Age of Rust: Dystopian Puzzle Mysteries Revealed

age of rust

Age of Rust is a puzzle-based adventure game in development from Space Pirate Games. It has recently gained notoriety because of the developer’s claims that Enjin Coin will back its items.

Age of Rust is still in an early stage of development. But this article will explain what we know so far about this game.

Age of Rust Gameplay trailer

The Age of Rust team has produced a gameplay trailer that shows off Age of Rust’s graphics and style of play. It shows a dystopian sci-fi background filled with machines, fire, and rusted-out gear.

Age of Rust features

Details about Age of Rust’s features remain scarce. But here is what we know so far.

A puzzle adventure game

solve puzzles

Age of Rust is a puzzle adventure game similar to King’s Quest, Phantasmagoria, or Riven, but with better graphics. The developer specifically compares the game to Myst, Firewatch, and Alien Isolation.

However, unlike these other games, Age of Rust has three different types of puzzles. The first type is what we are all used to: puzzles that have to be solved to progress further in the game.

The second type of puzzle requires you to have a particular crypto item in your wallet in order to solve it. Although most puzzle games do require you to use in-game items to solve puzzles, Age of Rust is unique in that these items are held externally on a blockchain.

The third type of puzzle is a “treasure hunt” that requires you to follow clues and solve a very difficult mystery. If you are the first one to solve this mystery, you will earn a 20 bitcoin reward. This is similar to other blockchain puzzle games such as Pineapple Arcade.


Age of Rust relies on an in-game currency called Rustbits. The developer no longer offers Rustbits for sale, and the only way to get them right now is to buy them from other collectors. The current price is around US$0.015 (1.5¢) per Rustbit.

In the future, the developer plans to auction in-game items in exchange for Rustbits. These items will cost between 1,000-10,000 Rustbits. At current Rustbit prices, this would equate to around $15-$150.

Enjin Coin integration

enjin coin integration

The Age of Rust team has announced that all crypto-items in the game will be backed by Enjin Coin. If a player wants to quit playing the game but cannot find someone willing to buy his items at greater than the Enjin melt value, he will be able to melt his Age of Rust items down and sell the Enjin that was used to mint it.

A trading card or role-playing game?

Some blockchain gaming news sites have reported that Age of Rust will contain RPG or collectible trading card game elements.

However, the developer’s official site only mentions that players will be able to collect weapons of “extraordinary power” that will have a “cool-down blockchain timer.” There is no mention of traditional RPG elements such as leveling, hit points, or character classes; nor is there mention of being able to summon creatures as is common in trading card games.

Still, there are not many details known about the game. So it could have these elements by the time it is released.

Previous Games by Space Pirate Games

With such little information about Age of Rust available, players may want to judge the game’s chances of success by comparing it to previous games by the team. Space Pirate Games has published two other titles in the past: Space Pirate Text Adventure and Hack and Hash.

Space Pirate Text Adventure

space text pirate adventure

Space Pirate Text Adventure is a text-based MUD that is enhanced with still-images, music, and sound. It takes place on a desolate, deserted planet filled with crashed spaceships and other discarded technology. Here is the link to play Space Pirate Text Adventure.

We found that it was not easy to figure out how to play this game. But this walkthrough was extremely helpful.

Hack and Hash

hack and hash

Hack and Hash is a 1980’s style low-budget dungeon crawl game. The player character can be moved around using arrow keys. When a monster appears, the player can choose to fight or run. If the player wins the battle, he is awarded fictional “crypto.”

Hack and Hash was originally featured as a game-within-a-game in Blockade Games’ Pineapple Arcade. In the first screen of Pineapple Arcade, a number of arcade games can be seen. If the player clicks on these games, one of them is titled Hack and Hash.

pineapple arcade hack and hash

In the original version of Pineapple Arcade, the player could click on this image and play Hack and Hash.

Unfortunately, this version of the game now only displays a screen with a couple of grids on it. It is no longer playable.

grid screen

But luckily, Space Pirate Games has provided an archived version of Hack and Hash so that it can still be played.

There are still not many details known about Age of Rust. But this is what we know so far. Age of Rust will be a puzzle-based sci-fi game that uses crypto items fueled by Enjin Coin.

Rustbits are no longer available from the developer. But if you are considering purchasing them from another collector, you may want to check out the trailer for the game, as well as these previous games from the Age of Rust team – and see for yourself whether you think it will be fun to play and worth collecting its currency.

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