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BareHand Joins Enjin’s Blockchain Ecosystem With Successful Kickstarter


has successfully onboarded another game into their blockchain ecosytstem – Cede.

Barehand LLC has recently announced the integration of NFTs which is a positive sign for the gaming space.

Cede is a combat farming action game in which players team up to create loadouts and terraform environments. The game currently is in the early stages of pre-alpha despite being in constant development since 2015.

A successful Kickstarter campaign was recently completed which helped them raise $13,131 in crowdfunding.

The game will initially launch with singlerplayer and co-op campaign modes and quests, before eventually launching a PvP esports model.

Blockchain will be introduced through the combat farming which will allow players to grow unique assets that can be stored in an ERC-1155 wallet with the ability to sell through any marketplace that supports the tokens.

Enjin continues to stand out as one of the best projects in blockchain gaming. You can read more here.

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