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Best Metaverse NFT Tokens to Buy for 2022 Crypto Gaming Coin Price Appreciation


This top token list provides a great starting point for your investment research. We also explain where to buy Metaverse crypto projects that have excellent fundamentals. Here are the best crypto gaming coins for 2022:

enjin coin

#1 – Coin

Want to own one of the most OG gaming tokens out there? Without a doubt, Enjin has been the leader in the NFT gaming space with a massive head start from their start in 2017. They existed prior to that as a massively successful gaming company.

Enjin Coin can be infused inside NFT game items. If you no longer wanted the item, you can actually melt it down back into Enjin Coin.

This is our pick for the most successful project in 2022 and beyond.

SAND token

#2 – SAND – The Sandbox Game Token

Ever heard of Minecraft? Imagine the decentralized version of this where anyone can own plots of land, build their own game experience using a voxel editor, and even sell and monetize NFT game items and properties.

SAND is the native token for this ecosystem. You need to it buy land and items in the game.

Massive brands such as The Walking Dead have already claimed their territory. Who knows what 2022 will bring!

axs axie infinity shards

#3 – AXS – Axie Infinity Shards

The most popular and played NFT game right now is Axie Infinity. AXS is the governance token which gives players a say in the direction of the game. It's kind of like investing in “stock” for Axie Infinity.

You also need this token to perform various in-game functions such as breeding new Axies. It is showing no signs of slowing down.

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OMI token

#4 – OMI – Ecomi/VeVe Token

Most people are not aware of one of the most impressive NFT projects, Ecomi/VeVe.

Ecomi has managed to secure some of the world's top IP to create digital NFTs that sell on their mobile app, VeVe. This NFTs can be viewed in AR and are sometimes interactive.

The price performance has not been too great due to the token existing on GoChain, however they are migrating to / which could supercharge this token's value.

This is one of biggest sleeper picks.

splinterlands token sps

#5 – SPS – Splinterlands Token (Splintershards)

One of the most popular NFT card games, Splinterlands recently released their governance token called SPS. This game has exploded in popularity due to offering NFTs that are actually playable in game.

The token offers a number of benefits such as governance and some as of yet to be announced features, but this could be an amazing buy at the current 2021 prices.

waxp token

#6 –

Anyone that has been following NFTs should know about WAX. Their native token is required to buy and sell NFTs within their ecosystem.

WAX has onboarded some of the largest brands in the world and continues to hold an advantage as a super low fee NFT platform. This is a must have for anyone serious about investing in NFTs.

gods token

#7 – GODS – Gods Unchained Token

Gods Unchained is one of the earliest and most well-designed NFT card games. Think of it as Hearthstone on the blockchain.

Their upcoming GODS token will be a governance token that will offer a number of benefits for owning it. Gods Unchained is partnered with Immutable X and has been able to reduce their card market fees significantly. Keep an eye on this token as one to own as we head into 2022.

We believe these are the best NFT projects to buy for 2022.

#8 – MANA – Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the earliest metaverses in crypto gaming. There are currently many events hosts here including concerts, meetings, and more.

NFT wearables are super popular and the entire ecosystem revolves around the MANA token. This is a safe bet considering the ongoing development of Decentraland and it's popularity with celebrity figures.

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We believe these are the best gaming token crypto projects to buy for 2022.

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