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1KIN Labs Unveils Web3 Modular Gaming Network, GR1D 


With over 100+ gaming partners, the new modular Layer-2 solution aims to simplify access and asset management to gaming across all platforms and create a consolidated ecosystem free of fragmentation and complexity. 

gr1d gaming network

1KIN Labs, a company engineered to facilitate the distribution and discovery of Web3 gaming content, today announces GR1D, an innovative modular Layer-2 blockchain designed to connect and unify all decentralized gaming ecosystems.

Having onboarded over 100 Web3 titles, including Aavegotchi, BLOCKLORDS, Aurory, and formed partnerships with ecosystems like , , , and others, 1KIN is poised to create a unified gaming hub for Web3 through GR1D.

The fundamental goal of GR1D is to enable players to discover new games and seamlessly access all their features via a single platform without swapping chains and . The platform will be powered by node operators whose under-the-hood services ensure a frictionless experience across all of Web3.

The intention is to create a unified experience rather than forcing users to hop between disparate ecosystems and juggle multiple wallets.

In turn, Web3 game developers will benefit from GR1D's interconnectivity and tap into a vast user base without migrating off the chain they opted to integrate — allowing them to focus on providing exciting gameplay experiences without worrying about onboarding. Similarly, various chains and protocols can increase network activity and retain their hard-earned communities while capitalizing on GR1D's network effects.

Stakeholders, such as users, games, studios, and foundations, will also be encouraged to participate in GR1D's governance, helping the network remain decentralized while acting as a singular access point to the entire Web3 gaming industry. These features aim to put blockchain gaming on a level playing field with the traditional gaming industry. 

“Our journey began with a vision to unify the way Web3 games are discovered and provide unified tooling to allow full interoperability across chains and titles,” explained 1KIN Labs founder Jack O'Neil. “GR1D is our answer to these challenges, giving users a no-nonsense sign-in experience like Amazon Prime Gaming or Xbox Game Pass while also bringing the efficiencies of blockchain and distributing value back to shareholders.”

To achieve these objectives, GR1D comprises a suite of innovative products and services aimed at providing a unified user experience. One of them is 1PASS, a subscription service akin to a “decentralized Xbox Game Pass.”

1PASS offers players access to exclusive Web3 content for partnered games, opportunities for early access, discounts on other services, and more. During the closed beta in 2023, the service already saw high demand from gamers, with 25,000 participants.

Additionally, the software development kit (SDK), dubbed 1KIT, enables games and studios to supplement their existing Web3 features with access to GR1D, and even build games and dapps that fully live on the network itself if they so choose. The SDK would also come complete with interoperable wallet tools.

GR1D will leverage industry-leading interoperability protocols that simplify the user experience and establish a universal foundation for blockchain compatibility. Interoperability and liquidity of gaming assets will be key focal points for the modular gaming network.

To streamline and simplify the login process, the network also leverages GR1D Tag, a global ID system that allows gamers to take a single digital avatar identity wherever they go within the Web3 gaming industry. 

Finally, central to the network's economic structure is GR1D Credits ($GRID), a universal gaming token that would grant holders access to the entire Web3 gaming industry through seamless under-the-hood interoperability.

This token is crucial for facilitating seamless transactions and interactions across different chains, ensuring that asset purchases and transfers are efficient and immediate, and solving a significant pain point in how Web3 games are played, experienced, and managed. The token generation event for $GRID will be announced in the near future.

The 1PASS program is set to go live in early August, with the GR1D Testnet scheduled to launch later in 2024 and the Mainnet expected in 2025.

There is certainly a need for a Steam type platform in the world of crypto and web3 gaming. Right now the sentiment for blockchain and crypto games is pretty mixed, with many gamers lacking the education to understand the role of NFTs.

User experience will be the reason that any gaming launch platform is adopted in our opinion.

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