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The Best NFT Wallets for the 2024 & 2025 Bull Run – Tried and Tested


After over five years of research and trying almost every wallet on the market, this list contains what we believe are the best to store, view, and transfer NFTs.

The criteria includes usability, user experience, NFT specific functionality, transaction fees, and innovation.

#1 – Enjin NFT Wallet

enjin wallet

has been a long time leader in the NFT space, and are far ahead of the game in terms of innovation and functionality, especially in crypto and gaming.

They began on , moved to , and eventually created their own dedicated blockchain that focuses specifically on NFT technology. The entire stack is optimized top to bottom with NFT usage in mind including storage, airdrops, multiple blockchains, and functionality at the protocol level.

Royalties are built into their NFT wallet at the protocol level. No other wallet that we are aware has optimized for this purpose. Artists therefore should LOVE using Enjin wallet to drop new NFT art pieces.

The Enjin NFT wallet is therefore the most well designed and future proof wallet in today's market.

Square-Enix has been minting NFTs to the Enjin blockchain, which is an incredible adoption signal.

If you want to airdrop NFTs to your community, Enjin has this incredible QR scan technology where you can simply post a QR code, scan it with the wallet, and have the NFT drop right in your portfolio.

You can even gate it via geolocation, token holding requirements, and more to ensure bots or squatters don't claim too many NFTs.

The Enjin Wallet is hands down the best NFT wallet and it is not even close!

square enix nfts

#2 – Phantom Wallet

phantom wallet

The Phantom Wallet comes in at second place due to its ease of use, functionality, and popularity on the blockchain.

Meme coins and NFTs on Solana have arguably been the most successful and headline worthy assets thus far in 2024.

The Phantom Wallet has taken full advantage of this trend and rose to the top as one of the most popular ways to store your NFTs.

Many of these newer wallets have learned from the mistakes of the past. User experience has to be a high priority which is something has lacked.

#3 – Metamask


Metamask is the OG crypto wallet, and has added NFT portfolio functionality in recent years.

While almost everyone who adopted smart contract based crypto dapps early on is familiar with Metamask, newcomers to the industry may have skipped right to Phantom, Enjin, Trust, or something else.

With such huge market share and continuous innovation, Metamask has to make the list. The only reason to drop them to #3 is that the user experience is lacking for a product that has been around for so long.

They are slower to adopt new chains and also do not have as many security protections against signing a message that can result in a hack.

Newer wallets like Rabby have focused more on security and UX for beginners, something Metamask needs to work on.

That is our complete list of essential NFT wallets that you should become familiar with. Be EXTREMELY cautious when using a newer wallet that might not have as many users or enough testing an security audits.

Always check multiple sources, or use wallets that are open source and/or have been around for three or more years.

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