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Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais Reveals Future Plans for Atari Token & Blockchain


In an interview with the Blockchain Game Alliance, Frédéric Chesnais revealed some details about what's coming for Atari token. Play the video to start at the moment he revealed details.

“We are trying to have a token of reference for the video game industry.”

Chesnais also mentioned some sort of platform that they invested in, but did not go into much detail.

The token in question could be used in game and out of games. This reminds us of the Enjin platform but without specifics, it's hard to know how it will truly be used.

Atari had actually launched a token two years ago with a company called Infinity Networks, but the agreement was mutually terminated as they were unable to deliver according to Chesnais.

Overall the discussion was a bit vague which is somewhat expected. He did mention Arkane as a possible partner/collaboration as well.

“This is a long term project…ten years down the road.”

Ten years in the world of tech is an eternity, so either he thinks it will take forever for the average gamer to understand blockchain games or the tech will need that much time to evolve.

Either way it's good to know that a big player has joined others like Ubisoft and Square.

Atari has taken on a noticeable presence in The Sandbox, as seen on the Land map:

atari land sandbox game
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