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Age of Rust’s BTC and ENJ Treasure Hunt BETA Launch Review – Multiverse Items First Look!


  • Due to the current cryptocurrency bull run, the value of Age of Rust's prize bounty has increased from $20,000 to nearly $1 million
  • The game will cost $14.99 to download and play on Steam, feature 250,000km2 of explorable landscape, and include 40 hours of gameplay

How to Play Age of Rust Beta FAQ

What do I need to play the beta? To play the beta, you need at least 1 Age of Rust token. Any token from here: https://enjinx.io/eth/project/da7ae14b-d70a-48f4-9b77-bf009487a9a2/assets Or this token: https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/6000000000000120/

What are the technical requirements to play the game? You'll find the system requirements on the Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1461520/Age_of_Rust/

Will the beta cost money? The beta will be free, but you need at least 1 token to join from the list in the first question.

When will the beta come out? The beta is scheduled to release on March 19 on Steam. In the event Steam doesn't approve the game right away for download, we will provide a link here in discord to download the beta.

What tokens do I need to play season 1? We recommend having all the mission cards for season 1. However, since they are limited, the critical tokens are: Rustbits, Rogue Mechs, Wasteland, and Bounty. If you want to participate in the treasure hunts, you'll need Lastlight and Origin.

What do I need for the treasure hunts? The most important tokens are Lastlight & Origin to unlock the treasure hunts.

What is the Ankh token and how is it related to the 4 BTC treasure hunt? The 4btc hunt a few people got a head start on from the text adventure, the bounty was carried over into the 3d game. The 4 btc is in a puzzle called “The Vault”, players who hold the Ankh token will be able to go directly there and work on the puzzle. Other players can still gain access to the vault by solving a few difficult puzzles. However, you'll still need the gold cards to claim the 4btc bounty. The ankh is essentially a pass to start on the 4btc puzzle right away.

The cards are out of my price range, will any be in the game? Yes, mission cards, including Lastlight and Origin will be available as bounties for solving puzzles at the lower tier level in the game.

What are the bounty tier levels? There are 3 bounty tier levels for players who own different tokens/cards, they are: Tier 1: You own no cards or tokens. You have the ability to claim Rustbits, Multiverse Tokens, and and Mission cards.

Tier 2: You own a mission card, Lastlight, or Origin for the mission you're on. You can claim all the same items listed in tier 1 + trophy tokens. Tier 3: You own Lastlight & Origin. You can claim Tier 1, Tier 2, and participate in the treasure hunts.

What do I need to get bounties in the beta? You need to own at least 1 Age of Rust token. For a list, see the first question.

What bounties will be in the final game? There is a list of all the bounties and trophies on the website: https://www.ageofrustgame.com/treasure

What bounties will be in the beta? Tier 1 bounties will be in the beta, but will be queued on the server. At present, is very expensive to send tokens on, however is working on Jumpnet way for games to send/receive tokens for free. As soon as this method is available, tokens will be sent to your Enjin wallet. However, any items claimed will be useable in the game right away.

How much is the game on steam? The game will debut at $14.99

How much will items cost in the game? There are two packs of items in the game. The price may fluctuate some during the game. 400 Rustbits – Explorer Pack – KV Auto Pulse Rifle,Recon Pack, Nanobot Kit, Power cell charger, HUD Implant, Energy CrossBow 600 Rustbits – Bounty Hunter Pack – KV Auto Pulse Rifle,Recon Pack, Nanobot Kit, Power cell charger, HUD Implant, Energy CrossBow, Smoke Grenade, Zipline Hook, Armored Skin, Thermal Implant, Trap Sensor, Lighter, Crypto Sensor

Will I be able to buy the items in the game in the beta? Yes, however at present, Ethereum is very expensive to send tokens on, however Enjin is working on Jumpnet as a way for games to send/receive tokens for free. As soon as this method is available, tokens will be sent to your Enjin wallet. However, any packs purchased will be useable in the game right away.

What's the difference between the beta and the full game? The beta will only have 2 levels, “Temple Vault”, and “Earth Evacuation Zone”. Bounties for solving puzzles are limited and not immediately sent to a player Enjin wallet.

During Beta, if you claim a bounty and it's an item or a card, it will be available to you right away but queued to delivery to your wallet until JumpNet is in place. You'll be able to purchase the item packs in exchange for Rustbits through an in-game kiosk store in the first level.

The beta will also have a couple of the tier 2 level items available as bounty. The full game, also called Season 1, has 4 levels, the levels from the beta, plus “Tucana IV”, and “Kanbar”. The full game will have JumpNet implemented, and every puzzle will have some type of enjin-backed bounty to claim. The 4 BTC puzzle will be in Season 1 and will also have some of the 20 BTC puzzle pieces included as well.

Enjin Wallet

The game will require you to link your Enjin wallet during setup and will verify asset ownership to play.

SpacePirate Games has announced that Age of Rust, one of the most highly-anticipated blockchain games to date, will launch March 19. 

The game's Steam wishlist has been officially opened, and players that join will have a chance of uncovering the nearly $1 million worth of crypto bounties hidden within the 250,000km2 digital universe.

Formed in 2014, SpacePirate initially launched a text-based cryptographic puzzle game that gained notoriety amongst cypher punks in the formative years of the blockchain movement.

After a resounding success with this early proof of concept, the team set out to build a AAA-quality 3D intended to become a fun way to educate gamers about Bitcoin and blockchain.

“When we first started working on Age of Rust, we decided to do a crypto treasure hunt and set aside 24 BTC, which was worth around $20,000 at the time. We had no idea that it would grow to become such a huge bounty so fast,” said Chris LoVerme, CEO of SpacePirate Games.

Every player will have an equal chance to find the main 20 BTC (~$655,000) bounty at the end of the three seasons, with another 4 BTC and 35,000+ smaller bounties to win along the way.

Since joining Enjin, SpacePirate and other game developers have locked over 10 million ENJ inside high-functioning NFTs like those that can be earned playing Age of Rust. 

ENJ recently made headlines after being approved for use in Japan by JVCEA, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange regulatory body. 

Players interested in joining the crypto treasure hunt can add Age of Rust to their Steam wishlist here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1461520/Age_of_Rust/ 

Enjin has had a remarkable start to the year 2021, with the popular blockchain gaming cryptocurrency about to go live on a major Japanese exchange and more and more partnerships and projects announced.

We have said from the beginning that Enjin is one of the most exciting projects to keep an eye on over the next few years.

BETA Review First Impressions (SPOILERS)

The game is still very much in BETA and there are many bugs to fix. This makes the game somewhat difficult to play although there were a few highlights so far.

The beginning of the game has a MYST like feel, where you need to explore your immediate surroundings to find clues to solve puzzles.

Moving and jump mechanics still very much need a polish. Combat mechanics are also unfinished.

The highlight of the run was getting to use Enjin multiverse items that I've had in my wallet for over a year, including the ForgeHammer, Epochrome Sword, APG-M55, Oindrasdain, and Stormwall.

Each item took on it's own appearance in the game, not even necessarily with the look of the item as seen in the Enjin Wallet.

You can see that many of the items are interpreted or represented in a totally new way, especially the Stormwall. This item may provide some sort of defensive property since it is a “shield” item for example.

We'll come back and update this post once the game is released on Steam in a more polished format.

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