Announcing EnjinCraft – Open-Source Java SDK, Minecraft Plugin & Minecraft Server!

Enjin has just announced an Open-Source Java SDK, Minecraft Plugin & Minecraft Server which is a Blockchain compatible and enables the java developers all over the world to incorporate decentralized assets and crypto collectibles into their games and applications.

War Riders – Blow Up Cars, Earn Crypto

Death by Lambo War Riders is a post-apocalyptic vehicle-battle game currently in development. It is similar to Targem Games’ Crossout, but with vehicles, weapons, and currency that is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and owned by the player. War Riders is still in development. But some details of how the...

Chainbreakers – A VR Experience in Decentraland

Chainbreakers is a virtual reality game in development from Qwellcode. Chainbreakers exists within Decentraland, a virtual world that does not rely on a central server to keep it running. It has gained the attention of the blockchain community because it is part of Decentraland and because it uses...

Zombie Battleground (Relentless): Tutorial and Review

Zombie Battleground is a new digital collectible trading card game (DCCG) from Loom Games, who also developed Crypto Zombies and the Loom Network. The developers have recently announced that they will be changing the name of the game to Relentless in the near future, so you may also hear the game referred...

How to Become a Brave Verified Publisher as a YouTube or Twitch Gamer

Crypto is popular. Gaming is MASSIVELY popular. The combination of the two will create an interesting future with some amazing potential to revolutionize the way we use the web and transfer value. This article will explain why all online content creators should sign up for the Basic Attention...

Loom Network Review – DPoS Sidechain for Games & Dapps

The developers of Neon District and Axie Infinity have announced that that these games will soon be run on the Loom Network. But what exactly is the Loom Network? How does it work? And what does this technology mean for blockchain gaming in the future? This article will attempt...

Ivan on Tech Academy Review – “College is a Scam” Confirmed!

Ivan Liljeqvist is a popular YouTube influencer in the crypto space and has a strong background in web development and dapps. He recently dropped a tremendous amount of additional learning material through Ivan on Tech Academy, his online course. There was a one month special where you could enroll in the...

MobileGo – Learn About a Potential eSports Crypto

MobileGo is a cross-platform gaming cryptocurrency. It is currently available on 12 major exchanges, including Bitfinex, Idax, Livecoin, Yobit, and others. The gaming ecosystem for MobileGo is not completely functional yet. But some aspects of the system can be used today. In this article, we will explore how the MobileGo system is intended to...

Age of Rust: Dystopian Puzzle Mysteries Revealed

Age of Rust is a puzzle-based adventure game in development from Space Pirate Games. It has recently gained notoriety because of the developer’s claims that Enjin Coin will back its items. Age of Rust is still in an early stage of development. But this article will explain what we...

9 Lives Arena: Permanent Death on the Blockchain

9 Lives Arena is a 1 vs. 1 PvP role-playing game in development from Touchhour, Inc. The developer claims 9 Lives Arena will provide unique features such as permanent death, account progression, and crafting assistants controlled by mobile device. It will also contain in-game equipment crafted using “blueprints.”

Mythereum Review – Fun & Challenging Duels on the Blockchain

Mythereum is a digital collectible trading card game (digital CCG) that uses blockchain technology. In Mythereum, players collect cards that represent creatures. These cards can be used to build a deck and play matches against other players. In some ways, Mythereum is similar to other digital CCGs such as...

My Cryptos Heroes Review – Frustration Abounds

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is a turn-based RPG strategy game that runs in a web-browser. It has recently gained notoriety in the blockchain community because of its use of “heroes” that are ERC-721 tokens. It has also become popular because of its association with the EMONT alliance, a...

Ember Sword: Gorgeous Graphics, but Long Wait

Ember Sword is a blockchain-based MMORPG being developed by So Couch Studios. The developers claim that Ember Sword will let players collect cosmetic items that they will truly own and can trade amongst each other. It further claims that players will be able to own land in the game, which will allow them...

Enjin Wallet Review – Hoard Those Collectibles!

As many of you know, we try to cover the best emerging platforms, coins, and wallets when it comes to crypto gaming. While a wallet doesn't necessarily need to focus on gaming specifically, there is one in particular that incorporates a seamless crypto collectible integration along with the ability to hold standard cryptocurrencies.

Spells of Genesis Tutorial and Review

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is a blockchain-based puzzle game with a fantasy RPG feel. Because it features characters found on digital cards, it can also be described as a collectible card game (CCG). Spells of Genesis can be played on an iOS or Android device, as well as through a PC web-browser. This...

Neon District RPG Game – Will it Live Up to Expectations?

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest news about blockchain games, you’ve probably heard of the game Neon District. Many blockchain news sites have claimed that this game has awesome graphics and an amazing team behind it. It is also reported to rely...

The Top 10 Gaming Cryptocurrencies of 2019

Gaming cryptocurrencies are the next big innovation in PC and mobile gaming. But with the frantic pace of the field, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. This can make it difficult to know which gaming cryptocurrencies are most worth investing in.

Steem Monsters Tournaments Now Live!

Steem Monsters has just launched their tournament feature. Does it live up to the hype? Answer, ....

Steem Drug Wars – Drugs Are Good, MmKay? Unless It’s a Ponzi…

An absolute bug fest that is barely worth your time, unless they can turn it around quickly.

Chibi Fighters – Needs Some Leveling Up!

Chibi Fighters is a new, blockchain-powered game that is starting to become popular. But you may wonder how to get started playing Chibi Fighters and if it is fun. This article will attempt to answer these questions.

Enjin Coin News – The Gaming Cryptocurrency

If you’ve been trying to keep up with the latest developments in blockchain gaming, you’ve probably heard of Enjin Coin, an inter-platform cryptocurrency token designed for online games.

Decentraland – Latest News

If you’ve kept up with developments in cryptocurrency or virtual reality, you may have heard of Decentraland. Decentraland is described as a decentralized virtual world. But given this description, it may not be obvious what exactly a decentralized virtual world is or whether it is worth contributing to. This...

Axie Infinity Review & Tutorial

Axie Infinity is a new blockchain-based digital collectible game. It allows you to build a team of creatures called “axies,” which you can use to battle other players and win cryptocurrency.

BitcoinHex is Now Hex. The Best in Crypto Game Theory

This post will examine an ambitious new project that claims to reward holders with interest similar to a CD.

Gods Unchained Review & Latest News

Gods Unchained is one of the first digital collectible trading card games built using blockchain technology. It is similar to Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena, with the exception that players of Gods Unchained actually own their cards and can trade them freely.

Etheremon Review And Playing Guide

Ethereum requiredMetamask requiredCurrently playableTop 5 on State of the DApps (January 2019) Etheremon is a new game that incorporates blockchain technology to allow true ownership of in-game items. It’s very similar to the Pokemon franchise, but with the added twist that you can sell your “mons” for real cash after...

Splinterlands (Steem Monsters) Review & How-To Guide

Steem Monsters is a collectible, tradable and bet-able digital card game that utilizes the Steem blockchain. You can purchase packs of these cards with cryptocurrencies or even PayPal and wager them in matches with friends to potentially earn money.

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