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Altcoin Fantasy: Fantasy Crypto Trading for Real NFT Rewards


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Altcoin Fantasy is a fantasy cryptocurrency trading game with real and crypto rewards. It is funded by advertising and is free to play.

We've signed up for an account and learned how to use Altcoin Fantasy to make simulated trades. In this article, we'll explain how the system works. We'll go over contests, ACF Points, Levels, Loyalty points, Rewards, and more.

We'll also weigh in on whether Altcoin Fantasy is fun to play. If you've heard of Altcoin Fantasy and wondered what it is all about, read on to find out.

Altcoin Fantasy Contests


When a player first signs up for Altcoin Fantasy, he is shown a list of contests that are currently running. Clicking go to contest pulls up the main menu for that contest.

Each player is given $10,000 worth of fantasy money to start with. Players can make simulated trades, buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, or other coins. 

There are a total of 144 different cryptos represented in the game.

Contests have varying lengths. Between 7 to 14 days seems to be average. During the contest, the real-life price of each coin is tracked, and the player's fantasy portfolio value moves up or down based on these price changes.

price changes

Once the time period for the contest comes to a close, the players with the highest portfolio values win prizes. 

In our testing, we found that the prizes were BTC and Surf Coin. However, this may have been because the contest we entered was sponsored by MercuriEx. Other contests may have different sponsors and different crypto prizes.

trading competition

Entering a contest is completely free. A player simply needs to sign up and start trading fantasy money to be eligible for prizes.

Altcoin Fantasy rewards

In addition to contest rewards for high-ranking players, Altcoin Fantasy also offers participation and referral rewards in the form of ACF Points and Loyalty Points.

ACF Points

ACF Points can be used to enter special contests. The developer claims these contests offer more lucrative prizes than regular ones.

Each day that a player makes at least 1 trade, he is allowed to spin a wheel that will reward between 100 and 5,000 ACF Points.

acf points

In addition, a player can earn 2,500 ACF Points for each friend he refers. For players that want even more ACF Points, various bounty rewards are available in exchange for performing various tasks. For example, enabling web notification or joining the MercuriEx Discord or Telegram group earns a player 1,000 ACF Points.

Loyalty Points

Players earn Loyalty Points by joining contests, making trades, and achieving Altcoin Fantasy Levels.

Loyalty Points can be redeemed for NFT rewards. For example, an ACF Lamborghini collectible can be purchased for 200 Loyalty Points or a Gen 1 Blockchain Cutie for 100 Loyalty Points.

These collectibles are limited in supply each day. So if a player finds that the NFT he wants has sold out, he may have to save his Loyalty Points until it gets back in stock.

loyalty rewards

Altcoin Fantasy levels

When a player actively participates in the game, he earns XP. If he earns enough, he will gain an Altcoin Fantasy Level. Each Altcoin Fantasy Level rewards a combination of ACF Points, Loyalty Points, and other perks.


Altcoin Fantasy Review

Altcoin Fantasy is a great game for players that want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency. It is essentially a free “demo account,” similar to those offered by forex and equity brokers to allow beginning traders to learn.

Add in the fact that it offers NFT rewards and crypto prizes, and you've got a recipe for great success.

Having stated this, we do have to point out that the game is funded by advertising. Players who want to open a real crypto trading account may be influenced by this advertising, and they may end up choosing the wrong broker because of it. Then again, they may end up choosing the right broker because of it.

The bottom line is this: if after playing Altcoin Fantasy, you decide that you want to trade with real money, you should probably do some research on brokers before opening an account. The one that sponsors the latest Altcoin Fantasy contest may or may not be the right one for you.

Still, being able to trade fantasy crypto and earn real crypto rewards is a great benefit. And having to view advertising for this is a small price to pay.

So overall, Altcoin Fantasy is a great product for beginning crypto traders.

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