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Axie Infinity Land Gameplay is Live for Land Owners – The Ultimate Guide


Watch this video for a full intro and how-to guide:

The Axie Infinity Land gameplay release was on December 28th called “Axie Homeland.”

Players will be able to gather resources, craft food, potions, and upgrade or customize their plot.

You will begin with two starter Axies and two structures. The rest you will have to build on your own.

Make sure to change the graphical settings to optimize for your specific PC and toggle the show hotkey button.

Click on your plot info icon to assign special properties to your plot and will start off as “normal” type.

Owning multiple plots of land may make you consider assigning plots to agriculture or metalworking.

Give Axies a Task

Click on the resource in question and Axies can start performing the designated task. Queue up multiple tasks to keep them busy. Start gathering essential items like wood and stone.

Press the “2” button to see a larger view of the map, and send them farther for resource gathering or stealing from other players!

Create a New Structure

Click the hammer button in the bottom right to start constructing.

Once the construction is finished, Axies can travel less distance to harvest resources. You can move buildings from one to another to move a structure to another plot of land.

Altar of Atia

The altar acts like the base of operations for researching. You can upgrade existing structures or build new buildings. Upgrading this building is key to growing larger and using more Axies. This can cost a lot of gold however.

If you need more gold, sell some equipment.

Newcomer quests are available to get more gold. Daily and weekly quests constantly refresh to keep acquiring more gold.

Lunacia Adventure

This is where you can send adventurers into battle and defeat enemies. This helps you rise through the leaderboard.

Build a survivor shop and look for the adventurer trading tab.

Aesthetics and Decorations

You can select decorations from your wallet to customize your plot, but only ten can be used.

Auction House

Here you can buy and sell resources and equipment from other players.

Transfer Resources from Plot to Plot

Use the resource transfer tab to transfer resources from one plot to another.

Check out this Axie Infintiy land gameplay review:

Axie Infinity Land Map

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