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Blockchain Cuties “Wars of Cutieland” Hype Builds


wars of cutieland

The developer of Blockchain Cuties has provided new info on its upcoming expansion, Wars of Cutieland

We first reported on this expansion in our review of Blockchain Cuties. Little was known about it at that time. However, the developer of the game has just provided us with some details on what Wars of Cutieland gameplay will be like.

This article will explore this new information.

Wars of Cutieland objective


In Wars of Cutieland, players will join one of four Kingdoms. Each of these kingdoms will be named after a particular blockchain. The four kingdoms will be: Ethereum, , NEO, and .

According to the developer, the initial gameplay for each kingdom will be similar. But there will be cultural differences between kingdoms that will influence how players experience the world.

For example, a player who chooses to join the Kingdom will inhabit “what is now the USA and Western Europe,” whereas EOS Kingdom players will take part in a medieval fantasy world filled with knights and dragons.

Similarly, players who join the NEO kingdom will inhabit a part of the gameworld influenced by “Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture from the Three Kingdoms period.”

Each kingdom will periodically hold an election for its King. And this election will take place on the actual, real-life blockchain the kingdom is named after.

This will allow players who support one blockchain over another to “prove the supporters of other blockchains wrong in a meaningful and competitive way” while having fun in the process.

To help defeat the other kingdoms, players will need to gather resources, build structures, train an army, and defeat enemies in battle.

Tech tree

As players accumulate resources and build structures, they will progress through a tech tree. Climbing higher on the tech tree will unlock new technologies, allowing players to have better city economies and more destructive weapons.

Land in Wars of Cutieland

explore land

To begin the game at launch, the player will need to first purchase a plot of land from the developer. Once he does this, he will be able to establish a player capital or hometown. This will be his base of operations throughout the game.

Opponents will not be able to destroy a player's hometown or invade his initial plot of land.

The player will be able to build supporting cities and forts on land adjacent to his initial plot. Opponents will be able to invade and destroy these, so players will need to defend them with thick walls, watchtowers, and troops.

Once all of the starting lands on the map are sold, the only way to obtain them will be to buy them from other players

Types of land

Four types of starting land will be available when the game launches: small islands, medium islands, big islands, and Founders lands. Each of these types is currently available in the developer's store.

Small island

small island

Small islands will be found near the corners of the map. They will be great for players that want to try out the game without having to invest a lot of crypto up front. But farming them will be slower than with other types of land.

A small island costs approx. $23 worth of crypto.

Medium island

medium island

Medium islands will be located on the outskirts of the map, far from the center. They will offer +10% faster resource gathering, 2.5% faster research, 2.5% trade tax reduction, and will have a chance to contain an ancient relic at an excavation site.

A medium island costs around $450 worth of crypto.

Big island

big island

Big islands will be found at the corners of the gameworld. They will offer +30% resource gathering speed, +5% faster research, +5% trade tax reduction, and a chance for an ancient relic.

Medium islands cost approx. $1,350 per island.

Founders lands

founders island

Founders lands will be located near the center of kingdoms. They will offer +50% resource gathering, +10% faster research, +5% trade tax reduction, and 1 vote in every King election.

Since rare resources tend to be found near the center of kingdoms, Founders islands will also offer players an earlier chance at finding these resources.

There are only 16 Founders lands in each kingdom. They each cost around $9,000 worth of crypto.

Regardless of type, each land is a unique blockchain token that can be resold to other players.


In Wars of Cutieland, the player will be able to use a special type of Cutie called a General to grant buffs to his troops. 

Generals will be Cuties just like any other. Players will be able to breed them, train them, send them into battle, etc. But they will also provide certain bonuses in combat.

There is 1 general currently available in the store, and the developer has announced 3 more that will soon be released.

We do not yet know what specific buffs will be given by each general. But we have included each General's individual stats in the description below when known. These stats are relevant in the current game, but may not be as relevant in the Wars of Cutieland expansion features.

As with all Cuties, Generals are blockchain-backed, scarce, and freely tradeable.

Caesar (currently available)


Caesar provides a defense bonus of +2, 100% experience buff, +3 power, +4 against raid bosses, +4 to attack, +5% drop chance bonus, and is superior at fighting air, earth, and fire elements. However, Caesar is weak against water elemental attacks.

Caesar can be purchased in the store for approximately $323 worth of crypto.

Air Force General

air force general

Air Force General is a bear wearing a blue suit. The developer claims that he “doesn't do anything himself, people obey his command and are ready to do anything for him.”

Medieval King

medieval king

Another bear Cutie. This one has green eyes, and the developer says that he will be strong in fights against water and earth elements. He will also prefer to “lead his troops into battles personally.”

Space Commander

space commander

This Cutie looks like a cross between a cybergoth cat and a jedi knight. The developer describes him as being great at “hit and run tactics and landing party missions.”

Command slots

The player will be able to use as many Generals as he wants. However, only the Generals he places in a command slot will grant buffs to his army.

Players whose home base is on an island will get 1 command slot. Players that begin on a Founders land will get two command slots.



Players will also be able to use Governors to manage their cities. While Generals give buffs in battle, Governors serve a completely different role. Governors give buffs to the economy of a city.

There are currently 3 governors in the store, and 3 more are on the way.

In the description below, we have included each governor's individual stats if known. We do not yet know what economic buffs each one will give.

Governors currently available

Each of these governors costs around $240 worth of crypto in the developer's store.

Prime Minister – +3 defense, +50% exp, +3 power, +3% luck, +2 against raid bosses, +2 attack, +75% drop chance, strong against air, fire, and energy, weak against earth.

Ancient Queen – +4 defense, +50% exp, + power, +5% luck, + 2 raid boss bonus, +1 attack, +75% drop chance, strong against air and energy, weak against water

Governor – +2 defense, +50% exp, +3 power, +5% luck, +2 raid boss bonus, +3 attack, +75% drop chance, strong against energy, earth, and air, weak against water and fire

Governors coming soon

han dynasty and nigerian prince
Han Dynasty Official and Nigerian Prince Governor Cuties

The developer has announced that two new Governor Cuties will be available soon: Nigerian Prince and Han Dynasty Official.

The stats of these Cuties are not known, but the images of them are above.


Jungle Commando Scout

Another feature of Wars of Cutieland will be the ability to send spies to gain information about opponents. This will be done using another set of Cuties called Scouts.

There are currently two scouts available in the store: Outlaw and Avenger. Outlaw is available for around $323 worth of crypto, while Avenger costs approx. $267 worth.

A Jungle Commando scout will be available soon.


We now have some details as to what gameplay in Wars of Cutieland will be like. The primary changes to the game will be the creation of new General, Governor, and Scout types of Cuties, along with an expansion of the gameworld into a topographical map and the inclusion of elements to the game.

Players will still be able to breed their Cuties, send them on adventures, and collect gear. But in the new expansion, they will also be able to build structures, research knowledge, raise armies, and fight against rival kingdoms for control of the world.

Many details of the new expansion are still unknown, but this is what we have so far.

We hope this information has helped you to decide whether to get involved further with the Wars of Cutieland expansion. If you would like to find more fun blockchain games to play, take a look at some of our other reviews.

What do you think of the idea of adding RTS elements to a breeding game? Is this a logical step forward in the evolution of these types of games? Or should these genres be kept separate?

Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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