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Blockchain Cuties Review – Breed Like Mad, Raid Bosses!


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Blockchain Cuties is a monster breeding game similar to Etheremon, Axie Infinity, and World of Ether. In Blockchain Cuties, players can collect, breed, and send into battle collectible monsters called “Cuties.”

In order to better understand what types of players will enjoy Blockchain Cuties, we sat down and learned how to play it. This article will report what we discovered. 

We'll go over all of the basic features of the game, including registration, buying Cuties, breeding, sending Cuties on adventures, raid boss battles, and more. We'll also remark briefly on what we think of the game after having played it.

Registering for Blockchain Cuties

To register for Blockchain Cuties, a player must first navigate to the official blockchain cuties website and click start playing.

play blockchain cuties

This provides several options, including registering with a private key or a new wallet. 

We do not recommend entering an private key into a web form.

It's possible that this form does not transmit the player's key across the Internet, but merely uses it to sign a transaction. Regardless, it's not a good security habit for a player to enter his private key into strange forms provided by website administrators.

To continue with registration without having to input his private key, the player can click the Metamask icon at the bottom-left of the login dialogue box.


This will bring up a connection request. The player can click connect → sign to continue.

connection request

Once the transaction is signed, a registration form appears. At this point, the player can create a screen name and password for the game to complete registration.

account registration

In our testing, we found the registration process to be simple and straightforward. 

The “private key” login option may make some players suspicious of the site. But we found that it could be easily bypassed, and we had no problem logging in without giving out our private key.

Getting a free Cutie

Players who are new to Blockchain Cuties may not want to invest money into it just yet. For this reason, the game offers a free practice Cutie that players can send on adventures.

To claim this Cutie, the player must scroll down and click Get Tutorial Pet while on the beginning My Cuties screen.

free cutie

Buying a Cutie

The Tutorial Cutie can't be bred with others. So if a player wants to experience the full range of features in Blockchain Cuties, he'll need to purchase a full Cutie of his own.

In our testing, we did not find a way to buy a Cutie from the developer. So it appears that they have sold out. 

Still, we found plenty of low-cost Cuties available from other players in the game's marketplace. These can be found using the marketplace tab.

cutie marketplace

In the upper-left is a sort by drop-down menu. This menu can be used to sort Cuties by several parameters, including youngest first, oldest first, cheapest first, most expensive first, most experienced, most likes, latest, and generation.

Once the player has selected a Cutie, he is brought to its information page. Clicking buy now brings up a confirmation window.

buying a cutie

The price in ETH is shown in a button at the bottom. If the player pushes this button, it sends the transaction to for final confirmation.

In our testing, we found the purchasing process to be painless. The interface was highly intuitive.

Breeding Cuties

There are several activities the player can do with his Cuties, including sending them on adventures. But the primary activity in the game is still breeding.

Each Cutie carries a number of genes. When two Cuties breed, they produce a child that contains genes from both parents. 

As generations of Cuties are produced, rare ones can be born that have unique combinations of genes. These can be sold on the marketplace for much greater amounts of ETH than the owner paid for them.

To breed two Cuties, the player must click on the My Cuties tab.

breeding cuties

This brings up a list of the Cuties owned by the player. The player must then click on the particular Cutie he wants to be the “father.” Unlike World of Ether, Blockchain Cuties does not have monsters of different sex, so any Cutie can be the mother or father.

Pressing the breed button from within the Cutie's info screen brings up the breeding screen.


From here, the player needs to click on the left box to choose the “mother” in the pair and then click breed.

cutie parents

It takes a few minutes for the new Cutie to show up in the player's inventory. But eventually, a new Cutie becomes available that looks like a cross between the two parents.

new cutie created

Breeding a Cutie with exactly the right traits is part art, part science, and part blind luck. For a complete explanation of Cutie Genetics, consult the official Blockchain Cuties wiki.


Breeding Cuties is not the only thing players can do in Blockchain Cuties. Cuties can also be sent on adventures to defeat enemies and bring back items.

This can be done by clicking on the adventures tab and selecting ready to go on adventure.


This brings up a list of the player's Cuties. After a Cutie is chosen, a list of areas to adventure in pops up.

start adventure

In our testing, we found three options for places to adventure in: Crimson Caverns, Windy Hills, and The Snowy Mountain. The developer has stated that there will be more options in the future.

Selecting one of these areas causes the Cutie to immediately fight an opponent that he comes across in the area. An alert shows in the upper-right corner of the screen stating either that the battle was won or lost.

If the battle was won, this alert also shows what item the Cutie brought back as loot.


This item shows up in the inventory tab.

adventure potion

Battle Mechanics

Blockchain Cuties uses a complex algorithm to determine wins and losses in battle. But in essence, this is how it works:

Each character in the game, whether Cutie or enemy, has a certain power. This power is the sum of the character's level, nobility, rarity, and power bonus attribute. 

When a character attacks, it rolls a random number from 1-20, adds its power, and adds its attack bonus. When a character is attacked by another, it rolls a number from 1-20, adds its power, and adds its defense bonus.

If the defending character's total is greater than the attacker's, the attack misses. If the defending character's total is less than the attacker's, the attack hits.

Any attack roll of 1 automatically misses, regardless of the character's power or attack bonus. Any attack roll of 20 automatically hits.

If an attack is successful, the attacking character gets 1 point. If an attack misses, the defending character gets 1 point.

The character with the highest score at the end of the battle wins the battle. 

There are many different permutations of this system, but these are the basic rules. Consult the wiki for a more detailed explanation.


In addition to the Cuties themselves, there are also many other blockchain objects that can be collected by players in Blockchain Cuties. These objects are called items, and they are brought back as loot from defeating foes in adventures.

Some of the items are utility items such as potions, while others make up sets that grant attack, defense, item drop chance, and exp rate bonuses.

Utility items

The utility items are the Elixir of Life, Greater Elixir of Life, Adventure Potion, Grand Adventure Potion, Elixir of Fertility, Elixir of Youth, Aristocracy Elixir, and Cloth Hanger.

These items can only be used once. And when used, they produce a wide variety of buffs, including reduced breeding cooldowns, reduced adventure cooldowns, eliminating particular breeding cooldowns entirely, reducing a Cutie's generation by 1, and other effects.

Item sets

Each of these sets contains three items or more. If a Cutie wears all of the items in the set, he gets a – 3 adventure cooldown and a set of permanent buffs based on the particular set he is wearing. 

Here is a list of all of the sets, with a description of the buffs that each one grants.

  • Arctic set (3 items) – +40% rate of exp, +4 attack, +4 defense, and +25% chance of item drops.
  • Wood Elf's Set (3 items) – +25% rate of exp, +4 attack, + 4 defense, and +10% item drop chance.
  • Sultanate Set (3 items)  – +6 attack, +6 defense, and +50% item drop chance.
  • Pharaoh's Set (3 items) – +80% exp and +80% item drop rate
  • Arcane Set (3 items) – +5 attack, +5 defense, +30% exp, +20% item drop chance
  • Thug's Life Set (3 items) – +5 attack, +5 defense, +95% item drop chance
  • Samurai Set (3 items) – +10 attack, +10 defense
  • Hussar Set (5 items) – +19 attack, + 16 defense, +60% exp rate, +12% luck
  • Powered armor set (4 items) – +10 attack, +10 defense

Items provide a kind of “gear progression” to the game, allowing Cuties to get more powerful over time as they fight battles and obtain loot.

Raid Boss Battles

In addition to going on adventures to bring back items, Cuties can also participate in Raid Boss Battles.

To start a Raid Boss Battle, the player must have a Gen2 or below Cutie of at least level 5. Raid Boss Battles can be accessed via the Raid Boss icon in the menu at the top of the screen.

Selecting this icon brings up a list of current raid bosses.

raid boss battles

And clicking on a raid boss' image takes the player to an info page for that boss.

boss battle

Once the player is at this screen, he can select the Cutie he wants to send into battle against this boss.

Raids are game-wide events. When a particular boss is active, players from across the world try to defeat him. If the total fights from all players results in wins of greater than 50%, the prize pool for the boss increases.

On the other hand, if most players lose their fights, the prize pool decreases.

Players earn rewards from the prize pool each day based on the number of wins they contributed to the total. Players receive a cryptocurrency called CUTE, and the Cutie used in the fight receives paw tokens that can be used to buy cosmetic items.

Wars of Cutieland presale

wars of cutieland

In the near future, the Blockchain Cuties team plans to release an expansion to the game called Wars of Cutieland. This expansion will allow players to buy land, assemble armies of Cuties, and go to war with each other.

The developer is currently selling the lands off to raise funds for this expansion.

Blockchain Cuties Review

So is Blockchain Cuties fun? And should you play it?

If you like monster breeding and battling games, you may like Blockchain Cuties. It has all of the features you would expect in a game from this genre. It has a sophisticated genetics system, web-based marketplace, adventures, and items.

On the other hand, this is a crowded genre, and there are a lot of options to choose from. So you may be wondering what makes Blockchain Cuties unique among its many alternatives.

Having played the game, we would answer this question by saying that Blockchain Cuties has a very well-defined item system.

In many other monster-battling games, the items are either cosmetic or the developers have simply not gotten around to defining their stats yet. But in Blockchain Cuties, the Cuties clearly become more powerful as they gain items in the present version of the game.

So if you prefer to play a game with a strong gear progression, you may prefer Blockchain Cuties to other games in this genre.

On the other hand, the battles in Blockchain Cuties are automated and don't involve much player agency. So if you want a more sophisticated, turn-based combat system, you may prefer Axie Infinity.

Or if you want a character progression focused more on experience points instead of gear, you may prefer Etheremon instead.

Overall, we would say that Blockchain Cuties is a fun game that many fans of the monster breeding genre should try out to see if they like it.


We've played Blockchain Cuties and in this article, we've reported to you what we've discovered.

We've explained how players purchase, breed, and send on adventures their Cuties. We hope you have found this information to be helpful. If you would like to read more reviews of popular blockchain games, check out our full list of digital collectible game reviews.

Have you played Blockchain Cuties? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below.

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Blockchain Cuties is well made and very playable for a blockchain game. If you like monster breeding and battling games, you may like this game a lot.Blockchain Cuties Review - Breed Like Mad, Raid Bosses!