), 300 ATH.

The troops on the battlefield are counted and the outcome of the battle is determined.

Winning faction will receive back 90% of his/her warriors. The remaining 10% are considered casualties, and they will be dead bodies on the battlefield. Each winning participant will also receive enemy warriors as slaves!

Gallery 6

Players buy paintings to put in their own "collections" in Gallery 6, some of the paintings will be stolen by a robber in random basis, the values of the stolen paintings will be distributed to those who "survived" from the robber. Players' gain money from selling the paintings when their values appreciated.

Realms of Ether

Realms of Ether is a strategy game, where you can own fortresses, build buildings, farm resources recrute troups and bid on other fortresses

Beether Pro

Game to create a network of referrals with substantial benefits
Game to create a network of referrals with substantial benefits

* Buy pollen to play. At least 3
* Transfers poles to other players
* Sell your winnings at any time.
* Paying taxes every week from unused pollen.
* We're in testing until the middle of the month. Then we will be on mainnet

Ether Bankster Farm

Ether Banker Farm is a bankster farming simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more banker you have, the more money they lay (each bankster lays at a rate of 1 per day). Hatch more bankster with your money to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum

Pepe Farm

A crypto idle game.

Either invest in Pepe Farmers or claim your 300 free Pepe Farmers. After that, Pepe Farmers harvest dank memes every second. Use your dank memes to hire more Pepe Farmers, increasing your production, or sell them for ETH.

Similar to EtherGoo and ShrimpFarm!

This Token Rocks!

Gameplay can be extremely simple as easy as just “joining” your favorite token team. This would be "voting" alike when you do that you add your "vote" which helps team overall in its ranking.

Advanced form of the game is an actual Gameplay which is based on multiple players who attack and defend attacks against one another. Defender always has advantage over the attacker and successful attack is only possible as result of team effort.

Spider Farm

A competitive idle game in which you hatch spiders to lay eggs that can be traded seamlessly for ETH. Compared to the original Shrimpfarm, which launched this trend, Spider Farm offers several new features restricting inflation by a large margin, fighting bots and boosting longevity as well as competitiveness.

Crypto Elements

Crypto Elements is a platform for collecting 100% unique and one of a kind digital chemical elements. Each of them is represented by only one ERC 721 token. It can not be destroyed or replicated, it is insured by logic behind Smart Contract deployed on Ethereum Blockchain.


Ether Pacifist is a peace maker simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more pacifist you have, the more peace they lay (each pacifist lays at a rate of 1 per day). Hatch more pacifist with your peace to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!

EOS Gems

Every EOS fan needs a gem. EOS Gems is an EOS-based DApp and blockchain game that EOS Asia will produce, allowing players to trade, fuse, and collect gems. Inspired by Cryptokitties, EOS Gems brings EOS to the masses. Players cultivate and showcase their gem collection, and can fusing gems to create new and unique shapes and effects. To bring the beauty and wonder of EOS Gems to life, the rendering engine and user interface will be custom-built with three.js. Following the launch of EOS Mainnet, we will airdrop EOS Gems to all EOS holders, including a number of rare and mysterious gem forms. Stay tuned!

Ether Stars

EtherStars is a distributed application that runs within the Ethereum network using a specially developed smart contract. The application allows users to create, buy, sell and gift stars in a virtual space.

Deus ETH

50 tokens wander through the post-apocalyptic desert and its terrifying web of deadly plagues. They want to find a better place for their future. No one knows who will die in the next episode. Every plot twist is determined by smart contracts.


Locus is a puzzle in chapters, spread out across the internet.

No serious cryptography or programming knowledge required to solve!

Squirrel Forest Idle

Ether Squirrel Farm is a squirrel farming simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more squirrel you have, the more nuts they lay (each squirrel lays at a rate of 1 per day). Hatch more squirrel with your nuts to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!

Crypto Santa

An emulation of the game "Secret Santa" played in real life.

Basically, you give a gift to a random stranger somewhere in the world and you get a gift from a random stranger.


Hegdely is an Ethereum smart contract based investment game with 10 symbol options to choose from.
At the start of each session, the system seeds the options with random values to stir the market.
When the session ends, all investors with Ether on the lowest symbol receive 8 times their stake!
The only think that affects the market is the actions of other players.

The Next Block

The Next Block is a blockchain game, where player predicts which miner will mine his transaction.

Player can place 1 bet per block. If a player predicts the correct miner, he earns 1 point. The game lasts till someone gets to 3 points, winner gets 70% of prize pool, 20% will be collected to the next prize pool.

Game Rules:
If player doesn’t predict the correct block miner, he will lose all points or if other player wins the prize pool all other players points reduce to 0.

Kitty Race

KittyRace is a realtime, multiplayer game that allows CryptoKitty owners to combine skill and chance, and race their kitties for a winner-take-all pot of Ether.

Cryptic Conjure

In Cryptic Conjure, to craft the most powerful spells, you need to use a Runic Altar. While some altars are controlled by us, most are player run, and players can set their fees as they see fit. Players can modify their altars with artifacts, imbuing special bonuses: one to fire spells, one to reduce mana costs, and so on. By obtaining rare artifacts and reading the market, a player can reap the rewards from an enthusiastic playerbase eager to achieve higher levels of power


Trustless peer-to-peer betting platform. No accounts needed, no private information required. Payouts guaranteed by the ethereum smart contracts.

Block Wars

Block Wars is a game where you strive to claim and control territory, competing with other players all over the world.

Crypto Cultures

A strategy game where everyone can raise their own tribes and fight against others. Harvest resources and use them to recrute your army with gods, troups and machines of different cultures! Each culture has his own strengths and weaknesses. Battle other tribes to earn gold and build your multicultural empire!

My Lucky Rabbit

Collect and feed block chain rabbits.
Join absolute fair match on the block chain.
Get BOM with great appreciation potential.

CH-Racing Saddles

Saddle extension - New features:

* Own your own crypto shop
* Exclusive saddle for your racehorse
* You want to be the fastest?
* You dream of owning a shop in Crypto World?
* You love Dutch auctions?
* The best fabrics the finest leather.
* Everything for the future of your horse.Everything for the win. Is there a better moment?

Pixo Arena

PixoArena is a Fighting Collectible game powered by Ethereum Blockchain

- Recruit powerful
- Equip them with awesome Artifacts
- Fight in the Arena and climb the ranks
- Win prizes paid in
- Trade Pixos and Artifacts in the Marketplace


You found this old treasure map, and are nowset out to dig.

Treasure found will be sent to your wallet right away. With every dig, more Ethereum is burried in the map. Only 2 Finney per dig.

Crypto Numismat

Bid-Game where one can buy, hold and collect their favourite notes to become a true Blockchain Numismat.

Crypto Cocktail Bar

What is a CryptoCocktailBar?
CryptoCocktailBar is a game centered around a hand selected list of the worlds best cocktails on the ethereum blockchain, which we call CryptoCocktails! Each cocktail is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

What's so new about CryptoCocktailBar?
CryptoCocktailBar is the worlds first cocktail bar to be built on blockchain technology.


Revolution1 has a built in whale account funded by the development team that cant sell or transfer tokens and can never receive dividends. The Whale dividends go directly to the other token holders. This whale holds 20,000 tokens and will continue to give out all of his dividends as long as there are players to take them.

1 ETH maximum purchase per transaction. 0% fees to transfer tokens.

Infect the World

Game to collect and spread diseases around the world


An ETHimal is a creature that lives on the Ethereum network. Randomly generated blockchain DNA makes for literally billions of unique creatures waiting to be created. They need to be fed and interacted with to stay alive, making ETHimals a great blockchain learning platform! ETHimals can hold assets of their own, live in environments of your choosing and battle others to win great prizes!

Ether Trump Farm

This is an "idle game" where you breed and accumulate Trumps to grow your empire!

The first stage in the game is fishing. You purchase a Dogger from the harbor and sail around the world in search of lunkers. When you cast out your fishing line there is a commit / reveal mechanic for pseudo-randomness. You pick a hash for your ‘bait’ and then you submit the ‘bait hash’. Fish that are farther away from your boat are also harder to catch. Once you catch a fish you can sell it to the Fishmonger for Copper.

Eth Color

Transparant, profitable and simple investing game.

Crypto High Score

Promote your website or favorite crypto project.


Spineth is an ethereum based guessing game where two players play head to head in an attempt to win ether from each other.

In each game, two players wager an agreed upon amount of ether while each betting on a number of a 19 sector wheel.

A winning number is then selected at random. Whichever player is the closest to the winning number will win a portion of their opponent's wager.

Crypto Twittos

CryptoTwittos is a game which consists in stealing virtual ownership of Twitter accounts and setting the price someone has to pay to steal them back from you. First steals are free. Game on!

Hash Heroes

This is a more fun version of a basic lottery game. You address is used to generate a unique colorful character, and you can choose a tile to claim on the game board. If you win, your character lives on in glory forever on the leaderboard.

Cute Kitty Farm

Take care of you cute kitty and earn ether today.

Crypto Alchemy

It’s great to own a digital kitty, a celebrity, or even a whole country. But is it enough to satisfy your ambitions? Do you want to really make a mark on the world? Are you eager to lay your hands on the very building blocks of creation?

This is your chance to create something truly great. is an open platform for alchemical experiments that is based on the blockchain technology. It is available to anyone and very easy to use.


ETHMap displays a world map with 178 countries. You can become owner of any country and sell it afterward !


Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

Ether Falcon

Ether Falcon Farm is a falcon farming simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more falcon you have, the more eggs they lay (each falcon lays at a rate of 1 per day). Hatch more falcon with your eggs to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!

Crypto SpaceX

CryptoSpaceX is a strategy game built on the Ethereum network. Inspired by the Star Wars, its a game where you manage your own planets, build and collect spaceships, and use them to battle other planets. CryptoSpaceX combines the mesmerising story and theme of the Star Wars with key strategic game elements seen in games like Age of Empires and Clash of Clans, making it the first blockchain game to have a true strategic essence.

Coin Wars

2 tokens race to raise the most capital and the winner takes all.

Parsec Frontiers

Parsec Frontiers is a science fiction MMO game with all assets stored on an open, permissioned blockchain. Players can trade, mine, freight goods and transact on exchanges to build their empire.

The virtual economy uses Parsec Credits - a token commonly used for transactions in the game. It can also be traded against other cryptocurrencies and fiat, which means that you can easily move money into or out of the virtual economy, enabling virtual items as a new asset class.

Crypto Sprites

Crypto Sprites is a 3rd party extension of Crypto Kitties. Sprites are all kinds of fun video game characters. Every Crypto Kitty for sale in the original Crypto Kitties game has a corresponding Sprite in this game, and funds from Sprite sales go straight to whichever Ethereum account owns the corresponding Crypto Kitty.

Crypto Countries

CryptoCountries is an interactive game that lets anyone buy and own countries as Smart Contracts on the Blockchain to take map control over a real-time world map. As soon as you acquire a country you take ownership of that nation it do.

Crypto Poop Game

The aim of the game is to flush the toilet, and win the Ethereum in the pot!

There are two ways to do this:

1. Purchasing a poop (20% chance to win)
2. Paying 0.002ETH per flush attempt. (10% chance to win if you own a poop, 5% if you don't own a poop)

Failed flush attempts will add to the pot, as well as 30% of a purchased poops price. Note: When a flush occurs, a random poop price and owner is reset. (Cannot flush your own poop)

Have fun 🙂


Canvas that grows over time where users can paint(buy) pixels in bulk to create pixel art and sell the pixels later to earn rewards.

Limited pixels supply
Draw, pan, zoom, undo, redo, pick color, etc
Paint up to 20 px per tx
Choose how much you want to pay for a pixel (from 110% to 200% of current price)
Previous owner get 98% of the price paid by the new owner
Set nickname/signature offchain by signing a message to prove ownership of address

Loft VR

Virtual Reality Arcades!


Blocklord is a new crypto-game where planet earth has been rebuilt on the Ethereum blockchain. Buy, personalise and trade any location on Earth. 🏝🏛🏯

Crypto Landmarks

A platform where you can buy and sell Landmark smart contracts. Own anything from the Leaning tower of Piza to the Colosseum.

Crypto Dragon Balls

Under the blockchain technology in Ethereum, each ball is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you until you have collected all 7 balls and execute to meet the legendary dragon; it cannot be replicated, taken way, or destroyed. The dragon balls will be available for auction again once the the legendary dragon disappears.

Moon Cat Rescue

Release tradable collectibles and record ownership.

Click Mine

What is a token anyway? In ClickMine, you "mine" a virtual piece of land by repeatedly clicking and buying various powerups. As you mine, you collect CLK, an erc20 token with a standard interface - but as wealth is created, it is also destroyed.

Blockchain Pi Experiment

A smart contract has been deployed to Ethereum for inputting the results of rolling two dice. The contract keeps track of the rolls and the cumulative results can be used to calculate pi. This is a variation of Buffon's needle. Pi will not be accurate until the number of rolls is substanstially high. Each dice roll creates an event in Ethereum. Eventually, these events can be used to calculate pi for different users to determine if one user is cheating (ie fabricating dice rolls).

Ether Rock

Ether Rock allows you to collect and trade virtual rocks, all in a slightly different shade of grey. Only 100 rocks will ever be available, and each new rock gets more and more expensive. This game is built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain, with a decentralized smart contract used to manage everything including the buying and selling of rocks, their prices and owners.


The Cellarius Universe (CX) is a transmedia¹ franchise that leverages blockchain technology to empower fans to repurpose, remix, and create original content on our platform. This cyberpunk story explores a near-future society and the rise of sentient artificial superintelligence. Content will be generated by contributors, and submissions can be ratified to “Core” canon2 based on community consensus.


Etherions is a collectibles game where you can buy cute hatchlings stored on the Ethereum blockchain and grow them to powerful creatures. With each passing day their powers grow, including health points and ability strength, which you can track. In your nursery they play with their siblings and discover their abilities.


Rule 110 is a Turing-complete cellular automaton.


Toastycoin is an interface to Burnable Payment contracts. It allows users to create, browse, and interact with BPs.

Burnable Payments allow a payer to submit payment for an open request, and specify a service deposit. Any user can then commit to do the work by submitting the deposit. The payer then has the choice to burn or release parts of the ether held in the payment, depending on whether and how well the worker has done the work.


Bet 1 vs 1 of any type of event that occurs.
Play with your friends to guess what is going to happen.
No charge per bet
Totally anonymous
Instant Payments at
Option to buy and sell
Currently on Ropsten test network

Beyond The Void

Strategy and competitive game in space.

Ether Guess

Ether Guess is the game where you try to guess the nightly price of Ether in USD. If you are correct, you bank all the ether put in by the other guesses. This dAPP was made for the Toshi Mobile App but can work just fine on the main website.

Tug Of War

A fully decentralised 2 player game of wit.

Trust Game

There are only 3 player in this game.
Each player transfer ETHs to the contract and either decides to trust or not to trust.
The game ends when the third player makes his/her decision.
If all 3 players decided to trust, then each player will get back the amount of fund they have transferred.
If only 1 player decided not to trust, then the player will get full amount of fund. Other players and the owner get nothing
Otherwise, owner will get full amount of fund and all players will get not

Crypto Crawl

What is crypto crawl ?
Ethereum based DApp (main/testnets) simulating a dungeon crawling economy : hero, xp, gold, items, dungeons, bank, hazard...
Metamask plugin for user interaction
Oraclize services for random number generation.
ERC20 Tokens Standard to support digital ownership.

Duke of Ether

Becoming a Duke
Select a Country you feel like ruling.
Pay 50% more than your predecessor. Your money will go to him - you become a new Duke.

Destroying a Country.
Don't like this country? Destroy it using Power of Ether!

Creating a Country.
You can create new country or restore one destroyed by someone else.

All names of all Dukes will stay in blockchain for as long as Ethereum itself exists!


A shared procedural universe for blockchain games.

Pay 2 Play

Wager settlement system.

Block Farm

Farming game.