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Bullish Times – AMD Joins Blockchain Game Alliance, Partners with Ultra, Robot Cache


Validation matters.

After last week's big announcement that Microsoft had partnered with Enjin on their Azure Heroes program, things got exciting for the world of blockchain gaming.

Now, AMD enters the fray by joining the Blockchain Game Alliance and establishing partnerships with Ultra and Robot Cache.

Followers of Crypto Twitter know how toxic it can get when any non- project is discussed. The word “scam” is used liberally and has slowly eroded the meaning of the word.

Floating behind the scenes are passionate blockchain enthusiasts looking to create fun and innovative ways to create new blockchain gaming worlds.

The entire industry remains in its infancy, so there will be stumbles or slow growth along the way.

But as bigger and bigger players throw their hat in the ring, one needs to consider how serious blockchain gaming could get in 2020.

Ubisoft has been a member of the blockchain gaming alliance and has reportedly been considering blockchain gaming applications for quite some time.

From their press release:

Leading the Blockchain Gaming Charge

Providing incredible compute performance and security for peer-to-peer transactions, AMD is helping to enable the next generation of blockchain-based gaming platforms via:

  • Blockchain Innovation – AMD is at the forefront of the blockchain evolution, providing the underlying compute technology to enable a broad range of new blockchain-powered applications, services and use cases spanning industries ranging from gaming and cloud computing to the Internet of Things, healthcare, and others.
  • Efficient, High-performance CPUs and GPUs – AMD is in a unique position to offer the best combination of high-performance CPUs and GPUs for demanding blockchain workloads.
  • Robust Security – Designed to address today's increasingly complex and sophisticated security threats, AMD Secure Technology puts protection right on the processor providing an additional layer of robust security.

Enjin – The Perfect Fit?

is known for creating or planning software development kits (SDK) for Unity, Unreal, GoDot and Lumberyard, as well as generic language SDKs in C#, Java and JavaScript/NodeJS.

With everything going on in blockchain games, one has to be bullish looking into 2020 and beyond.

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