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ZED RUN Partners with Mega Gaming Company Atari


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Huge news in the blockchain gaming community – ZED RUN is officially partnering with ATARI, bringing exclusive racehorses and sponsorship events to our community!

ZED RUN and ATARI will work together to introduce scarce collectibles, in-game items designed to reflect ATARI's most memorable games such as Asteroids®Centipede®Missile Command®Pong® and others!

ZED RUN is set to release twenty unique, official Atari branded racehorses. These horses will be very rare and visually appealing.

Twenty unique Z1 to Z10 Genesis racehorses will be released giving you the opportunity to breed with them before going into a 24-hour auction via OpenSea.

Atari Breeding Program

All racehorses will be offered by a verified Atari stable and will be available in the stud marketplace for just 24 hours and can only be bred with seven times.

These racehorses put on a strict breeding schedule and in order to breed with them, you're going to have to get there quickly.

Atari Auctions

Auctions of all Atari branded racehorses will be done via OpenSea as soon as each racehorse comes out of the Stud Marketplace. Auctions will last for 24 hours with a fair reserve being set.

Atari Sponsored Events

Finally, we are proud to announce that we will also be introducing qualifiers and main events soon!

ATARI will contribute its signature cryptocurrency ATRI (Atari tokens) towards ZED RUN events. These official ATARI-sponsored racing events will include tournament-based qualifiers with main event sessions set to a weekly racing schedule.

Bonus ATARI tokens will be rewarded to users for both the qualifier and main events, creating increased utility and demand for ATRI and giving our own community more to play for within ZED RUN.

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