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Axie Infinity is a new blockchain-based digital collectible game. It allows you to build a team of creatures called “axies,” which you can use to battle other players and win cryptocurrency.

This Axie Infinity review will explain how to get started playing the game. It will also consider whether Axie Infinity is worth playing when compared to other games.

Axie Infinity: a Digital Collectible Game

Axie Infinity is an online digital collectible game. This is a new genre of games that is just starting to become popular thanks to blockchain technology.

In the past, collectible games like Magic: The Gathering and the Pokemon Trading Card Game were limited to “paper” versions that could not be played from a computer.

Although some developers did try to create digital versions of these games, players could not truly own characters, cards, or equipment in them, since these digital assets only existed as part of the physical servers provided by the developer.

Blockchain technology was first developed to create Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. This was intended to allow users to conduct business across the Internet without needing a trusted authority.

Today, this same technology is being used to create online PC games in which players own in-game assets such as characters and items.

Unlike with traditional PC games, these assets cannot be deleted by the developer or controlled by them.

The Goal

There are two main goals to Axie Infinity. The first goal is to increase the experience of your creatures, called “axies,” to make them gain levels.

This will allow their body parts to evolve and make them more powerful. It can also potentially make them more valuable in the marketplace.

According to players on the Axie Infinity Discord server, a second goal in the game is to earn ELO by winning battles. ELO is a cryptocurrency associated with Esports.

It is not currently traded on any exchanges. But it may be listed by exchanges in the future, allowing successful Axie Infinity players to earn an income from the game.

Getting Started

To play Axie Infinity, you will need a Metamask wallet with ether in it. Metamask can be downloaded from the official website.

Ether is available from popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase.You can get started with as little as $10 worth of ether.

Once you’ve got a Metamask wallet with at least some ether in it, just navigate to the Axie Infinity official website to get started playing.

Buying Axies

Before you can form a team and start battling, you’ll need to buy some axies. In the past, the developer of the game sold new axies on the “axie lab” subpage of the website.

However, these creatures have all been sold, and the only way to currently buy axies is to get them from other players. Luckily though, they are still not very expensive.

At the top of the homepage, click the “marketplace” icon that looks like a small store or shop.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

You’ll see a list of axies that players have posted for sale. By default, the list is arranged with the lowest-price axies at the top and the most expensive ones at the bottom.

axies for sale

The lowest priced axies are currently around 0.0205 to 0.0213 ETH (US$2.14 to $2.23). You’ll need three of them to have the best chance of winning battles.

Select the axie you want to buy. This will open its information page. Click buy now.

buy now

Metamask will popup and ask you to confirm the transaction.


Your transaction should confirm within a few seconds or up to a few minutes, depending on how congested the Ethereum network is at the time.

Once it is confirmed, you can see your collection of axies by clicking on the blue my axies icon from anywhere on the site.

my axies

Creating a Team

Once you’ve got three axies, it’s time to build a team. First, click the lobby icon that looks like two crossed swords.

If this is your first time visiting the lobby, you’ll be asked to submit a display name and email address and agree to the terms of service. After providing this information, you’ll arrive at the Axie Infinity battle lobby page.

battle lobby

Click create a new team. You’ll see a 3 x 3 board. Click a spot on this board and select the axie you want to go in that spot.

Repeat these steps for two more spots, until you have a team of three axies spread out on the board.


When you are finished, type a name for your team in the field at the top and click save.

Starting a Battle

Once you’ve got your team assembled, starting a battle is simple. Just click the name of your team from within the battle lobby, and select send to arena.

start a battle

If you haven’t yet activated your Bean’s Blessing 20% exp boost for the day, you’ll be given the option to do so before you go into battle. Otherwise, you’ll get a message saying that your team has been successfully queued.

team queued for battle

Within a minute or two, your battle will show up at the bottom of the battle lobby page. Click watch replay to watch the battle.

Animation will display showing your axies battling those of your opponent.

Unfortunately, the text that describes the attacks tends to cover up some of the action. This is a problem that I hope will be fixed in future patches.

axie infinity battle screen

Once the battle is over, you will see the results. You can also skip the battle and go straight to the results by clicking reveal result from the battle lobby.

battle results

Whether your team wins or loses, your axies will receive experience points for participating in the battle.

In discussions with players on Discord, I was told that winners receive both exp and ELO after each battle, although I was not able to determine how much ELO is earned per win.

Axie Infinity Strategy

To win at Axie Infinity, you need to place each of your axies in the most optimal position on the grid and select the right order of “moves.” Each axie has four moves over the course of a battle.

When you set up your team, these moves are shown on the right side of the screen, beside the name of the axie that has them.

axie moves

Hovering over each of these moves will explain what it does. If you don’t like the move your axie is set up to do, you can change it by clicking the drop down box beside it.

By changing each of the moves, you can rearrange the order in which your axie performs its moves during a battle. For example, you can set it up to trigger healing abilities late in the battle and buffs early.

A battle can also be won or lost because of placement. Axies that have higher hitpoints should be placed closer to the front of the grid, while “healer” or “damage-dealing” axies that have less hitpoints should be placed further back.

Some moves that buff other axies only work in adjacent spots, so this should also be kept in mind when setting your team up.

Watch this Video for a VERY Comprehensive Walkthrough

Future Developments

In the future, the Axie Infinity development team plans to create a “terrarium” in which new axies can be raised.

These terrariums will be built on virtual land owned by players, and will give axies that reside on them certain advantages.

The land for this feature is currently being sold by the developer. But the least expensive land, located in the “savannah,” is already sold out.

The developer also plans to create an achievement system, player profiles, an official tournament circuit, dungeons, story mode, guilds, guild wars, and a mobile version of the game.

Axie Infinity: Should You Play?

If you’re looking for a collectible game to get into early, in the hopes that its assets will go up in value, Axie Infinity may be just the right game for you.

The 3 x 3 grid system is unique amongst blockchain games, lending a “Final Fantasy Tactics” feel to it that could give it an edge against competitors in the future.

You may also like Axie Infinity if you want a complex game with deep combat strategy and are willing to deal with a steep learning curve. The battle system in Axie Infinity is certainly more complex than other popular blockchain games.

However, if you want a game that you can get into quickly, it might be best to avoid Axie Infinity. The battle rules are time-consuming to learn, and you can easily end up losing repeatedly if you don’t study the rules ahead of time.

This can be frustrating. In addition, many of the most promising features of Axie Infinity have yet to be released.

For example, there is currently no use for land, and there are no dungeons or stories.

This is in contrast to other blockchain games that already have “adventure modes” and multiple ways to earn assets from land rent.

Still, even if you end up not playing Axie Infinity right away, it may be worth keeping an eye on.

It’s still in an early stage of development, and a future version of the game could be the next big thing in blockchain gaming.

Check back soon for an ongoing updates to this review guide.

Axie Infinity
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