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AlterVerse: Run a Gaming Server, Earn Crypto!


AlterVerse is a blockchain-backed gaming platform currently in development. It features Enjin-backed collectible assets, customizable game servers, ACE in-game token, and the ability for server-owners to earn an income from hosting games.

This article will explain everything you need to know about AlterVerse gaming platform. We'll go over server themes, game modes, how server-owners will make money, and more.

If you've been wondering what AlterVerse is and how it works, read on to find out.

AlterVerse Limited Edition Game Servers (LEGS)

In the AlterVerse platform, investors can purchase Limited Edition Game Servers (LEGS). 

These are not physical servers. In other words, they are not actual computers stored on a rack somewhere.

Instead, an AlterVerse “server” is simply a world created using the AlterVerse world-building tools. Players who have AlterVerse software installed on their PCs or VR systems can connect to these worlds and play games on them.

AlterVerse servers are customizable. Server-owners can choose from multiple stock themes or develop their own independent content using the AlterVerse World Builder.

All AlterVerse servers are blockchain-backed collectibles that can be freely traded in the marketplace.

Types of servers

The developer of AlterVerse plans to create multiple themes for server-owners to choose from. An initial set of themes is currently in development, and more are planned for the future.


alterverse disruption

The first game to be released for AlterVerse will be called Disruption. And the battleships used in the game will be the first style of servers made available.

Disruption will be a sci-fi-themed game that takes place on a spaceship. Players will be able to fight over the spaceships' Treasury in first-person shooter, capture-the-flag style solo raids or team-based raids. 

They will also be able to complete puzzle-based quests on the ship, engage in space battles, or just sit around and chat if they want to.

Disruption servers will consist of these battleships. 

Owners will be able to customize their ships in many different ways, from changing the way the rooms and hallways look to setting the reward structure for raids.

Other types


In addition to Disruption, there are a few other server-themes in development. Here is a complete list:








AlterVerse game modes

Server-owners will be able to choose from several different “game modes.” The challenges and reward structures of these modes will vary. Here are all of the modes that have been announced so far:

Solo Raid

solo raid

In solo-raids, players will compete in free-for all competitions to capture territory. Rewards will go to the players who earned the most points.

Alliance Raid

alliance raid

Alliance raids will be similar to solo raids, except that players will group into teams. They must capture the flags or territories of other players to win games.



In questing mode, players will be confronted with puzzle-based stories and adventures. Success will be achieved by solving the puzzles and progressing to the end of the story.

Battle Royal

battle royale

In Battle Royal mode, the object of the game will be to eliminate all of the other players. There will be no flags or territory to capture. 

In Disruption, this mode will be performed in a space-fighter instead of aboard the battleship.


game chat

In chat mode, there will be no object to the game. Players will simply take on the roles of their characters, interact with the environment, and chat. 

This will provide players with the opportunity to relax and converse with each other whenever they don't feel like actively playing.

ACE in-game token

The AlterVerse ecosystem will use an in-game token called ACE for all transactions. The developer has not yet stated whether ACE will be a centralized token or a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Enjin-backed collectibles

The developer of AlterVerse has formed a partnership with -coin and plans to release ENJ-backed collectibles for Disruption and other games in the AlterVerse Universe.

These collectibles will be minted using a certain amount of ENJ. If a player wishes to “cash out” of AlterVerse and can't find a buyer for his collectibles, he will be able to “melt” these collectibles to recover the ENJ used to mint them.

For more information on Enjin-coin, read our complete review of ENJ.

How AlterVerse servers will make money

Owners of AlterVerse servers will set the amount of ACE contained in the server's Treasury. Players who win games will be awarded a percentage of this amount.

The server-owner will charge an ACE fee to each player for each game the player participates in. 

Players will want to play games that have high payouts and low fees. Server-owners will want to run games that have high fees and low payouts. The marketplace will determine what is the correct amount of fees to charge and prizes to payout.

One key to making money as a server-owner will be to create interesting environments for players to play in, with good enough payouts to entice players to play while still turning a profit.

Another key to success will be good marketing. 

AlterVerse, Inc. plans to do some marketing itself. But server-owners will also want to do some of their own marketing, since there will probably be a lot of competition between AlterVerse servers.

AlterVerse Team

alterverse team

AlterVerse is being developed by AlterVerse, Inc. It is the first title by this team.

The team is led by CEO Scott Kinney. He is the creator of CityLink, which he worked on from 1994-1999. He describes this earlier project as a kind of “mini-AOL” for local users.

The CTO for the team is Michael Reino, a programmer with over 30 years of experience.

The team also includes Studio Creative Director Jeff McCaig (former Lead Object Modeler for Electronic Arts), Marketing Director Genny Harrison (former Marketing Director for Gamerjibe), Robert Luke Eldon, Michael Laraway, Brian Babin, Eric Kinney, Tim Barnes, Peter Gransden, Stephen Vogt, Derek McGuire, and Cody Sturgell.

The creative writing for the AlterVerse games is done by Bekah Vogel. Donna Monehen plays the voice of the battleship A.I. computer in Disruption.


AlterVerse is in a pre-alpha stage, and it is too early to know whether the games on the platform will be fun. But we've gone over what the developers have told us so far as to how this platform will work.

We hope this info has been of help to you in determining whether to get involved further with this project. If you would like to start collecting blockchain-gaming items, here is a complete guide to crypto-collectibles.

And If you would like to find more blockchain games to play, check out some of our other reviews, including those for games like Cats in Mechs, MLB Champions, 0x Universe, and others.

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